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Bora, G.C.[Ganesh C.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning in Evaluating Multispectral Active Canopy Sensor for Prediction of Corn Leaf Nitrogen Concentration and Yield
* Use of UAS Multispectral Imagery at Different Physiological Stages for Yield Prediction and Input Resource Optimization in Corn

Bora, P.K. Co Author Listing * Animation Geometry Compression Using the Linear Discriminant Analysis
* B-Scan Attentive CNN for the Classification of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Volumes
* Continuous Hand Gesture Segmentation and Co-articulation Detection
* Deep Learning-Based Classification of Illumination Maps for Exposing Face Splicing Forgeries in Images
* Detection and removal of random-valued impulse noise from images using sparse representations
* Efficient SVD Shrinkage for Rank Estimation, An
* new algorithm for collusion resistant video watermarking, A
* OCR system for the Meetei Mayek script, An
* Perceptual video hashing based on the Achlioptas's random projections
* robust static hand gesture recognition system using geometry based normalizations and Krawtchouk moments, A
* Robust Watermarking Scheme against Frame Blending, Projection and Content Adaptation Attacks, A
* Siamese convolutional neural network-based approach towards universal image forensics
* Subtractive clustering of vertices for CPCA based animation geometry compression
* Temporally scalable compression of animation geometry
* Two-stream encoder-decoder network for localizing image forgeries
* Wavelet weighted distortion measure for retinal images
Includes: Bora, P.K. Bora, P.K.[Prabin Kumar]
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Bora, R.P.[Revoti Prasad] Co Author Listing * Regularization with Latent Space Virtual Adversarial Training

Boracchi, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * Adversarial scratches: Deployable attacks to CNN classifiers
* Anisotropically foveated nonlocal image denoising
* Ball Position and Motion Reconstruction from Blur in a Single Perspective Image
* Corner Displacement from Motion Blur
* Deep Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection in Textured Images Using CW-SSIM
* Deep open-set recognition for silicon wafer production monitoring
* Estimating the 3D direction of a translating camera from a single motion-blurred image
* Foveated Nonlocal Self-Similarity
* Hashing for Structure-based Anomaly Detection
* Image Retrieval in Semiconductor Manufacturing
* Inferring Functional Properties from Fluid Dynamics Features
* Modeling the Performance of Image Restoration From Motion Blur
* Multi-body Depth and Camera Pose Estimation from Multiple Views
* MultiLink: Multi-class Structure Recovery via Agglomerative Clustering and Model Selection
* Online anomaly detection for long-term ECG monitoring using wearable devices
* PIF: Anomaly detection via preference embedding
* Scale-invariant anomaly detection with multiscale group-sparse models
* Self-similarity Block for Deep Image Denoising
* Single-Image Calibration of Off-Axis Catadioptric Cameras Using Lines
* Sparse Overcomplete Denoising: Aggregation Versus Global Optimization
* Synchronization of Group-labelled Multi-graphs
* Uniform Motion Blur in Poissonian Noise: Blur/Noise Tradeoff
* Video Denoising, Deblocking, and Enhancement Through Separable 4-D Nonlocal Spatiotemporal Transforms
* Wafer Defect Map Classification Using Sparse Convolutional Networks
Includes: Boracchi, G.[Giacomo] Boracchi, G.
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Borade, S.N.[Sushma Niket] Co Author Listing * PCA-Based Face Recognition: Similarity Measures and Number of Eigenvectors

Boragno, S. Co Author Listing * DSP-based system for the detection of vehicles parked in prohibited areas, A

Boragolla, R.[Rashmi] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Learning Orthonormal Matrix Codebooks for Adaptive Transform Coding, An

Boragule, A. Co Author Listing * Joint cost minimization for multi-object tracking
* Learning to resolve uncertainties for large-scale face recognition
Includes: Boragule, A. Boragule, A.[Abhijeet]

Borah, A.[Anindita] Co Author Listing * Mining Rare Patterns Using Hyper-Linked Data Structure

Borah, B.[Bhogeswar] Co Author Listing * Method for Semantic Relatedness Based Query Focused Text Summarization, A

Borah, D.K. Co Author Listing * Compressive Parameter Estimation for Correlated Frames in MIMO Visible Light Communications

Borah, G. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Classification for Assessment of Horticultural Crops In Mixed Cropping Pattern Using UAV-borne Multi-spectral Sensor

Borah, J.D.[Joshua D.] Co Author Listing * Visor and camera providing a parallax-free field-of-view image for a head-mounted eye movement measurement system

Boraiy, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Validation of the Surface Downwelling Solar Irradiance Estimates of the HelioClim-3 Database in Egypt

Boral, S.[Subhadip] Co Author Listing * MEQA: Manifold embedding quality assessment via anisotropic scaling and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test

Boran, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * Leveraging auxiliary image descriptions for dense video captioning

Boran, F.E.[Fatih Emre] Co Author Listing * Erratum to Distance measure between intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Boratto, L.[Ludovico] Co Author Listing * multi-biometric system for continuous student authentication in e-learning platforms, A

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