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Danda, S.[Sravan] Co Author Listing * Introduction to Gamma-Convergence for Spectral Clustering, An
* Power Tree Filter: A Theoretical Framework Linking Shortest Path Filters and Minimum Spanning Tree Filters
* Some Properties of Interpolations Using Mathematical Morphology
* Some Theoretical Links Between Shortest Path Filters and Minimum Spanning Tree Filters
* Watersheds for Semi-Supervised Classification
Includes: Danda, S.[Sravan] Danda, S.

Dandach, H. Co Author Listing * Vehicle dynamics estimation using Box Particle Filter

Dandache, A.[Abbas] Co Author Listing * Design and FPGA implementation of a wireless hyperchaotic communication system for secure real-time image transmission
* Robust chaotic key stream generator for real-time images encryption
Includes: Dandache, A.[Abbas] Dandache, A.

Dandamudi, V.S.R. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Domain Knowledge Into the Fuzzy Connectedness Framework: Application to Brain Lesion Volume Estimation in Multiple Sclerosis

Dandapat, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Cold Speech Using Variational Mode Decomposition
* Attentive RNN-Based Network to Fuse 12-Lead ECG and Clinical Features for Improved Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis
* Attentive Spatio-Temporal Learning-Based Network for Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis, An
* B-Scan Attentive CNN for the Classification of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Volumes
* Congestive Heart Failure Detection From ECG Signals Using Deep Residual Neural Network
* Detection of myocardial infarction from vectorcardiogram using relevance vector machine
* Differential entropy in wavelet sub-band for assessment of glaucoma
* Emotion Classification Using Segmentation of Vowel-Like and Non-Vowel-Like Regions
* Feature optimisation for stress recognition in speech
* Kurtosis-based noise estimation and multiscale energy to denoise ECG signal
* Multiscale ICA for fundus image analysis
* Perceptual model based data embedding in medical images
* Wavelet weighted distortion measure for retinal images
Includes: Dandapat, S. Dandapat, S.[Samarendra]
13 for Dandapat, S.

Dandawate, Y.H.[Yogesh H.] Co Author Listing * Colour image quality assessment using Laplacian pyramid decomposition
* Edge-based singular value decomposition for full reference colour image quality assessment

Dande, A.K. Co Author Listing * YogaNet: 3-D Yoga Asana Recognition Using Joint Angular Displacement Maps With ConvNets

Dandekar, D.R. Co Author Listing * Comparison of SPAN and LEACH protocol for topology control in wireless sensor networks

Dandekar, O.[Omkar] Co Author Listing * FPGA-based real-time 3D image preprocessing for image-guided medical interventions
* Utilizing Hierarchical Multiprocessing for Medical Image Registration
Includes: Dandekar, O.[Omkar] Dandekar, O.

Dander, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the image distortion model

Dandi, Y. Co Author Listing * Jointly Trained Image and Video Generation using Residual Vectors

Dandil, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of multiple sclerosis lesions using Mask R-CNN on magnetic resonance scans
* Automatic grading of brain tumours using LSTM neural networks on magnetic resonance spectroscopy signals

Dandini, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * FORUM Earth Explorer 9: Characteristics of Level 2 Products and Synergies with IASI-NG

Dandl, F. Co Author Listing * Comparing Future Autonomous Electric Taxis With an Existing Free-Floating Carsharing System

Dandois, J. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Vegetation Structure Using Computer Vision

Dandois, J.P.[Jonathan P.] Co Author Listing * Optimal Altitude, Overlap, and Weather Conditions for Computer Vision UAV Estimates of Forest Structure
* Quantifying Leaf Phenology of Individual Trees and Species in a Tropical Forest Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images
* What is the Point? Evaluating the Structure, Color, and Semantic Traits of Computer Vision Point Clouds of Vegetation

Dandouras, J.S. Co Author Listing * Development of an Innovative, Two-Processor Data Processing Unit for the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument Onboard the Cassini Mission to Saturn--Part I: Hardware Architecture

Dandpat, S.K.[Swarup Kumar] Co Author Listing * Quality based illumination compensation for face recognition

Dandridge, C.[Chelsea] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates in the Lower Mekong River Basin (Southeast Asia)

Dandrifosse, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Registration and Fusion of Close-Range Multimodal Wheat Images in Field Conditions
Includes: Dandrifosse, S.[Sebastien] Dandrifosse, S.[Sébastien]

Dandu, H.[Hemanth] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Word Embeddings for Recognition of Previously Unseen Objects
* Exploring the Limits of Zero-Shot Learning: How Low Can You Go?

Dandvate, C. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Probability of Crying of a Child and System Formation for Cry Detection and Financial Viability of the System

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