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Wheeler Kingshott, C.A.M. Co Author Listing * Estimating distributed anatomical connectivity using fast marching methods and diffusion tensor imaging
Includes: Wheeler Kingshott, C.A.M. Wheeler-Kingshott, C.A.M.

Wheeler, A.J.[Andrew J.] Co Author Listing * Characterisation of Benthic Currents from Seabed Bathymetry: An Object-Based Image Analysis of Cold-Water Coral Mounds, A
* Scalable, Supervised Classification of Seabed Sediment Waves Using an Object-Based Image Analysis Approach, A

Wheeler, B.J.[Bradley J.] Co Author Listing * semantically driven self-supervised algorithm for detecting anomalies in image sets, A

Wheeler, C. Co Author Listing * Efficacy of Group-View Displays in Nuclear Control Rooms

Wheeler, F. Co Author Listing * Combined Spatial and Subband Block Coding of Images

Wheeler, F.W.[Frederick W.] Co Author Listing * Automatic facial landmark labeling with minimal supervision
* Face Model Fitting on Low Resolution Images
* Facial Contour Labeling via Congealing
* Improved Face Model Fitting on Video Sequences
* Improving biometric identification through quality-based face and fingerprint biometric fusion
* Improving face recognition with a quality-based probabilistic framework
* Moving Vehicle Registration and Super-Resolution
* Multi-Frame Super-Resolution for Face Recognition
* Semi-supervised facial landmark annotation
* Simultaneous alignment and clustering for an image ensemble
* Stand-off Iris Recognition System
Includes: Wheeler, F.W.[Frederick W.] Wheeler, F.W.
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Wheeler, G. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Supervised, Novelty-Based and Hybrid Approaches to Fall Detection Using Silmee Accelerometer Data, An

Wheeler, G.E.[Glen E.] Co Author Listing * Weighted Segmented Digital Watermarking

Wheeler, G.V. Co Author Listing * Coupled-View Active Appearance Models
* Performance assessment of a face verification based access control system
* View-based active appearance models
Includes: Wheeler, G.V. Wheeler, G.V.[Gavin V.]

Wheeler, H.A. Co Author Listing * Fine Structure of Television Images, The

Wheeler, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Burned Area Detection and Mapping: Intercomparison of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Based Algorithms over Tropical Africa
* Effects of incompatible boundary information in EIT on the convergence behavior of an iterative algorithm
Includes: Wheeler, J.[James] Wheeler, J.

Wheeler, J.E.M.[James E.M.] Co Author Listing * Airborne S-Band SAR for Forest Biophysical Retrieval in Temperate Mixed Forests of the UK

Wheeler, K.[Katherine] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Muscle Fatigue during Cyclic Contractions Using Source Separation Techniques
* Spectral properties of surface electromyogram signal and change in muscle conduction velocity during isometric muscle contraction

Wheeler, K.B. Co Author Listing * SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Design and First Year on Orbit

Wheeler, K.I.[Kathryn I.] Co Author Listing * Statistical Model for Estimating Midday NDVI from the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 16 and 17, A

Wheeler, K.R. Co Author Listing * Gesture-Based Control and EMG Decomposition

Wheeler, M.D.[Mark Damon] Co Author Listing * Automatic Modeling and Localization for Object Recognition
* Consensus Surfaces for Modeling 3D Objects from Multiple Range Images
* Hand Action Perception and Robot Instruction
* Invariant Histograms and Deformable Template Matching for SAR Target Recognition
* Iterative Estimation of Rotation and Translation using the Quaternion
* Iterative Smoothed Residuals: A Low-Pass Filter for Smoothing with Controlled Shrinkage
* Model-Based SAR ATR System
* Object Shape and Reflectance Modeling from Observation
* Parallel Processing of Range Data Merging
* SAR Target Recognition Based on Invariant Histograms and Deformable Template Matching
* Sensor Modeling, Markov Random Fields, and Robust Localization for Reconstructing Partially Occluded Objects
* Sensor Modeling, Probabilistic Hypothesis Generation, and Robust Localization for Object Recognition
* Towards a Vision Algorithm Compiler for Recognition of Partially Occluded 3-D Objects
Includes: Wheeler, M.D.[Mark Damon] Wheeler, M.D.[Mark D.] Wheeler, M.D.
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Wheeler, S.G. Co Author Listing * Approximations for the probability of misclassification
* Crop Classification with LANDSAT Multispectral Scanner Data
* Crop Classification with Landsat Multispectral Scanner Data II

Wheeler, T.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks for Probabilistic Modeling of Driver Behavior

Wheeler, V.M.[Vincent M.] Co Author Listing * Ubiquitous Interactive Visualization of 3-D Mantle Convection through Web Applications Using Java

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