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Duveau, E.[Estelle] Co Author Listing * Cage-Based Motion Recovery Using Manifold Learning

Duveau, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Ten Priority Science Gaps in Assessing Climate Data Record Quality

Duveiller, G. Co Author Listing * Batch Processing of Hemispherical Photography Using Object-Based Image Analysis to Derive Canopy Biophysical Variables
* Crop Group-Specific Pure Pixel Time Series for Europe, A
* Defining the Spatial Resolution Requirements for Crop Identification Using Optical Remote Sensing
* Enhanced Processing of 1-km Spatial Resolution fAPAR Time Series for Sugarcane Yield Forecasting and Monitoring
* Estimation of Terrestrial Global Gross Primary Production (GPP) with Satellite Data-Driven Models and Eddy Covariance Flux Data
* Exploring the capacity to grasp multi-annual seasonal variability of winter wheat in Continental Climates with MODIS
* Impact of Categorical and Spatial Scale on Supervised Crop Classification using Remote Sensing
* Monitoring crop growth inter-annual variability from MODIS time series: Performance comparison between crop specific green area index and current global leaf area index products
* Testing the Contribution of Stress Factors to Improve Wheat and Maize Yield Estimations Derived from Remotely-Sensed Dry Matter Productivity
* Using Thermal Time and Pixel Purity for Enhancing Biophysical Variable Time Series: An Interproduct Comparison
Includes: Duveiller, G. Duveiller, G.[Grégory] Duveiller, G.[Gregory]
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Duven, E.[Ekrem] Co Author Listing * Keeping the vehicle on the road: A survey on on-road lane detection systems
Includes: Duven, E.[Ekrem] Düven, E.[Ekrem] (Maybe also Dueven, E.)

Duvenaud, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Conditional Random Fields for Semi-supervised Labeling and Classification

Duvenhage, B. Co Author Listing * Long range image enhancement

Duverge, L. Co Author Listing * Statistical Shape Model to Generate a Planning Library for Cervical Adaptive Radiotherapy
Includes: Duverge, L. Duvergé, L.

Duverger, S.G.[Soltan Galano] Co Author Listing * Land Use and Land Cover Classification in the Northern Region of Mozambique Based on Landsat Time Series and Machine Learning
* Long-Term Landsat-Based Monthly Burned Area Dataset for the Brazilian Biomes Using Deep Learning

Duvernoy, J. Co Author Listing * Application of autoregressive models to the study of the temporal structure of a handwritten text
* Application of the Hough Transform to Automatic Recognition of Berber Characters, An
* Stability and stationarity of cursive handwriting

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