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Calo, F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of deformation patterns through advanced DINSAR techniques in Istanbul megacity
* DInSAR-Based Detection of Land Subsidence and Correlation with Groundwater Depletion in Konya Plain, Turkey
* Evaluation of the SBAS InSAR Service of the European Space Agency's Geohazard Exploitation Platform (GEP)
* Exploitation of Large Archives of ERS and ENVISAT C-Band SAR Data to Characterize Ground Deformations
* Integration of Optical and SAR Data for Burned Area Mapping in Mediterranean Regions
* Inversion of Wrapped Differential Interferometric SAR Data for Fault Dislocation Modeling
* Land Cover Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data
* Multi-source Data Approach for the Investigation of Land Subsidence In the Konya Basin, Turkey, A
* On the Characterization and Forecasting of Ground Displacements of Ocean-Reclaimed Lands
* Potential and Limitations of Open Satellite Data for Flood Mapping
* Space-Borne SBAS-DInSAR Technique as a Supporting Tool for Sustainable Urban Policies: The Case of Istanbul Megacity, Turkey, The
Includes: Calo, F. Cal˛, F. Calˇ, F.[Fabiana] Cal˛, F.[Fabiana]
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Calo, R.[Ryan] Co Author Listing * Is the Law Ready for Driverless Cars?

Caloca, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Spatial Prediction of Coastal Bathymetry Based on Multispectral Satellite Imagery and Multibeam Data

Calogero, E. Co Author Listing * Generating Alternative Proposals For The Louvre Using Procedural Modeling

Caloiero, T.[Tommaso] Co Author Listing * Validation of Satellite, Reanalysis and RCM Data of Monthly Rainfall in Calabria (Southern Italy)

Calomeni, M.R.[Mauricio Rocha] Co Author Listing * Effect of physical exercise and noninvasive brain stimulation on cognition and dementia of elderly people with frailty: A randomized study

Calonder, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * BRIEF: Binary Robust Independent Elementary Features
* BRIEF: Computing a Local Binary Descriptor Very Fast
* Compact signatures for high-speed interest point description and matching
* Fast Keypoint Recognition in Ten Lines of Code
* Fast Keypoint Recognition Using Random Ferns
* Keypoint Signatures for Fast Learning and Recognition
* Pareto-optimal dictionaries for signatures
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Calore, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * Accelerometer-based correction of skewed horizon and keystone distortion in digital photography

Calori, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Model for the Relationship between Rainfall, GNSS-Derived Integrated Water Vapour, and CAPE in the Eastern Central Andes, A

Calori, L. Co Author Listing * Interactive 3D Landscapes On Line

Calow, R. Co Author Listing * Dent Detection in Car Bodies
* Hierarchical Method for Stereophotogrammetric Multi-object-position Measurement
* Photogrammetric measurement of patients in radiotherapy
* Solutions for Model-Based Analysis of Human Gait
Includes: Calow, R. Calow, R.[Roman]

Caloz, R. Co Author Listing * Region-Based Satellite Image Classification: Method and Validation

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