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Borda, K.[Katherine] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Deep Learning for On-Board Space Applications

Borda, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * 3D Seismic Data Fusion and Filtering using a PDE-Based Approach
* Asymmetric anisotropic diffusion
* M-Estimator for Robust Centroid Estimation on the Manifold of Covariance Matrices, An
* Mixed anisotropic diffusion
* Morphological Sharpening and Denoising Using a Novel Shock Filter Model
* PDE-Based Approach for Image Fusion, A
* PDE-Based Approach to Three-Dimensional Seismic Data Fusion, A
* Seismic fault detection using marked point processes
* Statistical hypothesis test for robust classification on the space of covariance matrices
* Texture image classification with Riemannian fisher vectors
* Texture image classification with Riemannian fisher vectors issued from a Laplacian model
* Turbo code protection of video watermark channel
Includes: Borda, M.[Monica] Borda, M.
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Bordallo, M. Co Author Listing * On pain assessment from facial videos using spatio-temporal local descriptors

Bordbari, R. Co Author Listing * New Target Detector Based on Subspace Projections Using Polarimetric SAR Data, A

Borde, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * Benefits and Lessons Learned from the Sentinel-3 Tandem Phase
* Effects of Surface Wave Breaking Caused by Internal Solitary Waves in SAR Altimeter: Sentinel-3 Copernicus Products and Advanced New Products
* ESA Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration: Monitoring Performance of Radar Altimeters for Sentinel-3A, Sentinel-3B and Jason-3 Using Transponder and Sea-Surface Calibrations with FRM Standards, The
* Sentinel-3 Microwave Radiometers: Instrument Description, Calibration and Geophysical Products Performances

Borde, R.[Regis] Co Author Listing * 2018 Atmospheric Motion Vector (AMV) Intercomparison Study
* Development and Intercomparison Study of an Atmospheric Motion Vector Retrieval Algorithm for GEO-KOMPSAT-2A
* Sentinel-3 SLSTR Atmospheric Motion Vectors Product at EUMETSAT, The
* Winds of Change for Future Operational AMV at EUMETSAT
Includes: Borde, R.[Regis] Borde, R.[Régis]

Borde, T.[Tabea] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multi-Resolution Graph-Cuts for Water-Fat-Silicone Separation in Breast MRI

Bordegoni, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * haptic-based immersive environment for shape analysis and modelling, An

Bordehore, L.J.[Luis Jorda] Co Author Listing * On the Combination of Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods for the Digitalization of the San Lázaro Middle Paleolithic Rock Shelter (Segovia, Central Iberia, Spain)
Includes: Bordehore, L.J.[Luis Jorda] Bordehore, L.J.[Luis Jordá]

Bordel, G.[German] Co Author Listing * On the Complementarity of Phone Posterior Probabilities for Improved Speaker Recognition
* On the Projection of PLLRs for Unbounded Feature Distributions in Spoken Language Recognition
* On the Use of Dot Scoring for Speaker Diarization
* Optimizing PLLR Features for Spoken Language Recognition
* Probabilistic Kernels for Improved Text-to-Speech Alignment in Long Audio Tracks
* Simple But Effective Approach to Speaker Tracking in Broadcast News, A
Includes: Bordel, G.[German] Bordel, G. Bordel, G.[Germán]

Bordeleau, E.[Emie] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Spectral Properties of Obtrusive Light Incident on a Window: Application to Montréal, Canada
Includes: Bordeleau, E.[Emie] Bordeleau, É.[Émie]

Borden, B. Co Author Listing * Regularization of Noisy ISAR Images Containing Extended Features
* Theory of Waveform-Diverse Moving-Target Spotlight Synthetic-Aperture Radar
Includes: Borden, B. Borden, B.[Brett]

Bordenave, A.[Aurelien] Co Author Listing * Mineralogical Mapping with Accurately Corrected Shortwave Infrared Hyperspectral Data Acquired Obliquely from UAVs
Includes: Bordenave, A.[Aurelien] Bordenave, A.[Aurélien]

Border, J.S.[James S.] Co Author Listing * Low-SNR Doppler Data Processing for the InSight Radio Science Experiment

Borderies, P. Co Author Listing * DORT method as applied to ultrawideband signals for detection of buried objects
* Ground-Based Array for Tomographic Imaging of the Tropical Forest in P-Band
* Impact of Surface Soil Moisture Variations on Radar Altimetry Echoes at Ku and Ka Bands in Semi-Arid Areas
* KaRIn on SWOT: Characteristics of Near-Nadir Ka-Band Interferometric SAR Imagery
* Measure of Temporal Variation of P-Band Radar Cross Section and Temporal Coherence of a Temperate Tree
* Temporal Survey of Polarimetric P-Band Scattering of Tropical Forests
Includes: Borderies, P. Borderies, P.[Pierre]

Borders, B.E.[Bruce E.] Co Author Listing * Closest Spectral Fit for Removing Clouds and Cloud Shadows

Borders, D. Co Author Listing * Deep Adversarial Training for Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation in Histopathology Images

Bordes, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * DesIGN: Design Inspiration from Generative Networks
* Engaging Image Captioning via Personality

Bordes, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Zero-Bias Line Homogenization Method for Microwave Radiometers Using Sentinel-3A and Sentinel-3B Tandem Phase
* Masked Siamese Networks for Label-Efficient Learning
Includes: Bordes, F.[Frank] Bordes, F.[Florian]

Bordes, G.[Ghislaine] Co Author Listing * Road Extraction Guided by a Cartographic Database
* Road Modeling Based on a Cartographic Database for Aerial Image Interpretation

Bordes, J.B. Co Author Listing * Mixture Distributions for Weakly Supervised Classification in Remote Sensing Images
* Multimodal information fusion for urban scene understanding
Includes: Bordes, J.B. Bordes, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste]

Bordes, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Fast encoding algorithms for geometry-adaptive block partitioning
* Hybrid Video Codec Based on Flexible Block Partitioning With Extensions to the Joint Exploration Model
* Iterative Training of Neural Networks for Intra Prediction
* Multi-texturing 3D models: How to choose the best texture?
* Overview of Color Gamut Scalability
* Process, device and use for evaluating coded images
Includes: Bordes, P.[Philippe] Bordes, P.

Bordes, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * Morphological Texture Description from Multispectral Skin Images in Cosmetology

Bordewich, M.[Magnus] Co Author Listing * Improving Robotic Grasping on Monocular Images Via Multi-Task Learning and Positional Loss

Bordignon, F.L. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Global Stochastic and Bayesian Linearized Acoustic Seismic Inversion Methodology

Bordim, J.L.[Jacir Luiz] Co Author Listing * Rabin-Karp Implementation for Handling Multiple Pattern-Matching on the GPU, A

Bordin, C.J.[Claudio J.] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Parameter Estimation on the Unit Sphere Using a Network of Diffusion Particle Filters
* Diffusion Particle Filtering on the Special Orthogonal Group Using Lie Algebra Statistics
* Sequential Bayesian Algorithms for Identification and Blind Equalization of Unit-Norm Channels
Includes: Bordin, C.J.[Claudio J.] Bordin, C.J.

Bordin, F. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Influence of Distance on Data Acquisition Intensity Forestry Targets by a LIDAR Technique with Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Automatic Algorithm For Minimizing Anomalies And Discrepancies In Point Clouds Acquired By Laser Scanning Technique, An
Includes: Bordin, F. Bordin, F.[Fabiane]

Bordner, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Incrementally Semi-Supervised Classification of Arthritis Inflammation on a Clinical Dataset

Bordodymov, A.[Artem] Co Author Listing * Image-to-voxel Model Translation for 3d Scene Reconstruction and Segmentation
* Wire Structure Image-based 3d Reconstruction Aided By Deep Learning
Includes: Bordodymov, A.[Artem] Bordodymov, A.

Bordodymov, A.N. Co Author Listing * Long Wave Infrared Image Colorization for Person Re-identification

Bordogna, G.[Gloria] Co Author Listing * Alpine Glaciology: An Historical Collaboration between Volunteers and Scientists and the Challenge Presented by an Integrated Approach
* Artificial Intelligence for Multisource Geospatial Information
* Burned Area Mapping Algorithm for Sentinel-2 Data Based on Approximate Reasoning and Region Growing, A
* Contextualized VGI Creation and Management to Cope with Uncertainty and Imprecision
* CS Projects Involving Geoinformatics: A Survey of Implementation Approaches
* Flexible Trip-Planning Queries
* Fully Automatic, Interpretable and Adaptive Machine Learning Approach to Map Burned Area from Remote Sensing, A
* Geoinformatics in Citizen Science
* Implicit, Formal, and Powerful Semantics in Geoinformation
* Knowledge and Data-Driven Mapping of Environmental Status Indicators from Remote Sensing and VGI
* method for extracting burned areas from Landsat TM/ETM+ images by soft aggregation of multiple Spectral Indices and a region growing algorithm, A
* Simple Fusion Method for Image Time Series Based on the Estimation of Image Temporal Validity, A
* Spatial Data Infrastructure Integrating Multisource Heterogeneous Geospatial Data and Time Series: A Study Case in Agriculture, A
Includes: Bordogna, G.[Gloria] Bordogna, G.
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Bordone Molini, A. Co Author Listing * DeepSUM: Deep Neural Network for Super-Resolution of Unregistered Multitemporal Images

Bordovsky, J.P.[James P.] Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Index for Characterizing Crop Water Stress, A

Bordulev, I.[Iurii] Co Author Listing * ERA5 Reanalysis for the Data Interpretation on Polarization Laser Sensing of High-Level Clouds

Bordwell, F.[Fischer] Co Author Listing * Why Accuracy is Not Enough: The Need for Consistency in Object Detection

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