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ORCV94 * *Report of the NSF/ARPA Workshop on 3D Object Representation for Computer Vision
* Algebraic Geometry and Object Representation in Computer Vision
* Appearance-based 3D object recognition
* Body-centered representation and perception
* challenge of generic object recognition, The
* Discrete Surface Signal Processing: The Polygon as the Surface Element
* Distinctive representations for the recognition of curved surfaces using outlines and markings
* Epipolar Parametrization, The
* From Physics-Based Representation to Functional Modeling of Highly Complex Objects
* Modal represenations
* Object Recognition: The Search for Representation
* Object Representation for Recognition-by-Alignment
* On representation and invariant recognition of complex objects based on patches and parts
* Physics in a Fantasy World vs. Robust Statistical Estimation
* Physics-Based Framework for Segmentation, Shape and Motion Estimation, A
* Report on the 1994 workshop on 3-D object representations in computer vision
* Representations for recognizing complex curved 3D objects
* Spherical Representations: from EGI to SAI
* Spline representations in 3-D vision
* Time representation of deformations: Combining vibration modes and Fourier analysis
* Toward Non-Parametric Digital Shape Representation and Recovery
* Towards a robust physics-based object recognition system
* Triangles as a primary representation
* Using quasi-invariants for automatic model building and object recognition: An overview
* Using two-dimensional models to interact with the three-dimensional world
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ORCV96 * Beyond the Hough Transform: Further Properties of the R-Theta Mapping and Their Applications
* Combinatorial Geometry for Shape Representation and Indexing
* Curvature Based Signatures for Object Description and Recognition
* Dimensionality of Illumination Manifolds in Appearance Matching
* Experimental Comparison of Appearance and Geometric Model Based Recognition, An
* Finding Pictures of Objects in Large Collections of Images
* From an Intensity Image to 3-D Segmented Descriptions
* Generic Shape Learning and Recognition
* Hybrid Approach to 3D Representation, A
* Image Oriented CAD Approach, An
* Learning Appearance Models for Object Recognition
* Learning Object Representations from Lighting Variations
* Non-Euclidean Object Representations for Calibration-Free Video Overlay
* Object Representation in Computer Vision II
* On 3D Shape Synthesis
* Recovering Generalized Cylinders By Monocular Vision
* Report on the 1996 International Workshop on Object Representation in Computer Vision
* Representing Objects Using Topology
* Shape Constancy in Pictorial Relief
* Virtualized Reality: Being Mobile in a Visual Scene
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