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Setlur, A. Co Author Listing * ReStGAN: A step towards visually guided shopper experience via text-to-image synthesis

Setlur, P. Co Author Listing * Information Theoretic Take on Time Reversal for Nonstationary Channels, An
* Multipath Exploitation in Through-Wall Radar Imaging Via Point Spread Functions
* Multipath Model and Exploitation in Through-the-Wall and Urban Radar Sensing

Setlur, S.[Srirangaraj] Co Author Listing * Automated Whiteboard Lecture Video Summarization by Content Region Detection and Representation
* Challenges in OCR of Devanagari documents
* Chart Mining: A Survey of Methods for Automated Chart Analysis
* Design and Comparison of Segmentation Driven and Recognition Driven Devanagari OCR
* Devanagari OCR using a recognition driven segmentation framework and stochastic language models
* DL Architecture for Indic Scripts
* Domain adaptive representation learning for facial action unit recognition
* Equation Attention Relationship Network (EARN): A Geometric Deep Metric Framework for Learning Similar Math Expression Embedding
* Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition and Spotting Using Sub-gesture Modeling, A
* Generalized framework for summarization of fixed-camera lecture videos by detecting and binarizing handwritten content
* Generating Manifold Samples from a Handwritten Word
* Handwritten Text Separation from Annotated Machine Printed Documents Using Markov Random Fields
* Hear The Flow: Optical Flow-Based Self-Supervised Visual Sound Source Localization
* IBM_UB_1: A Dual Mode Unconstrained English Handwriting Dataset
* ICPR 2020 - Competition on Harvesting Raw Tables from Infographics
* ICPR 2022: Challenge on Harvesting Raw Tables from Infographics (CHART-Infographics)
* Image Enhancement for Degraded Binary Document Images
* Keyword Spotting Framework Using Dynamic Background Model
* Large scale address recognition systems: Truthing, testing, tools, and other evaluation issues
* Learning deep features for online person tracking using non-overlapping cameras: A survey
* Learning Guided Attention Masks for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* lexicon reduction strategy in the context of handwritten medical forms, A
* Markov random field based binarization for hand-held devices captured document images
* Markov Random Field Based Text Identification from Annotated Machine Printed Documents
* Model Based Framework for Table Processing in Degraded Document Images, A
* Moving in the Right Direction: A Regularization for Deep Metric Learning
* Multistage Fusion of Face Matchers
* NAPReg: Nouns As Proxies Regularization for Semantically Aware Cross-Modal Embeddings
* Online Handwritten Cursive Word Recognition Using Segmentation-Free MRF in Combination with P2DBMN-MQDF
* Person Re-identification for Improved Multi-person Multi-camera Tracking by Continuous Entity Association
* Re-identification for Online Person Tracking by Modeling Space-Time Continuum
* Removing Rule-Lines from Binary Handwritten Arabic Document Images Using Directional Local Profile
* Segmentation Based Online Word Recognition: A Conditional Random Field Driven Beam Search Strategy
* Skeleton-based Methods for Speaker Action Classification on Lecture Videos
* Steerable Directional Local Profile Technique for Extraction of Handwritten Arabic Text Lines, A
* TADPool: Target Adaptive Pooling for Set Based Face Recognition
* Text extraction from gray scale historical document images using adaptive local connectivity map
* Text Separation from Mixed Documents Using a Tree-Structured Classifier
* Text-image separation in Devanagari documents
* Tools for enabling digital access to multi-lingual Indic documents
* Truthing, testing and evaluation issues in complex systems
* Using a boosted tree classifier for text segmentation in hand-annotated documents
Includes: Setlur, S.[Srirangaraj] Setlur, S.
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