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Timm, F. Co Author Listing * Deep Multi-Modal Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation for Autonomous Driving: Datasets, Methods, and Challenges
* Fast model selection for MaxMinOver-based training of support vector machines
* Holistic Filter Pruning for Efficient Deep Neural Networks
* Labels are Not Perfect: Inferring Spatial Uncertainty in Object Detection
* Simple Incremental One-Class Support Vector Classification
* Statistical Fourier Descriptors for Defect Image Classification
Includes: Timm, F. Timm, F.[Fabian]

Timm, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * CMOS Imaging Sensor Technology For Aerial Mapping Cameras
* Describing Textures Using Natural Language
* Large-Scale Ecological Analyses of Animals in the Wild Using Computer Vision
Includes: Timm, M.[Martin] Timm, M.[Mikayla] Timm, M.

Timm, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * assisting, constrained 3D navigation technique for multiscale virtual 3D city models, An

Timmen, L.[Ludger] Co Author Listing * Geodetic-Gravimetric Monitoring of Mountain Uplift and Hydrological Variations at Zugspitze and Wank Mountains (Bavarian Alps, Germany)

Timmer, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Comparing the Use of Red-Edge and Near-Infrared Wavelength Ranges for Detecting Submerged Kelp Canopy

Timmer, J. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Methods in Signal Processing and Digital Image Analysis
* n-PI-method for helical cone-beam CT, The

Timmerer, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Advanced Scalability for Light Field Image Coding
* Assessing the quality of sensory experience for multimedia presentations
* Bitstream Syntax Description: A Tool for Multimedia Resource Adaptation within MPEG-21
* Crowdsourcing Quality-of-Experience Assessments
* CTU depth decision algorithms for HEVC: A survey
* ECAS-ML: Edge Computing Assisted Adaptation Scheme with Machine Learning for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* Efficient Content-Adaptive Feature-Based Shot Detection for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* end-to-end tool chain for Sensory Experience based on MPEG-V, An
* Enhancing the User Experience with the Sensory Effect Media Player and AmbientLib
* ETPS: Efficient Two-Pass Encoding Scheme for Adaptive Live Streaming
* FaME-ML: Fast Multirate Encoding for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Using Machine Learning
* Introduction to the special issue on MPEG-V
* Mcom-live: A Multi-codec Optimization Model at the Edge for Live Streaming
* MoViDNN: A Mobile Platform for Evaluating Video Quality Enhancement with Deep Neural Networks
* novel monitoring architecture for media services adaptation based on network QoS to perceived QoS mapping, A
* open source MPEG DASH evaluation suite, An
* Practical Evaluation of Video Codecs for Large-Scale HTTP Adaptive Streaming Services, A
* proxy effect analyis and fair adatpation algorithm for multiple competing Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP clients, A
* Scalable Media Coding Enabling Content-Aware Networking
* sfHxL3: Optimized Delivery Architecture for HTTP Low-Latency Live Streaming
* Social Multimedia Experience, The
* Special Issue on Modern Media Transport: Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)
* Special issue on Open Media Compression: Overview, Design Criteria, and Outlook on Emerging Standards
* Statistically Indifferent Quality Variation: An Approach for Reducing Multimedia Distribution Cost for Adaptive Video Streaming Services
* Towards Optimal Multirate Encoding for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* Using MPEG-21 for cross-layer multimedia content adaptation
Includes: Timmerer, C.[Christian] Timmerer, C.
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Timmerman, R.O.[Ralph O.] Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection in Infrared Imagery Using Neural Networks with Synthetic Training Data

Timmermann, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Traffic Dynamics at Intersections Subject to Random Misperception

Timmermann, K.E. Co Author Listing * Stationary wavelet-based intensity models for photon-limited imaging

Timmermann, T.[Tiemo] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of the Vegetation Composition in Rewetted Peatland with Iterative Decision Tree Classification of Satellite Imagery

Timmermans, F.J.[Frederik J.] Co Author Listing * Curvature estimation of surfaces in 3d grey-value images
* On Curvature Estimation of ISO Surfaces in 3D Gray-Value Images and the Computation of Shape Descriptors

Timmermans, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * Gap-Free Monitoring of Annual Mangrove Forest Dynamics in Ca Mau Province, Vietnamese Mekong Delta, Using the Landsat-7-8 Archives and Post-Classification Temporal Optimization
* Review of Remote Sensing Challenges for Food Security with Respect to Salinity and Drought Threats, A
* Surface Energy Balance of Fresh and Saline Waters: AquaSEBS

Timmermans, R.[Renske] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Sensitivity of the OMI-NO2 Product to Emission Changes across Europe

Timmermans, W.[Wim] Co Author Listing * Towards a Traceable Climate Service: Assessment of Quality and Usability of Essential Climate Variables

Timmers, R.[Renee] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Analysis of Expressive Gesture in Music and Dance Performances

Timmers, T. Co Author Listing * Binary Tree Versus Single Level Tree Classification of White Blood Cells
* Classification of Normal and Abnormal Samples of Peripheral Blood by Linear Mapping of the Feature Space
* interactive implementation of nonparametric partitioning in ISPAHAN, An

Timmi, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Learning analytics: a review of the literature

Timmins, L.H. Co Author Listing * Establishment of an Automated Algorithm Utilizing Optical Coherence Tomography and Micro-Computed Tomography Imaging to Reconstruct the 3-D Deformed Stent Geometry
* Framework to Co-register Longitudinal Virtual Histology-Intravascular Ultrasound Data in the Circumferential Direction
* Nonparametric Approach for Estimating Three-Dimensional Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions (ODFs) in Fibrous Materials, A
Includes: Timmins, L.H. Timmins, L.H.[Lucas H.]

Timmis, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * New Modeling Approach for Predicting Vehicle-Based Safety Threats, A

Timmons, A.C. Co Author Listing * Using Multimodal Wearable Technology to Detect Conflict among Couples

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