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Sunwoo, H.[Hyun] Co Author Listing * neuroprotective effect of a traditional herbal (kyung-ok-ko) on transient middle cerebral artery occlusion-Induced ischemic rat brain, The

Sunwoo, L. Co Author Listing * k-Space Deep Learning for Accelerated MRI

Sunwoo, M. Co Author Listing * Curvilinear-Coordinate-Based Object and Situation Assessment for Highly Automated Vehicles
* Fast GPS-DR Sensor Fusion Framework: Removing the Geodetic Coordinate Conversion Process
* Generation of a Precise Roadway Map for Autonomous Cars
* Hierarchical Trajectory Planning of an Autonomous Car Based on the Integration of a Sampling and an Optimization Method
* Hybrid Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Driving in On-Road Dynamic Scenarios
* Interacting Multiple Model Filter-Based Sensor Fusion of GPS With In-Vehicle Sensors for Real-Time Vehicle Positioning
* L-Shape Model Switching-Based Precise Motion Tracking of Moving Vehicles Using Laser Scanners
* Local Path Planning for Off-Road Autonomous Driving With Avoidance of Static Obstacles
* Precise Localization of an Autonomous Car Based on Probabilistic Noise Models of Road Surface Marker Features Using Multiple Cameras
* Probabilistic Occupancy Filter for Parking Slot Marker Detection in an Autonomous Parking System Using AVM
* Re-Plannable Automated Parking System With a Standalone Around View Monitor for Narrow Parking Lots
* Real-Time Road-Slope Estimation Based on Integration of Onboard Sensors With GPS Using an IMMPDA Filter
* Road Slope Aided Vehicle Position Estimation System Based on Sensor Fusion of GPS and Automotive Onboard Sensors
* Robust Localization in Map Changing Environments Based on Hierarchical Approach of Sliding Window Optimization and Filtering
* Semantic segmentation-based parking space detection with standalone around view monitoring system
* Track Fusion and Behavioral Reasoning for Moving Vehicles Based on Curvilinear Coordinates of Roadway Geometries
* Tracking and Behavior Reasoning of Moving Vehicles Based on Roadway Geometry Constraints
* Vehicle Speed Prediction Using a Markov Chain With Speed Constraints
Includes: Sunwoo, M. Sunwoo, M.[Myoungho]
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Sunwoo, M.H.[Myoung Ho] Co Author Listing * Development of localisation and mapping software for autonomous cars
* Flexibly Coupled Hypercube Multiprocessor for High Level Vision, A
* MESIP: A Configurable and Data Reusable Motion Estimation Specific Instruction-Set Processor
* New Frame Rate Up-Conversion Algorithms With Low Computational Complexity
* Novel residual prediction scheme for hybrid video coding
* sliding memory array processor for low level vision, A
* Vista for a general purpose computer vision system
Includes: Sunwoo, M.H.[Myoung Ho] Sunwoo, M.H.[Myoung-Ho] Sunwoo, M.H. Sunwoo, M.H.[Myung Hoon] Sunwoo, M.H.[Myung H.]
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Sunwoo, Y.Y.[Yun Young] Co Author Listing * neuroprotective effect of a traditional herbal (kyung-ok-ko) on transient middle cerebral artery occlusion-Induced ischemic rat brain, The
Includes: Sunwoo, Y.Y.[Yun Young] Sunwoo, Y.Y.[Yun-Young]

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