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Arif Co Author Listing * Novel Disaster Image Data-set and Characteristics Analysis using Attention Model, A

Arif, A.[Annatoma] Co Author Listing * Blurred fingerprint image enhancement: algorithm analysis and performance evaluation
* Locating Parking Hubs in Free-Floating Ride Share Systems via Data-Driven Optimization
* Performance and energy-efficient implementation of a smart city application on FPGAs
Includes: Arif, A.[Annatoma] Arif, A.[Anmar] Arif, A.[Arslan]

Arif, A.S.M.[Abu Shamim Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Automated method for the detection and segmentation of drusen in colour fundus image for the diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration

Arif, C.[Chusnul] Co Author Listing * Automated Near-Real-Time Mapping and Monitoring of Rice Extent, Cropping Patterns, and Growth Stages in Southeast Asia Using Sentinel-1 Time Series on a Google Earth Engine Platform

Arif, F.[Fahim] Co Author Listing * Edge-Based Features for Localization of Artificial Urdu Text in Video Images
* Frame Interpolation Using Phase Information and Guided Image Filtering
* Projection Method for Geometric Modeling of High Resolution Satellite Images Applying Different Approximations
* Unconstrained Benchmark Urdu Handwritten Sentence Database with Automatic Line Segmentation, An

Arif, K.M.[Khalid Mahmood] Co Author Listing * Robot-Assisted Floor Surface Profiling Using Low-Cost Sensors

Arif, M.[Maliha] Co Author Listing * Background-Tolerant Object Classification With Embedded Segmentation Mask For Infrared and Color Imagery
* Classification of potential nuclei in prostate histology images using shape manifold learning
* Cortex-inspired multilayer hierarchy based object detection system using PHOG descriptors and ensemble classification
* Determination of optimal number of projections and parametric sensitivity analysis of operators for parallel-ray transmission tomography using hybrid continuous genetic algorithm
* Few Shot Learning for Infra-Red Object Recognition Using Analytically Designed Low Level Filters for Data Representation
* fusion methodology based on Dempster-Shafer evidence theory for two biometric applications, A
* generalized modeling of ill-posed inverse reconstruction of images using a novel data-driven framework, A
* Hybrid Diversification Operator-Based Evolutionary Approach Towards Tomographic Image Reconstruction
* Image Registration Framework to Estimate 3D Myocardial Strains from Cine Cardiac MRI in Mice, An
* Monitoring Subsidence in Urban Area by PSInSAR: A Case Study of Abbottabad City, Northern Pakistan
* Unsupervised Learning of Shape Manifolds
* Unsupervised Shape Clustering using Diffusion Maps
Includes: Arif, M.[Maliha] Arif, M.[Muhammad] Arif, M. Arif, M.[Mohammed]
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Arif, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Kernel covariance image region description for object tracking
* Kernel map compression using generalized radial basis functions
* Kernel Subspace Integral Image Based Probabilistic Visual Object Tracking
* Non-rigid Object Localization and Segmentation Using Eigenspace Representation
* Pose Calibrated Feature Aggregation for Face Set Recognition
* probabilistic shape filter for online contour tracking, A
* Robust Density Comparison for Visual Tracking
* Tracking Using Motion Estimation With Physically Motivated Inter-Region Constraints
* Visual tracking and segmentation using Time-of-Flight sensor
Includes: Arif, O.[Omar] Arif, O.
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Arif, R. Co Author Listing * Evolving Techniques of Documentation of A World Heritage Site in Lahore

Arif, S.[Saad] Co Author Listing * Control Schemes for Quadrotor UAV: Taxonomy and Survey
* Predicting Land Cover Change in the Mamminasata Area, Indonesia, to Evaluate the Spatial Plan
Includes: Arif, S.[Saad] Arif, S.[Samsu]

Arif, S.M. Co Author Listing * Domain Adaptation For Lane Marking: An Unsupervised Approach

Arif, W.N.W.A.[Wan Norazlinawati Wan Abd] Co Author Listing * Designing 3 Dimensional Virtual Reality Using Panoramic Image

Arif, Z.H.[Zainab Hussein] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Review of Machine Learning (ML) in Image Defogging: Taxonomy of Concepts, Scenes, Feature Extraction, and Classification techniques

Ariff, B.B. Co Author Listing * Operator Dependence of 3-D Ultrasound-Based Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Carotid Bifurcation
* Reconstruction and quantification of the carotid artery bifurcation from 3-D ultrasound images

Ariff, M.A.M. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Analysis of Urban Land Use Pattern Analysis for Hemorrhagic Fever Risk: A Review

Ariff, M.F.M. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling for Rock Art Documentation Using Lightweight Multispectral Camera
* Camera Calibration Accuracy at Different UAV Flying Heights
* Capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Slope Classification, The
* Comprehensive Analysis of Flying Altitude for High Resolution Slope Mapping Using UAV Technology
* Development of Geodatabase for Archaeological Site in Bujang Valley Kedah
* Evaluating Mobile Laser Scanning For Landslide Monitoring
* Integration Between Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Terrestrial Laser Scanner in Producing 3d Model
* Integration of Point Clouds Dataset From Different Sensors
* Measurement Accuracy On 3d Point Cloud Generated Using Multispectral Imagery By Different Calibration Methods
* Practical Terrestrial Laser Scanning Field Procedure and Point Cloud Processing for BIM Application: TNB Control and Relay Room 132/22kv
* Study About Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Reconstruction of Precast Concrete to Support Qlassic Assessment, A
* Suitability of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Building Survey and Mapping Applications, The
* Suitability of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Strata Building, The
* Terrestrial Laser Scanners Self-Calibration Study: Datum Constraints Analyses for Network Configurations
* Three-dimensional Mapping of An Ancient Cave Paintings Using Close-range Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technologies
* Three-dimensional Recording and Photorealistic Model Reconstruction For Virtual Museum Application: An Experience in Malaysia
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Ariff, M.H.M.[Mohd Hatta Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural network for modelling of the correlation between lateral acceleration and head movement in a motion sickness study

Ariff, S.A.M. Co Author Listing * Exploratory Study of 3d Point Cloud Triangulation for Smart City Modelling and Visualization

Ariffin, A. Co Author Listing * Assessing Sustainability Level From Social Aspects for Affordable Housing in Malaysia Using Spatial Indicators
* Structural Model of Enterprise GIS Requirement for Johor Bahru City Council, A

Ariffin, A.K.[Ahmad Kamal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Vertebral Fracture Assessment System (AVFAS) for Spinal Pathologies Diagnosis Based on Radiograph X-Ray Images

Ariffin, E.H.[Effi Helmy] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in a Mountainous Area Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Ariffin, M.M.[Mazeyanti Mohd] Co Author Listing * Guideline for Designing an Effective Serious Game by Using Cultural-Based Game Design Model

Ariffin, W.N.S.F.W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Energy Storage Management in Green Wireless Networks

Arifin, A.Z.[Agus Zainal] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation by histogram thresholding using hierarchical cluster analysis
* Multi-projection deep learning network for segmentation of 3D medical images

Arifin, S.[Sutjipto] Co Author Listing * Novel Video Parsing Algorithm Utilizing the Pleasure-Arousal-Dominance Emotional Information, A
* User Attention Based Arousal Content Modeling
Includes: Arifin, S.[Sutjipto] Arifin, S.

Arifler, D. Co Author Listing * Modeling the self-similar behavior of packetized MPEG-4 video using wavelet-based methods

Arifuzzaman, B. Co Author Listing * Rapid Exposure Assessment Of Nationwide River Flood For Disaster Risk Reduction

Arifuzzanman, B.[Bhuyan] Co Author Listing * Prompt Proxy Mapping of Flood Damaged Rice Fields Using MODIS-Derived Indices

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