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Soda, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * email: Soda, G.[Giovanni]: giovanni AT mcculloch ing unifi it
* Analysis and understanding of multi-class invoices
* Artificial Neural Networks for Document Analysis and Recognition
* Automatic document classification and indexing in high-volume applications
* Bag of Characters and SOM Clustering for Script Recognition and Writer Identification
* Conversion of PDF Books in ePub Format
* Edge-backpropagation for noisy logo recognition
* Efficient Word Retrieval by Means of SOM Clustering and PCA
* Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction-Based Similarity Search
* Encoding of modified X-Y trees for document classification
* Font Adaptive Word Indexing of Modern Printed Documents
* general system for the retrieval of document images from digital libraries, A
* Indexing and retrieval of words in old documents
* INFORMYS: A Flexible Invoice Like Form Reader System
* Layout based document image retrieval by means of XY tree reduction
* Links Between LVQ and Backpropagation
* Mathematical Symbol Indexing Using Topologically Ordered Clusters of Shape Contexts
* Neural Based Architecture for Spot-Noisy Logo Recognition, A
* Nonlinear Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction
* Rectangle Labelling for an Invoice Understanding System
* Retrieval by Layout Similarity of Documents Represented with MXY Trees
* serial combination of connectionist-based classifiers for OCR, A
* Trainable table location in document images
* Transformation invariant SOM clustering in Document Image Analysis
* Tree clustering for layout-based document image retrieval
* Using Earth Mover's Distance in the Bag-of-Visual-Words Model for Mathematical Symbol Retrieval
* Using Physical and Logical Constraints for Invoice Understanding
* Using tree-grammars for training set expansion in page classification
Includes: Soda, G.[Giovanni] Soda, G.
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Soda, J.[Josko] Co Author Listing * Stabilising illumination variations in motion detection for surveillance applications
Includes: Soda, J.[Josko] Šoda, J.[Joško]

Soda, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Crithidia Luciliae Fluorescent Images
* Automatic Facial Expression Recognition Using Statistical-Like Moments
* Benchmarking HEp-2 Cells Classification Methods
* Biomedical Images Classification by Universal Nearest Neighbours Classifier Using Posterior Probability
* Categorizing the feature space for two-class imbalance learning
* Combining video subsequences for human action recognition
* Decomposition Methods and Learning Approaches for Imbalanced Dataset: An Experimental Integration
* Evaluating Tumour Bounding Options for Deep Learning-based Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis Prediction in Breast Cancer
* Hybrid Approach Handling Imbalanced Datasets, A
* Hybrid Multi-Expert Systems for HEp-2 Staining Pattern Classification, A
* Mitotic cells recognition in HEp-2 images
* Mitotic HEp-2 Cells Recognition under Class Skew
* multi-objective optimisation approach for class imbalance learning, A
* Multiple subsequence combination in human action recognition
* One-per-Class reconstruction rule for class imbalance learning, A
* Optimized Fusion of CNNs to Diagnose Pulmonary Diseases on Chest X-Rays
* Pareto optimization of deep networks for COVID-19 diagnosis from chest X-rays
* Polichotomies on Imbalanced Domains by One-per-Class Compensated Reconstruction Rule
* Slightly Supervised Approach for Positive/Negative Classification of Fluorescence Intensity in HEp-2 Images, A
* Special issue on the analysis and recognition of indirect immuno-fluorescence images
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Sodagar, I.[Iraj] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for context-based indexing and retrieval of image sequences
* MPEG-DASH Standard for Multimedia Streaming Over the Internet, The
* Scalable Wavelet Coding for Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Images
* Zerotree Entropy Coding of Wavelet Coefficients for Very Low Bit Rate Video
* Zerotree Wavelet Video Coder, A
Includes: Sodagar, I.[Iraj] Sodagar, I.

Sodagar, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Rapid Network Adaptation: Learning to Adapt Neural Networks Using Test-Time Feedback

Sodagari, S.[Shabnam] Co Author Listing * Image error concealment using edge map and linear prediction residue watermarking and spatial smoothing

Sodaiezadeh, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Heavy Metals in Arid Soils at the Catchment Scale Using Digital Soil Assessment and a Random Forest Model

Sodangi, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Assessment of Soil Erosion Intensity and Sediment Yield Using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) Model

Sodango, T.H.[Terefe Hanchiso] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Spatial Dynamics of Soil Organic Carbon Using Remotely-Sensed Predictors in Fuzhou City, China

Sodani, Y. Co Author Listing * SVM-Based Biometric Authentication Using Intra-Body Propagation Signals

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