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Gella, G.W.[Getachew Workineh] Co Author Listing * Mapping crop types in complex farming areas using SAR imagery with dynamic time warping
* Mapping of Dwellings in IDP/Refugee Settlements from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using a Mask Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network

Gella, S.[Spandana] Co Author Listing * Disambiguating Visual Verbs

Gellaboina, M.K.[Mahesh K.] Co Author Listing * Aircraft push back direction indicator
* Enhancement of low light image based on Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* semi-automatic relative calibration of a fixed and PTZ camera pair for master-slave control, A
Includes: Gellaboina, M.K.[Mahesh K.] Gellaboina, M.K. Gellaboina, M.K.[Mahesh Kumar]

Gellens Meulenberghs, F.[Francoise] Co Author Listing * All-Weather Land Surface Temperature Product Based on MSG/SEVIRI Observations, An
* Continuous Daily Evapotranspiration with Optical Spaceborne Observations at Sub-Kilometre Spatial Resolution
* Evaluating an energy balance setting and random forest-based downscaling for the estimation of daily ET at sub-kilometer spatial resolution
* New Retrieval Algorithm for Soil Moisture Index from Thermal Infrared Sensor On-Board Geostationary Satellites over Europe and Africa and Its Validation, A
* Retrieving daily evapotranspiration from the combination of geostationary and polar-orbit satellite data
Includes: Gellens Meulenberghs, F.[Francoise] Gellens-Meulenberghs, F.[Françoise] Gellens-Meulenberghs, F. Gellens-Meulenberghs, F.[Francoise]

Geller, B. Co Author Listing * Advanced synchronization techniques for the Internet of Things
* On the Hybrid Cramer Rao Bound and Its Application to Dynamical Phase Estimation
* Proposal of a multi-standard transceiver for the WBAN Internet of Things
* Time synchronization in IoT networks: Case of a wireless body area network

Geller, J. Co Author Listing * Teachable Letter Recognizer, The

Geller, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * DARPA Shredder Challenge Solved
* Farm Automation Gets Smarter
* Neuromorphic Data Augmentation for Training Spiking Neural Networks
* Seeing is Not Enough
* Talking to Machines
Includes: Geller, T.[Tom] Geller, T.[Tamar]

Gellersen, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * Eye Movement Analysis for Activity Recognition Using Electrooculography
* Feet in Human-Computer Interaction: A Survey of Foot-Based Interaction, The
* Feet movement in desktop 3D interaction
* Vision-Based Detection of Mobile Smart Objects
Includes: Gellersen, H.[Hans] Gellersen, H.

Gellerseny, H. Co Author Listing * Comparing indirect and direct touch in a stereoscopic interaction task

Gellert, A. Co Author Listing * Context-based prediction filtering of impulse noise images
* Studying the influence of search rule and context shape in filtering impulse noise images with Markov chains
Includes: Gellert, A. Gellert, A.[Arpad]

Gelli, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Matrix Factorization Based Framework for Fusion of Physical and Social Sensors, A

Gelli, G. Co Author Listing * Compression of Multispectral Images by Spectral Classification and Transform Coding
* ICI-Free Equalization in OFDM Systems with Blanking Preprocessing at the Receiver for Impulsive Noise Mitigation
* Multispectral-image coding by spectral classification
* Second-Order Statistics of One-Sided CPM Signals

Gelly, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Big Transfer (BIT): General Visual Representation Learning
* On Robustness and Transferability of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Self-Supervised Learning of Video-Induced Visual Invariances

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