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Tsalakanidou, F.[Filareti] Co Author Listing * 2D+3D face identification system for surveillance applications, A
* 3D face and hand biometric system for robust user-friendly authentication, A
* Application and Evaluation of a 2D+3D Face Authentication System
* Exploitation of 3D images for face authentication under pose and illumination variations
* Face and Gesture Recognition System Based on an Active Stereo Sensor, A
* Face Localization and Authentication Using Color and Depth Images
* Integration of 2D and 3D images for enhanced face authentication
* Multimodal Approach for the Safeguarding and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage: The Case of i-Treasures, A
* Real-time 2D+3D facial action and expression recognition
* Real-time acquisition of depth and color images using structured light and its application to 3D face recognition
* Real-time facial feature tracking from 2D+3D video streams
* Recognizing facial expressions from 3D video: Current results and future prospects
* Robust facial action recognition from real-time 3D streams
* Use of depth and colour eigenfaces for face recognition
Includes: Tsalakanidou, F.[Filareti] Tsalakanidou, F.
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Tsalamlal, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Combining Facial Expression and Touch for Perceiving Emotional Valence

Tsalapati, V.[Victoria] Co Author Listing * Time Series Analysis of Landsat Data for Investigating the Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Forest Changes in Paphos Forest, Cyprus

Tsalicoglou, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * Using 3D Topological Connectivity for Ghost Particle Reduction in Flow Reconstruction

Tsalides, P. Co Author Listing * Analog Computation of Image Chromaticity
* Cellular-Automaton for the Determination of the Mean Velocity of Moving-Objects and Its VLSI Implementation, A
* Colored Object Recognition Using Invariant Spectral Features
* Efficient Algorithm for the Largest Empty Figure Problem-Based on a 2D Cellular-Automaton Architecture, An
* Fuzzy Soft Mathematical Morphology
* Geometrical Shape-Recognition Using a Cellular Automaton Architecture and Its VLSI Implementation
* Morphological Colour Image Segmentation
* new approach to morphological color image processing, A
* New fuzzy model for morphological colour image processing
* New Hardware Module for Automated Visual Inspection Based on a Cellular-Automaton Architecture, A
* new hardware structure for implementation of soft morphological filters, A
* new vector median filter for colour image processing, A
* Parallel Architecture for Implementation of Filters Based on Order Statistics, A
* Realization of Rank Order Filters Based on Majority Gate
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Tsalides, P.G.[Philippos G.] Co Author Listing * Robot Path Generation Method for a Welding System Based on Pseudo Stereo Visual Servo Control

Tsalis, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Role of Sea Surface Temperature Forcing in the Life-Cycle of Mediterranean Cyclones, The

Tsalyuk, M.[Miriam] Co Author Listing * Improving the prediction of African savanna vegetation variables using time series of MODIS products

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