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Borza, D.[Diana] Co Author Listing * attention-based deep learning model for multiple pedestrian attributes recognition, An
* Deep Learning Approach to Hair Segmentation and Color Extraction from Facial Images, A
* Person re-identification: Implicitly defining the receptive fields of deep learning classification frameworks
* Towards Automatic Skin Tone Classification in Facial Images
* You look so different! Haven't I seen you a long time ago?

Borzenko, O.[Olena] Co Author Listing * Controlling Camera and Lights for Intelligent Image Acquisition and Merging
* INVICON: A Toolkit for Knowledge-Based Control of Vision Systems
* Lights and Camera: Intelligently Controlled Multi-channel Pose Estimation System

Borzeshi, E.Z.[Ehsan Zare] Co Author Listing * Automatic Human Action Recognition in Videos by Graph Embedding
* Complex event recognition by latent temporal models of concepts
* discriminative prototype selection approach for graph embedding in human action recognition, A
* Discriminative prototype selection methods for graph embedding
* Human Action Recognition in Video by Fusion of Structural and Spatio-temporal Features
* Joint Action Segmentation and Classification by an Extended Hidden Markov Model
Includes: Borzeshi, E.Z.[Ehsan Zare] Borzeshi, E.Z.[E. Zare]

Borzi, A.[Alfio] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Iterative Methods for Solving a Ginzburg-Landau Equation
* Development of Real-Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Mouse Hearts at 9.4 Tesla: Simulations and First Application
* New Optimization Approach to Sparse Reconstruction of Log-Conductivity in Acousto-Electric Tomography, A
* Using the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation for Digital Inpainting in 2D and 3D
Includes: Borzi, A.[Alfio] Borzý, A.

Borzin, A.[Artyom] Co Author Listing * Building Petri Nets from Video Event Ontologies
* Video Event Modeling and Recognition in Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets

Borzuchowski, J. Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Soil Water Content (W

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