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Iwai, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Detection of Vehicles Using Gabor Filters and Affine Moment Invariants from an Image

Iwai, D. Co Author Listing * Artifact Reduction in Radiometric Compensation of Projector-Camera Systems for Steep Reflectance Variations
* Computational Imaging in Projection Mapping
* LazyNav: 3D ground navigation with non-critical body parts
* Reducing Motion Blur Artifact of Foveal Projection for a Dynamic Focus-Plus-Context Display
* Robust, Error-Tolerant Photometric Projector Compensation
* Which is the Better Inpainted Image? Training Data Generation Without Any Manual Operations
Includes: Iwai, D. Iwai, D.[Daisuke]

Iwai, H. Co Author Listing * Software wave receiver for the SS-520-2 rocket experiment

Iwai, K.[Kazuki] Co Author Listing * Extending Fast Marching Method under Point Light Source Illumination and Perspective Projection
* Player Tracking in Far-View Soccer Videos Based on Composite Energy Function
Includes: Iwai, K.[Kazuki] Iwai, K.[Kazuya]

Iwai, R.[Reiko] Co Author Listing * Improved Authentication Accuracy by Individually Set Orders of the Fractional Fourier Transform and Effects of Damage of Fingerprint Image on Authentication Accuracy
* New method for increasing matching accuracy and reducing process time of fingerprint data by the fractional Fourier transform

Iwai, S.[Shoma] Co Author Listing * Controlling Rate, Distortion, and Realism: Towards a Single Comprehensive Neural Image Compression Model
* Fidelity-Controllable Extreme Image Compression with Generative Adversarial Networks
* Self Texture Transfer Networks for Low Bitrate Image Compression

Iwai, T. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Focal Liver Lesions Using Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography With Perflubutane Microbubbles
* Training With Cache: Specializing Object Detectors From Live Streams Without Overfitting

Iwai, Y. Co Author Listing * Asymmetric locality preserving projection and its application to k-nearest neighbor method
* Automatic Detection of Unconscious Reactions to Illuminance Changes in Illumination
* Calibration Method for Misaligned Catadioptric Camera
* Decreasing Physical Burden Using the Following Effect and a Superimposed Navigation System
* Detecting Human Face and Recognizing Facial Expressions Using Potential Net
* Dual-sensor camera for acquiring image sequences with different spatio-temporal resolution
* Embedding the Awareness State and Response State in an Image-Based Avatar to Start Natural User Interaction
* Expression Recognition from Time-Sequential Facial Images by Use of Expression Change Model
* Extracting discriminative features using task-oriented gaze maps measured from observers for personal attribute classification
* Extracting Interval Distribution of Human Interactions
* Face Recognition Based on Efficient Facial Scale Estimation
* Face Recognition System Using Accurate and Rapid Estimation of Facial Position and Scale
* Face tracking by using omnidirectional sensor network
* fast algorithm of video super-resolution using dimensionality reduction by DCT and example selection, A
* Feature extraction using gaze of participants for classifying gender of pedestrians in images
* Flexible Feature Matching for Automatic Face and Facial Feature Points Detection, A
* Framework for Suspicious Action Detection with Mixture Distributions of Action Primitives, A
* Gender Classification Using Video Sequences of Body Sway Recorded by Overhead Camera
* Gender Recognition Using a Gaze-Guided Self-Attention Mechanism Robust Against Background Bias in Training Samples
* Geographical Analysis on the Projection and Distortion of INO's Tokyo Map in 1817
* Geospatial Analysis of the Non-Surveyed (Estimated) Coastlines in Inoh's Map, 1821
* Gesture and Posture Estimation by Using Locally Linear Regression
* Gesture Recognition Using Colored Gloves
* High-resolution Video Generation Using Morphing
* Inferring state transition from bystander to participant in free-style conversational interaction
* Joint object recognition and pose estimation using multiple-anchor triplet learning of canonical plane
* Low-resolution person recognition using image downsampling
* Object Detection with Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Cross Correlation
* Parallelization between face localization and person identification
* Person re-identification using co-occurrence attributes of physical and adhered human characteristics
* Posture Estimation using Structure and Motion Models
* Real-Time Context-Based Gesture Recognition Using HMM and Automaton
* Real-Time Object Detection Using Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Correlation
* Real-Time Object Detection with Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Correlation
* Recognizing Degree of Continuous Facial Expression Change
* Regression Based Trajectory Learning and Prediction for Human Motion
* Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Local Body Sway Movements for the Identification of People
* Tracking People with Active Cameras Using Variable Time-Step Decisions
* Video Synthesis with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Using Motion Compensation and Image Fusion in Wavelet Domain
* Video Synthesis with High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Using Motion Compensation and Spectral Fusion
* Visual Effects of Turning Point and Travel Direction for Outdoor Navigation Using Head-Mounted Display
* Weakly Supervised Triplet Learning of Canonical Plane Transformation for Joint Object Recognition and Pose Estimation
* Wide-Range Tracking of Hands in Real-Time
Includes: Iwai, Y. Iwai, Y.[Yoshio] Iwai, Y.[Yoshi] Iwai, Y.[Yosio] Iwai, Y.[Yuki]
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Iwaibana, K.[Kunio] Co Author Listing * Imaging device with hand wobble display circuit

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