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Shiva, S.G. Co Author Listing * Correlation of Adjacent Pixels for Multiple Image Registration

Shivadas, A.[Abhishek] Co Author Listing * Finding and identifying unknown commercials using repeated video sequence detection
* Identification of New Commercials Using Repeated Video Sequence Detection
* Real-Time Commercial Recognition Using Color Moments and Hashing

Shivagunde, S. Co Author Listing * Multiple kernel learning using data envelopment analysis and feature vector selection and projection

Shivakranthi, B. Co Author Listing * Contribution of Telugu vowels in identifying emotions

Shivakuamra, P.[Palaiahnakote] Co Author Listing * Optical flow based dynamic curved video text detection

Shivakumara, P.[Palaiahnakote] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D Video Scene Text Classification
* 2D)2LDA: An efficient approach for face recognition
* Accurate video text detection through classification of low and high contrast images
* Anomaly Detection through Spatio-temporal Context Modeling in Crowded Scenes
* Arbitrarily-Oriented Text Detection in Low Light Natural Scene Images
* Automatic System for Generating Artificial Fake Character Images, An
* blind deconvolution model for scene text detection and recognition in video, A
* Chebyshev-Harmonic-Fourier-Moments and Deep CNNs for Detecting Forged Handwriting
* Cloud of Line Distribution and Random Forest Based Text Detection from Natural/Video Scene Images
* comprehensive scheme for tattoo text detection, A
* Contour Restoration of Text Components for Recognition in Video/Scene Images
* Delaunay triangulation based text detection from multi-view images of natural scene
* Detecting moving text in video using temporal information
* Detection of Curved Text in Video: Quad Tree Based Method
* DPAM: A New Deep Parallel Attention Model for Multiple License Plate Number Recognition
* Efficient video text detection using edge features
* Episodic Learning Network for Text Detection on Human Bodies in Sports Images, An
* Forged text detection in video, scene, and document images
* Fourier Transform based Features for Clean and Polluted Water Image Classification
* Fractals Based Multi-Oriented Text Detection System for Recognition in Mobile Video Images
* Fractional poisson enhancement model for text detection and recognition in video frames
* Gradient Difference Based Technique for Video Text Detection, A
* Gradient Vector Flow and Grouping-Based Method for Arbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Detection in Video Images
* Gradient Vector Flow-Based Method for Video Character Segmentation, A
* Gradient-Angular-Features for Word-wise Video Script Identification
* Graph attention network for detecting license plates in crowded street scenes
* Graphics and Scene Text Classification in Video
* HMM-Based Multi Oriented Text Recognition in Natural Scene Image
* Image classification: Are rule-based systems effective when classes are fixed and known?
* Laplacian Approach to Multi-Oriented Text Detection in Video, A
* Laplacian Method for Video Text Detection, A
* Local Gradient Difference Features for Classification of 2D-3D Natural Scene Text Images
* Multi-Gradient Directional Features for Gender Identification
* Multi-Script-Oriented Text Detection and Recognition in Video/Scene/Born Digital Images
* Multi-Spectral Fusion Based Approach for Arbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Detection in Video Images
* Multioriented Video Scene Text Detection Through Bayesian Classification and Boundary Growing
* new DCT-PCM method for license plate number detection in drone images, A
* New Deep Wavefront Based Model for Text Localization in 3D Video, A
* New Fourier-Moments Based Video Word and Character Extraction Method for Recognition, A
* New Fourier-Statistical Features in RGB Space for Video Text Detection
* new Fractal Series Expansion based enhancement model for license plate recognition, A
* New Gradient Based Character Segmentation Method for Video Text Recognition, A
* New Gradient-Spatial-Structural Features for video script identification
* new image size reduction model for an efficient visual sensor network, A
* new Iterative-Midpoint-Method for video character gap filling, A
* New Language-Independent Deep CNN for Scene Text Detection and Style Transfer in Social Media Images, A
* new method based on bag of filters for character recognition in scene images by learning, A
* New Method for Character Segmentation from Multi-oriented Video Words, A
* new method for detection and prediction of occluded text in natural scene images, A
* New Method for Handwritten Scene Text Detection in Video, A
* new method for multi-oriented graphics-scene-3D text classification in video, A
* New Method for Word Segmentation from Arbitrarily-Oriented Video Text Lines, A
* new moments based skew estimation technique using pixels in the word for binary document images, A
* new multi-modal approach to bib number/text detection and recognition in Marathon images, A
* new ring radius transform-based thinning method for multi-oriented video characters, A
* New Symmetry Based on Proximity of Wavelet-Moments for Text Frame Classification in Video, A
* New Technique for Multi-Oriented Scene Text Line Detection and Tracking in Video, A
* new unified method for detecting text from marathon runners and sports players in video (PR-D-19-01078R2), A
* New Wavelet and Color Features for Text Detection in Video
* new wavelet-Laplacian method for arbitrarily-oriented character segmentation in video text lines, A
* novel boundary growing approach for accurate skew estimation of binary document images, A
* Novel Edge Features for Text Frame Classification in Video
* novel mutual nearest neighbor based symmetry for text frame classification in video, A
* novel ring radius transform for video character reconstruction, A
* Novel Skew Detection Technique for Binary Document Images Based on Character Centroid And Lra, A
* Novel Topic-Level Random Walk Framework for Scene Image Co-segmentation, A
* Oil palm tree counting in drone images
* Piece-wise linearity based method for text frame classification in video
* quad tree based method for blurred and non-blurred video text frames classification through quality metrics, A
* Recognition of Video Text through Temporal Integration
* Recognizing Text with Perspective Distortion in Natural Scenes
* Riesz Fractional Based Model for Enhancing License Plate Detection and Recognition
* Robust Scene Text Detection for Multi-script Languages Using Deep Learning
* Robust Wavelet Transform Based Technique for Video Text Detection, A
* Rough-fuzzy based scene categorization for text detection and recognition in video
* SANet-SI: A new Self-Attention-Network for Script Identification in scene images
* Scene Character Detection and Recognition with Cooperative Multiple-Hypothesis Framework
* Scene Character Detection by an Edge-Ray Filter
* Scene Character Reconstruction through Medial Axis
* Semiautomatic Ground Truth Generation for Text Detection and Recognition in Video Images
* SGBANet: Semantic GAN and Balanced Attention Network for Arbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Recognition
* Sliding window based approach for document image mosaicing
* Text detection in natural scenes using Gradient Vector Flow-Guided symmetry
* TWD: A New Deep E2E Model for Text Watermark/Caption and Scene Text Detection in Video
* Video Character Recognition through Hierarchical Classification
* Video Scene Text Frames Categorization for Text Detection and Recognition
* Video Script Identification Based on Text Lines
* Wavelet-gradient-fusion for video text binarization
* Weighted-Gradient Features for Handwritten Line Segmentation
* Word recognition in natural scene and video images using Hidden Markov Model
Includes: Shivakumara, P.[Palaiahnakote] Shivakumara, P.
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Shivalingappa, S. Co Author Listing * Diverse Low Cost High Performance Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Applications, A

Shivani, S.[Shivendra] Co Author Listing * Anti-phishing technique based on dynamic image captcha using multi secret sharing scheme
* DCT Based Approach for Tampered Image Detection and Recovery Using Block Wise Fragile Watermarking Scheme
* Quantization-Based Fragile Watermarking Using Block-Wise Authentication and Pixel-Wise Recovery Scheme for Tampered Image

Shivanna, V.M.[Vinay M.] Co Author Listing * iVS Dataset and ezLabel: A Dataset and a Data Annotation Tool for Deep Learning Based ADAS Applications

Shivappa, S.T. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Information Fusion in Human-Computer Interfaces and Intelligent Environments: A Survey
* Hierarchical audio-visual cue integration framework for activity analysis in intelligent meeting rooms
* Person Tracking with Audio-Visual Cues Using the Iterative Decoding Framework
Includes: Shivappa, S.T. Shivappa, S.T.[Shankar T.]

Shivappriya, S.N. Co Author Listing * Cascade Object Detection and Remote Sensing Object Detection Method Based on Trainable Activation Function

Shivaprasad, A.[Adamane] Co Author Listing * Script Recognition: A Review

Shivaprasad, A.P. Co Author Listing * analytic approach for generation of artificial hand-printed character database from given generative models, An
* Character Recognition: A Review
* Fast Codeword Search Algorithm for Real Time Codebook Generation in Adaptive VQ
* Pattern Adaptive Thinning Algorithm, A

Shivaprasad, B.J. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Brain Tumor Using MR Images: A Brief Survey
* Enhancement of MRI Brain Images Using Notch Filter Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform

Shivaram, G. Co Author Listing * new technique for finding the optical center of cameras, A

Shivashankar, S. Co Author Listing * Wavelet based co-occurrence histogram features for texture classification with an application to script identification in a document image

Shivaswamy, N.[Nikhitha] Co Author Listing * Learning Visual Free Space Detection for Deep-diving Robots

Shivayogimath, S. Co Author Listing * Z-trees: adaptive pyramid-algorithms for image segmentation

Shive, J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Saliency Model Can Choose Colors for Items on Maps, The

Shivers, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * New ECOSTRESS and MODIS Land Surface Temperature Data Reveal Fine-Scale Heat Vulnerability in Cities: A Case Study for Los Angeles County, California

Shivers, S.W.[Sarah W.] Co Author Listing * Using Imaging Spectrometry to Study Changes in Crop Area in California's Central Valley during Drought

Shivhare, E.[Ekta] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer diagnosis from mammographic images using optimized feature selection and neural network architecture

Shivling, V.D. Co Author Listing * Plant leaf imaging technique for agronomy

Shivmurthy, D.[Devashish] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of features for automated transcription of dual-handed sign language alphabets

Shivram, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Modeling Accents in Handwriting, A
* Data Sufficiency for Online Writer Identification: A Comparative Study of Writer-Style Space vs. Feature Space Models
* hierarchical Bayesian approach to online writer identification, A
* IBM_UB_1: A Dual Mode Unconstrained English Handwriting Dataset
* Modeling Writing Styles for Online Writer Identification: A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach
* Online Handwritten Cursive Word Recognition Using Segmentation-Free MRF in Combination with P2DBMN-MQDF
* Segmentation Based Online Word Recognition: A Conditional Random Field Driven Beam Search Strategy
* Structural Learning for Writer Identification in Offline Handwriting
Includes: Shivram, A. Shivram, A.[Arti]
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Shivsharan, N.[Nitin] Co Author Listing * Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Optimization Assisted Deep Learning Model: Outlook on Improved Grey Wolf Algorithm

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