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Djeddaoui, F.[Farid] Co Author Listing * Desertification Susceptibility Mapping Using Logistic Regression Analysis in the Djelfa Area, Algeria

Djeddi, C.[Chawki] Co Author Listing * Automated scoring of Bender Gestalt Test using image analysis techniques
* Codebook for Writer Characterization: A Vocabulary of Patterns or a Mere Representation Space?
* comprehensive survey of handwritten document benchmarks: Structure, usage and evaluation, A
* Handwriting Based Gender Classification Using Cold and Hinge Features
* ICDAR2015 competition on Multi-script Writer Identification and Gender Classification using QUWI Database
* Improving Arabic writer identification using score-level fusion of textural descriptors
* Multi-script Writer Identification Optimized with Retrieval Mechanism
* Multilingual Artificial Text Detection Using a Cascade of Transforms
* novel database for automatic processing of Persian handwritten bank checks, A
* Offline Signature Verification Using Textural Descriptors
* Recognition of Urdu ligatures - a holistic approach
* Text-independent writer recognition using multi-script handwritten texts
* Texture feature column scheme for single- and multi-script writer identification
* Wavelet-based gender detection on off-line handwritten documents using probabilistic finite state automata
* Writer Recognition on Arabic Handwritten Documents
Includes: Djeddi, C.[Chawki] Djeddi, C.
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Djeddou, M.[Mustapha] Co Author Listing * Micro-Doppler Classification for Ground Surveillance Radar Using Speech Recognition Tools

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