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Almoaiqel, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * Tide-Inspired Path Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Almodaresi, S.A. Co Author Listing * Using MCSST Method for Measuring Sea Surface Temperature with MODIS Imagery and Modeling and Prediction of Regional Variations with Least Squares Method (Case Study: Persian Gulf, Iran)

Almodfer, R.[Rolla] Co Author Listing * Pyramided and optimized blurred shape model for plant leaf classification

Almodovar Hernandez, A.[Anabel] Co Author Listing * Motion Compensation for Long Integration Times and DoA Processing in Passive Radars
Includes: Almodovar Hernandez, A.[Anabel] Almodóvar-Hernández, A.[Anabel]

Almodovar Rivera, I. Co Author Listing * Fast Adaptive Smoothing and Thresholding for Improved Activation Detection in Low-Signal fMRI
Includes: Almodovar Rivera, I. Almodóvar-Rivera, I.

Almog, A. Co Author Listing * Spatial De-Interlacing Using Dynamic Time Warping

Almog, O. Co Author Listing * Improving Classification of Multispectral Images Based on Selected Relations
* Towards The Automatic Detection of Geospatial Changes Based On Digital Elevation Models Produced By UAV Imagery

Almogahed, B.A. Co Author Listing * NEATER: Filtering of Over-sampled Data Using Non-cooperative Game Theory

Almohamad, H.[Hussein] Co Author Listing * Ground Surface Deformation Analysis Integrating InSAR and GPS Data in the Karstic Terrain of Cheria Basin, Algeria
* Multi-Criterion Analysis of Cyclone Risk along the Coast of Tamil Nadu, India: A Geospatial Approach
* Spatial Analysis of Flood Hazard Zoning Map Using Novel Hybrid Machine Learning Technique in Assam, India

Almohamad, H.A. Co Author Listing * Linear Programming Approach fo the Weighted Graph Matching Problem, A
* Pattern Recognition Algorithm Based on the Rapid Transform, A

Almohammad, A.[Adel] Co Author Listing * Stego image quality and the reliability of PSNR

Almohimeed, M.A. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation and Compensation Based on Almost Shift Invariant Wavelet Transform for Image Sequence Coding

Almohsen, R.[Ranya] Co Author Listing * Generative Probabilistic Novelty Detection with Isometric Adversarial Autoencoders
* Online Human Interaction Detection and Recognition With Multiple Cameras
* Supervised Low-Rank Method for Learning Invariant Subspaces, A
Includes: Almohsen, R.[Ranya] Almohsen, R.

Almomani, R.[Raed] Co Author Listing * SegTrack: A novel tracking system with improved object segmentation

Almonacid Caballer, J.[Jaime] Co Author Listing * Assessing Satellite-Derived Shoreline Detection on a Mesotidal Dissipative Beach
* Assessing the Accuracy of Automatically Extracted Shorelines on Microtidal Beaches from Landsat 7, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Automated Classification of Crop Types and Condition In A Mediterranean Area Using A Fine-tuned Convolutional Neural Network
* Automatic extraction of shorelines from Landsat TM and ETM multi-temporal images with subpixel precision
* Evaluating Fourier Cross-Correlation Sub-Pixel Registration in Landsat Images
* New Adaptive Image Interpolation Method to Define the Shoreline at Sub-Pixel Level, A
* Shoreline Analysis and Extraction Tool (SAET): A New Tool for the Automatic Extraction of Satellite-Derived Shorelines with Subpixel Accuracy
Includes: Almonacid Caballer, J.[Jaime] Almonacid-Caballer, J.[Jaime] Almonacid-Caballer, J.
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Almonacid, J. Co Author Listing * Combining Features Extracted from Imagery and Lidar Data for Object-Oriented Classification of Forest Areas

Almoosa, N.[Nawaf] Co Author Listing * Exploration for Object Mapping Guided by Environmental Semantics using UAVs
* Victim Localization in USAR Scenario Exploiting Multi-Layer Mapping Structure

Almorox Gonzalez, P. Co Author Listing * Through-the-Wall Surveillance With Millimeter-Wave LFMCW Radars
Includes: Almorox Gonzalez, P. Almorox-Gonzalez, P.

Almotaeryi, R.[Resheed] Co Author Listing * Robust human silhouette extraction with Laplacian fitting

Almouahed, S. Co Author Listing * iterative possibilistic knowledge diffusion approach for blind medical image segmentation, An
* Iterative Refinement of Possibility Distributions by Learning for Pixel-Based Classification
Includes: Almouahed, S. Almouahed, S.[Shaban]

Almouzny, G. Co Author Listing * efficient method to build early image description, An

Almowuena, S. Co Author Listing * Energy-Aware and Bandwidth-Efficient Hybrid Video Streaming Over Mobile Networks

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