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Baca, E.E.S. Co Author Listing * Axiomatic Design Approach to Passenger Itinerary Enumeration in Reconfigurable Transportation Systems, An

Bacak, M.[Miroslav] Co Author Listing * Minimal Lipschitz Extensions for Vector-Valued Functions on Finite Graphs
Includes: Bacak, M.[Miroslav] Bacák, M.[Miroslav]

Bacao, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Imbalanced Learning in Land Cover Classification: Improving Minority Classes' Prediction Accuracy Using the Geometric SMOTE Algorithm
* Increasing the Effectiveness of Active Learning: Introducing Artificial Data Generation in Active Learning for Land Use/Land Cover Classification
* Machine Learning Approaches to Bike-Sharing Systems: A Systematic Literature Review
* Spatial Data Science
* Specific Land Cover Class Mapping by Semi-Supervised Weighted Support Vector Machines

Bacar, A.[Affane] Co Author Listing * Changing Patterns of Malaria in Grande Comore after a Drastic Decline: Importance of Fine-Scale Spatial Analysis to Inform Future Control Actions

Bacardit, J.[Jaume] Co Author Listing * Scaling-up multiobjective evolutionary clustering algorithms using stratification

Bacarian, T. Co Author Listing * Tracking Cell Signals in Fluorescent Images

Bacaro, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Use of Remote Sensing Techniques to Estimate Plant Diversity within Ecological Networks: A Worked Example
* Use of Sentinel-2 Satellite Data for Windthrows Monitoring and Delimiting: The Case of Vaia Storm in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (North-Eastern Italy)

Bacastow, T. Co Author Listing * SpaceNet 6: Multi-Sensor All Weather Mapping Dataset

Bacastow, T.M.[Todd M.] Co Author Listing * SpaceNet 8 - The Detection of Flooded Roads and Buildings

Bacauskiene, M.[Marija] Co Author Listing * Automatic benthic imagery recognition using a hierarchical two-stage approach
* Categorizing Laryngeal Images for Decision Support
* feature selection technique for generation of classification committees and its application to categorization of laryngeal images, A
* Feature selection with neural networks
* Increasing the discrimination power of the co-occurrence matrix-based features
* Mining data with random forests: A survey and results of new tests
* novel technique to extract accurate cell contours applied for segmentation of phytoplankton images, A
* Phase congruency-based detection of circular objects applied to analysis of phytoplankton images
* Selecting salient features for classification based on neural network committees
* Soft combination of neural classifiers: A comparative study
* Unsupervised colour image segmentation applied to printing quality assessment
Includes: Bacauskiene, M.[Marija] Bacauskiene, M.
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