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Vetrekar, N. Co Author Listing * Detecting Disguise Attacks on Multi-spectral Face Recognition Through Spectral Signatures

Vetrekar, N.T. Co Author Listing * Extended Spectral to Visible Comparison Based on Spectral Band Selection Method for Robust Face Recognition

Vetrita, Y.[Yenni] Co Author Listing * Fire Frequency and Related Land-Use and Land-Cover Changes in Indonesia's Peatlands

Vetrivel, A.[Anand] Co Author Listing * Disaster damage detection through synergistic use of deep learning and 3D point cloud features derived from very high resolution oblique aerial images, and multiple-kernel-learning
* Estimating tropical forest biomass with a combination of SAR image texture and Landsat TM data: An assessment of predictions between regions
* Identification of damage in buildings based on gaps in 3D point clouds from very high resolution oblique airborne images
* Identification of Structurally Damaged Areas in Airborne Oblique Images Using a Visual-Bag-of-Words Approach
* Segmentation of UAV-Based Images Incorporating 3D Point Cloud Information
* Uav-based Structural Damage Mapping - Results From 6 Years of Research In Two European Projects
* UAV-Based Structural Damage Mapping: A Review
Includes: Vetrivel, A.[Anand] Vetrivel, A.
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Vetrivel, S. Co Author Listing * Development of navigation system for autonomous vehicle

Vetro, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * 3D in the Home: Mass Market or Niche?
* Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering for Artifact Reduction in Compressed Images and Videos
* Adaptive fuzzy post-filtering for highly compressed video
* Adaptive video coding method
* Analytical Model for Synthesis Distortion Estimation in 3D Video, An
* Application-Agnostic Spatio-Temporal Hand Graph Representations for Stable Activity Understanding
* Attribute compression for sparse point clouds using graph transforms
* Backward view synthesis prediction for 3D-HEVC
* Bit allocation for MPEG-4 video coding with spatio-temporal tradeoffs
* Combined rate control and mode decision optimization for MPEG-2 transcoding with spatial resolution reduction
* Compression of 3-D point clouds using hierarchical patch fitting
* Constant quality constrained rate allocation for FGS-coded video
* Depth Coding Using a Boundary Reconstruction Filter for 3-D Video Systems
* Depth Estimation for View Synthesis in Multiview Video Coding
* Depth-assisted stereo video enhancement using graph-based approaches
* Depth-weighted group-wise principal component analysis for video foreground/background separation
* Direction-adaptive transforms for coding prediction residuals
* Distributed compression of zerotrees of wavelet coefficients
* Distributed Image Processing
* Distributed Video Coding: Trends and Perspectives
* Drift compensation for reduced spatial resolution transcoding
* Edge-based directional fuzzy filter for compression artifact reduction in JPEG images
* Extensions of H.264/AVC for Multiview Video Compression
* Feature transformation of biometric templates for secure biometric systems based on error correcting codes
* Frame compatible formats for 3D video distribution
* Frequency Domain Down Conversion of HDTV Using Adaptive Motion Compensation
* Frequency Domain Down Conversion of HDTV Using an Optimal Motion Compensation Scheme
* Fusion of multi-angular aerial images based on epipolar geometry and matrix completion
* Geometric distortion metrics for point cloud compression
* Graph Based Skeleton Modeling for Human Activity Analysis
* Independent uniform prediction mode for screen content video coding
* Introduction to the special section on 3D representation, compression, and rendering
* investigation of 3D dual-tree wavelet transform for video coding, An
* Keypoint trajectory coding on compact descriptor for video analysis
* Local depth image enhancement scheme for view synthesis
* Method for representing and comparing multimedia content according to rank
* Mobility characteristics for multimedia service adaptation
* Moving object segmentation using depth and optical flow in car driving sequences
* MPEG-4 Rate Control for Multiple Video Objects
* MPEG-4 video object-based rate allocation with variable temporal rates
* Multi-camera imaging, coding and innovative display: Techniques and systems
* Multimedia Retrieval and Delivery: Essential Metadata Challenges and Standards
* Next-Generation 3D Formats with Depth Map Support
* Object-based transcoding for adaptable video content delivery
* Occlusion handling based on support and decision
* On modeling the rendering error in 3D video
* Online Detection of Action Start in Untrimmed, Streaming Videos
* Overview of Multiview Video Coding and Anti-Aliasing for 3D Displays
* Overview of the Multiview and 3D Extensions of High Efficiency Video Coding
* Overview of the Stereo and Multiview Video Coding Extensions of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Standard
* Rate-distortion modeling for multiscale binary shape coding based on markov random fields
* Rate-Distortion Modeling of Binary Shape using State Partitioning
* Rate-distortion Optimized Video Coding Considering Frameskip
* Rate-reduction transcoding design for wireless video streaming
* RD-Optimized View Synthesis Prediction for Multiview Video Coding
* Secure distortion computation among untrusting parties using homomorphic encryption
* Special Issue on 3-D Media and Displays
* Survey of compressed-domain features used in audio-visual indexing and analysis
* Synthesis distortion estimation in 3D video using frequency and spatial analysis
* Temporally consistent stereo matching using coherence function
* Transcoding, Scalable Coding,and Standardized Metadata
* trellis-based approach for robust view synthesis, A
* Use of 2-Dimensional Deformable Mesh Structures for Video Coding: II The Analysis Problem and a Region-Based Coder Employing an Active Mesh Representation
* Video Adaptation: Concepts, Technologies, and Open Issues
* Video Coding Using 3D Dual-Tree Wavelet Transform
* Video querying via compact descriptors of visually salient objects
* View synthesis prediction for multiview video coding
* View Synthesis Prediction for Rate-Overhead Reduction in FTV
* View Synthesis Prediction in the 3-D Video Coding Extensions of AVC and HEVC
* View synthesis prediction using adaptive depth quantization for 3D video coding
* Virtual view synthesis method and self-evaluation metrics for free viewpoint television and 3D video
Includes: Vetro, A.[Anthony] Vetro, A.
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Vetro, C. Co Author Listing * Iterative Reconstruction of Signals on Graph
* Learning to Navigate in the Gaussian Mixture Surface
Includes: Vetro, C. Vetro, C.[Calogero]

Vetrov, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Deep Part-Based Generative Shape Model with Latent Variables
* Image Segmentation with a Shape Prior Based on Simplified Skeleton
* Inferring M-Best Diverse Labelings in a Single One
* Multi-utility Learning: Structured-Output Learning with Multiple Annotation-Specific Loss Functions
* On Kernel Selection in Relevance Vector Machines Using Stability Principle
* Spatial Inference Machines
* Spatially Adaptive Computation Time for Residual Networks
* Submodular decomposition framework for inference in associative Markov networks with global constraints
* Submodular Relaxation for Inference in Markov Random Fields
* Submodular Relaxation for MRFs with High-Order Potentials
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Vetrov, D.P. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Stability of k-Means Cluster Ensembles with Respect to Random Initialization

Vetrova, V. Co Author Listing * Hidden Features: Experiments with Feature Transfer for Fine-Grained Multi-Class and One-Class Image Categorization

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