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Dial, G.[Gene] Co Author Listing * Block Adjustment of High-Resolution Satellite Images Described by Rational Functions
* IKONOS Satellite Imagery and Its Use in Automated Road Extraction
* IKONOS satellite, imagery, and products
* Sensor orientation via RPCs
Includes: Dial, G.[Gene] Dial, G.

Dial, O.E.[Oliver Eugene] Co Author Listing * Apparatuses and methods for mapping image coordinates to ground coordinates
* Block Adjustment of High-Resolution Satellite Images Described by Rational Functions
Includes: Dial, O.E.[Oliver Eugene] Dial, Jr., O.E.[Oliver Eugene]

Dial, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Estimating Net Primary Productivity (NPP) and Debris-Fall in Forests Using Lidar Time Series

Dialameh, A.[Ameneh] Co Author Listing * Remote sensing techniques as a tool for runoff water estimation

Dialameh, O.[Orang] Co Author Listing * Looktel: A comprehensive platform for computer-aided visual assistance
* System and method for feature location and tracking in multiple dimensions including depth

Dialin, M.M.[M. Maxina] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint extraction of audio signal using wavelet transform

Diallo, A.[Alpha] Co Author Listing * random-periods model for the comparison of a metrics efficiency to classify cell-cycle expressed genes, A

Diallo, B.[Bassoma] Co Author Listing * Auto-attention mechanism for multi-view deep embedding clustering
* Exploratory Analysis on Pixelwise Image Segmentation Metrics with an Application in Proximal Sensing
* Improving Robustness of Image Tampering Detection for Compression
Includes: Diallo, B.[Bassoma] Diallo, B.[Boubacar]

Diallo, B.A.A.[Belko Abdoul Aziz] Co Author Listing * Context-based mobile GeoBI: enhancing business analysis with contextual metrics/statistics and context-based reasoning

Diallo, G.[Gayo] Co Author Listing * Towards an agent-based approach for multidimensional analyses of semantic web data

Diallo, M.[Mamadou] Co Author Listing * Constrained Surface Evolutions for Prostate and Bladder Segmentation in CT Images

Diallo, M.M.[Mohamadou Malal] Co Author Listing * Volume Source Method for Solving ECGI Inverse Problem, A

Diallo, M.T.[Mamadou Tourad] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of Audiovisual Contents and Their Delivery Means

Diallo, Y.[Yacouba] Co Author Listing * Assessing Cropland Area in West Africa for Agricultural Yield Analysis
* High-Resolution Cropland Map for the West African Sahel Based on High-Density Training Data, Google Earth Engine, and Locally Optimized Machine Learning, A

Dialynas, Y.G.[Yannis G.] Co Author Listing * Integration of fuzzy logic and image analysis for the detection of gullies in the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory using airborne LiDAR data

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