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Alar, H.S. Co Author Listing * Utilizing a Greenhouse Activities Streamlining System Towards Accurate VPD Monitoring for Tropical Plants

Alarabi, L.[Louai] Co Author Listing * LandQv2: A MapReduce-Based System for Processing Arable Land Quality Big Data
* ST-Hadoop: a MapReduce framework for spatio-temporal data

Alarafi, F. Co Author Listing * Image to Image Registration to Produce High Resolution Images

Alaraimi, S.[Saleh] Co Author Listing * Transfer learning networks with skip connections for classification of brain tumors

Alarcao, S.M. Co Author Listing * Emotions Recognition Using EEG Signals: A Survey
Includes: Alarcao, S.M. Alarcão, S.M.

Alarcon Aquino, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Breaking reCAPTCHAs with Unpredictable Collapse: Heuristic Character Segmentation and Recognition
* Breaking text-based CAPTCHAs with variable word and character orientation
* K-Medoids-Based Random Biometric Pattern for Cryptographic Key Generation
* Visual Remote Monitoring and Control System for Rod Braking on Hot Rolling Mills
Includes: Alarcon Aquino, V.[Vicente] Alarcon-Aquino, V.[Vicente] Alarcon-Aquino, V.

Alarcon Paredes, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Conditioning Factors of Slope Instability and Continuous Change Maps in the Generation of Landslide Inventory Maps Using Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms
Includes: Alarcon Paredes, A.[Antonio] Alarcón-Paredes, A.[Antonio]

Alarcon Ramirez, A. Co Author Listing * New Methodology Based on Level Sets for Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
Includes: Alarcon Ramirez, A. Alarcon-Ramirez, A.

Alarcon, E.[Eduard] Co Author Listing * Computing Graph Neural Networks: A Survey from Algorithms to Accelerators
* Mechanical Energy Harvesting Taxonomy for Industrial Environments: Application to the Railway Industry
Includes: Alarcon, E.[Eduard] Alarcón, E.

Alarcon, G.M.[Gene M.] Co Author Listing * Measurement of the Propensity to Trust Automation, The

Alarcon, J. Co Author Listing * Image Manipulation Using M-Filters in a Pyramidal Computer-Model

Alarcon, S.L. Co Author Listing * comparison of sequential and GPU-accelerated implementations of B-spline signal processing operations for 2-D and 3-D images, A

Alarcon, V.J. Co Author Listing * Advanced Techniques for Watershed Visualization
* Estimation of Estuary Phytoplankton using a Web-based Tool for Visualization of Hyper-spectral Images

Alarcon, Y.C.C.[Yonatan Carlos Carranza] Co Author Listing * Imprecise Gaussian discriminant classification
Includes: Alarcon, Y.C.C.[Yonatan Carlos Carranza] Alarcón, Y.C.C.[Yonatan Carlos Carranza]

Alare, R.S.[Rahinatu Sidiki] Co Author Listing * NIR-red algorithms-based model for chlorophyll-a retrieval in highly turbid Inland Densu River Basin in South-East Ghana, West Africa

Alareqi, M. Co Author Listing * Optimization of high-level design edge detect filter for video processing system on FPGA

Alari, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Meteo-Marine Parameters from Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery: Towards Near Real-Time Services for the Baltic Sea

Alarifi, F. Co Author Listing * new privacy-preserving web metering scheme using third-party-centric analytics, A

Alarifi, J.[Jhan] Co Author Listing * Automated Facial Wrinkles Annotator

Alarifi, J.S.[Jhan S.] Co Author Listing * Facial Skin Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Alarifi, S.S.[Saad S.] Co Author Listing * Geophysical and Remote Sensing Assessment of Chad's Groundwater Resources

Alarslan, E. Co Author Listing * Creating Sustainable Cities Through Disaster Resilience in Turkey

Alary, T.[Theophile] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Veterinary Infrared Images with the Active Shape Approach

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