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Choo, A.P. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation for Complex Natural Scenes

Choo, B.Y. Co Author Listing * Simulating Kinect Infrared and Depth Images

Choo, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of design parameters for a cache vector quantization system
* Syntax-based arithmetic video coding for very low bit rate visual telephony

Choo, H.[Hosung] Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Downlink Considering Antenna Radiation Patterns and Space Environment in Interference Situations
* Downlink Analysis of a Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Considering an Airborne Interference Source Moving on Various Trajectory
* Image-pair-based deblurring with spatially varying norms and noisy image updating
* Local Learned Dictionaries Optimized to Edge Orientation for Inverse Halftoning
* Prediction of Atmospheric Duct Conditions from a Clutter Power Spectrum Using Deep Learning
* Prediction of Target Detection Probability Based on Air-to-Air Long-Range Scenarios in Anomalous Atmospheric Environments
Includes: Choo, H.[Hosung] Choo, H.[Hyunseung] Choo, H.

Choo, H.G.[Hyon Gon] Co Author Listing * Data-Hiding Capacity Improvement for Text Watermarking Using Space Coding Method
* Machine-Attention-based Video Coding for Machines
* optical reconstruction of hologram recorded by OSH using amplitude-only SLM and phase-only SLM, An
* Quality Enhancement for Hybrid 3DTV with Mixed Resolution Using Conditional Replenishment Algorithm
Includes: Choo, H.G.[Hyon Gon] Choo, H.G.[Hyon-Gon] Choo, H.G.

Choo, H.S.[Hyun Seung] Co Author Listing * Sentiment-based sub-event segmentation and key photo selection
Includes: Choo, H.S.[Hyun Seung] Choo, H.S.[Hyun-Seung]

Choo, J.[Jaegul] Co Author Listing * 3D-Aware Generative Model for Improved Side-View Image Synthesis
* AnimeCeleb: Large-Scale Animation CelebHeads Dataset for Head Reenactment
* BiaSwap: Removing Dataset Bias with Bias-Tailored Swapping Augmentation
* CAFA: Class-Aware Feature Alignment for Test-Time Adaptation
* Cars Can't Fly Up in the Sky: Improving Urban-Scene Segmentation via Height-Driven Attention Networks
* CG-NeRF: Conditional Generative Neural Radiance Fields for 3D-aware Image Synthesis
* Coloring With Limited Data: Few-Shot Colorization via Memory Augmented Networks
* Coloring with Words: Guiding Image Colorization Through Text-Based Palette Generation
* Deep Edge-Aware Interactive Colorization against Color-Bleeding Effects
* End-to-end Multi-task Learning of Missing Value Imputation and Forecasting in Time-Series Data
* Exploring Unlabeled Faces for Novel Attribute Discovery
* FaceCLIPNeRF: Text-driven 3D Face Manipulation using Deformable Neural Radiance Fields
* Guiding Users to Where to Give Color Hints for Efficient Interactive Sketch Colorization via Unsupervised Region Prioritization
* High-Resolution Virtual Try-On with Misalignment and Occlusion-Handled Conditions
* iColoriT: Towards Propagating Local Hints to the Right Region in Interactive Colorization by Leveraging Vision Transformer
* Image-To-Image Translation via Group-Wise Deep Whitening-And-Coloring Transformation
* K-Hairstyle: A Large-Scale Korean Hairstyle Dataset for Virtual Hair Editing and Hairstyle Classification
* Label Shift Adapter for Test-Time Adaptation under Covariate and Label Shifts
* Learning to Generate Semantic Layouts for Higher Text-Image Correspondence in Text-to-Image Synthesis
* LensNeRF: Rethinking Volume Rendering based on Thin-Lens Camera Model
* Linear discriminant analysis for data with subcluster structure
* Local 3D Editing via 3D Distillation of CLIP Knowledge
* MMGAN: Manifold-Matching Generative Adversarial Networks
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Not just Compete, but Collaborate: Local Image-to-Image Translation via Cooperative Mask Prediction
* Reference-Based Sketch Image Colorization Using Augmented-Self Reference and Dense Semantic Correspondence
* RobustNet: Improving Domain Generalization in Urban-Scene Segmentation via Instance Selective Whitening
* Shortcut-V2V: Compression Framework for Video-to-Video Translation based on Temporal Redundancy Reduction
* Slice and Conquer: A Planar-to-3D Framework for Efficient Interactive Segmentation of Volumetric Images
* Standardized Max Logits: A Simple yet Effective Approach for Identifying Unexpected Road Obstacles in Urban-Scene Segmentation
* StarGAN: Unified Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-domain Image-to-Image Translation
* Style Your Hair: Latent Optimization for Pose-Invariant Hairstyle Transfer via Local-Style-Aware Hair Alignment
* Towards Accurate Open-Set Recognition via Background-Class Regularization
* Towards Open-Set Test-Time Adaptation Utilizing the Wisdom of Crowds in Entropy Minimization
* Training Auxiliary Prototypical Classifiers for Explainable Anomaly Detection in Medical Image Segmentation
* VITON-HD: High-Resolution Virtual Try-On via Misalignment-Aware Normalization
Includes: Choo, J.[Jaegul] Choo, J.
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Choo, J.H.[Jin Ho] Co Author Listing * VaB-AL: Incorporating Class Imbalance and Difficulty with Variational Bayes for Active Learning
Includes: Choo, J.H.[Jin Ho] Choo, J.H.[Jin-Ho]

Choo, K.[Kiam] Co Author Listing * People Tracking Using Hybrid Monte Carlo Filtering

Choo, K.K.R.[Kim Kwang Raymond] Co Author Listing * BCPPA: A Blockchain-Based Conditional Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Blockchain-Based Privacy-Preserving Positioning Data Sharing for IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
* Blockchain-Enabled Trustworthy Group Communications in UAV Networks
* CITS-MEW: Multi-Party Entangled Watermark in Cooperative Intelligent Transportation System
* Comprehensive Survey on Privacy-Preserving Spatial Data Query in Transportation Systems
* Efficient Resource Management of Micro-Services in VANETs
* SAVE: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Service Bundle Authentication in Self-Organizing Vehicular Social Networks
* Spatial Self-Attention Network with Self-Attention Distillation for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
Includes: Choo, K.K.R.[Kim Kwang Raymond] Choo, K.K.R.[Kim-Kwang Raymond]
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Choo, K.W.[Kyo Woong] Co Author Listing * Edge-based approach to mesh simplification
* Mesh Simplification Using the Edge Attributes
Includes: Choo, K.W.[Kyo Woong] Choo, K.W.[Kyo-Woong]

Choo, M. Co Author Listing * Thinning by Thickening: Using Gaussian Filtering to Perform Feature Preserving Thinning

Choo, S.[Sanghyun] Co Author Listing * Detecting Human Trust Calibration in Automation: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach
* Learning Background Subtraction by Video Synthesis and Multi-scale Recurrent Networks
* Multi-scale Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Dense Temporal Classification
* Semantic-Preserving Metric Learning for Video-Text Retrieval
Includes: Choo, S.[Sanghyun] Choo, S.[Sungkwon] Choo, S.

Choo, S.K.[Sung Kwon] Co Author Listing * mobile spherical mosaic system, A
Includes: Choo, S.K.[Sung Kwon] Choo, S.K.[Sung-Kwon]

Choo, W.O.[Wou Onn] Co Author Listing * Color Image Magnification: Geometrical Pattern Classification Approach
* Multi-tiered S-SOA, Parameter-Driven New Islamic Syariah Products of Holistic Islamic Banking System (HiCORE): Virtual Banking Environment
Includes: Choo, W.O.[Wou Onn] Choo, W.O.

Choo, Y.H.[Yun Huoy] Co Author Listing * EEG-based biometric authentication modelling using incremental fuzzy-rough nearest neighbour technique
Includes: Choo, Y.H.[Yun Huoy] Choo, Y.H.[Yun-Huoy]

Choo, Y.M.[Young Min] Co Author Listing * Compressive Sound Speed Profile Inversion Using Beamforming Results
Includes: Choo, Y.M.[Young Min] Choo, Y.M.[Young-Min]

Choo, Y.S.[Yuen Siong] Co Author Listing * Identity Verification Through Palm Vein and Crease Texture
Includes: Choo, Y.S.[Yuen Siong] Choo, Y.S.[Yuen-Siong]

Choocharukul, K. Co Author Listing * Short-Run Route Diversion: An Empirical Investigation into Variable Message Sign Design and Policy Experiments

Chooi, W.L. Co Author Listing * Very low bit rate video coding using 3D subband approach

Choon, T.L. Co Author Listing * 3d Air Pollution Computational Fluid Modelling Data Analysis Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Approach
* Cell Complexes Topological Links for Buildings in CityGML
* Development of Mobile Application for Gated and Guarded Community Management
* Integration of BIM and GIS In Construction Project: A Data Consistency Review, The
* Review On Measuring Entrepreneurs' Social Behaviour Via Spatial Analysis Techniques, A
* Spatial Adjacency Analysis of Citygml Buildings Via 3d Topological Data Structure
* Towards 3d Smart Campus Via 3d City Modelling
* Urban Heat Island Micro-mapping Via 3D City Model
* Visualising Urban Air Quality Using Aermod, Calpuff and Cfd Models: A Critical Review
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Choong, H.Y.[Han Yao] Co Author Listing * Quantum Annealing for Single Image Super-Resolution

Choong, Y.Y.[Yee Yin] Co Author Listing * Usability testing of an overlay to improve face capture
Includes: Choong, Y.Y.[Yee Yin] Choong, Y.Y.[Yee-Yin]

Choopani, A.[Atefe] Co Author Listing * Post Mining Ground Deformations Transition Related to Coal Mines Closure in the Campine Coal Basin, Belgium, Evidenced by Three Decades of MT-InSAR Data

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