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9202 * *Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques III
* *Machine Vision Applications in Character Recognition and Industrial Inspection
* *Nonlinear Image Processing III
* 3-D Corridor Scene Modeling from a Single View under Natural Lighting Conditions
* 3-D Shape Recovery Using Distributed Aspect Matching
* Adaptive 3-D Object Recognition from Multiple Views
* AI Mechanisms for Reasoning about Terrain
* Apparatus for measuring the dynamic state of traffic
* Automated system for extracting design and layout information from an integrated circuit
* Camera Calibration for Three-Dimensional Measurement
* Color Reflectance Modeling Using a Polychromatic Laser Range Sensor
* Detection of Singular Points in Fingerprint Images
* Dynamic Control and Prototyping of Parallel Algorithms for Intermediate- and High-Level Vision
* Effective Use of SIMD Parallelism in Low- and Intermediate-Level Vision
* Extraction of Text boxes from Engineering Drawings
* High-Resolution Terrain Map from Multiple Sensor Data
* Image Understanding Architecture: Exploiting Potential Parallelism in Machine Vision
* Linear Feature Compatibility for Pattern-Matching Relaxation
* Mapping Computer-Vision-Related Tasks onto Reconfigurable Parallel-Processing Systems
* Massively Parallel Implementation of Character Recognition Systems
* Matching 2D Images to Multiple 3D Objects Using View Description Networks
* Method and apparatus for inspecting surfaces for contrast variations
* Method for compressing image signals
* Method for Registration of 3-D Shapes, A
* Model Generation and Model Matching of Real Images by a Fuzzy Approach
* Novel Approach to Graphics, A
* Omni-directional Stereo
* On Sequential Shape Descriptions
* Performance Evaluation of Scene Registration and Stereo Matching for Cartographic Feature Extraction
* Recovery and Understanding of a Line Drawing from Indoor Scenes, The
* Recursive 3-D Road and Relative Ego-State Recognition
* Relaxation by the Hopfield Neural Network
* Representation Space Paradigm of Concurrent Evolving Object Descriptions, The
* Rochester Checkers Player: Multimodal Parallel Programming for Animate Vision, The
* Single Lens Stereo with a Plenoptic Camera
* Software Environment for Parallel Computer Vision, A
* Special Issue Parallel Processing
* Steps Toward Architecture-Independent Image Processing
* Structural Hashing: Efficient Three Dimensional Object Recognition
* Texture Based Classification of Cell Imagery
* Texture Classification and Segmentation Using Multiresolution Simultaneous Autoregressive Models
* Understanding Object Configurations Using Range Images
* Using Extremal Boundaries for 3-D Object Modeling
* Using Models to Improve Stereo Reconstruction
* Video image processing
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