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Bolch, E.A.[Erik A.] Co Author Listing * Performance and Feasibility of Drone-Mounted Imaging Spectroscopy for Invasive Aquatic Vegetation Detection

Bolch, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation to Investigate Occurrence, Characteristics and Changes of Glaciers, Glacial Lakes and Rock Glaciers in the Poiqu River Basin (Central Himalaya)
* Generation and evaluation of multitemporal digital terrain models of the Mt. Everest area from different optical sensors
* Glacier Mass Loss during the 1960s and 1970s in the Ak-Shirak Range (Kyrgyzstan) from Multiple Stereoscopic Corona and Hexagon Imagery
* Procedural Reproduction of Terrain Textures with Geographic Data
* Structure-from-Motion Using Historical Aerial Images to Analyse Changes in Glacier Surface Elevation

Bolch, W.E. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Patient-Dependent Phantoms Covering Statistical Distributions of Body Morphometry in the U.S. Adult and Pediatric Population

Bolcioni, L. Co Author Listing * low-power system-on-chip for the documentation of road accidents, A

Bolck, A.[Annabel] Co Author Listing * sparse nearest mean classifier for high dimensional multi-class problems, A

Bolcskei, H. Co Author Listing * Design of Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Lapped Transforms Satisfying Perception Related Constraints
* Subband Image Coding Using Cosine Modulated Filter Banks with Perfect Reconstruction and Linear Phase
Includes: Bolcskei, H. B÷lcskei, H. (Maybe also Boelcskei, H.)

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