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Sarma, A.[Arup] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Expressions in a New Database Containing Played and Natural Expressions

Sarma, A.D.[Atish Das] Co Author Listing * Fast Approximate Matching of Videos from Hand-Held Cameras for Robust Background Subtraction
* Modeling of Ionospheric Time Delay Using Anisotropic IDW With Jackknife Technique
Includes: Sarma, A.D.[Atish Das] Sarma, A.D.

Sarma, A.S.V. Co Author Listing * Volume estimation of apple fruits using image processing

Sarma, B.[Bibhash] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Hydrological Sensitivity for Flood Risk Assessment

Sarma, B.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Vocal Tract Constrictions using Zero Frequency Filtering

Sarma, D. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services
* Review of constraints on vision-based gesture recognition for human-computer interaction
Includes: Sarma, D. Sarma, D.[Debajit]

Sarma, K.K. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

Sarma, K.R. Co Author Listing * parallel shrinking algorithm for binary patterns, A

Sarma, K.V. Co Author Listing * Path R-CNN for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Gleason Grading of Histological Images
* temporal deep learning approach for MR perfusion parameter estimation in stroke, A

Sarma, M.[Monalisa] Co Author Listing * Locality sensitive hashing based space partitioning approach for indexing multidimensional feature vectors of fingerprint image data

Sarma, S. Co Author Listing * Secure Transmission in Cooperative Networks with Weak Eavesdroppers

Sarma, S.E. Co Author Listing * Generalized Regular Sampling of Trigonometric Polynomials and Optimal Sensor Arrangement
* Generalizing Laplacian of Gaussian Filters for Vanishing-Point Detection
* How to Discriminate Shapes Using the Shape Vector
* Location-Based Schemes for Mitigating Cyber Threats on Connected and Automated Vehicles: A Survey and Design Framework
* Merging safety and cybersecurity analysis in product design
* PointGrow: Autoregressively Learned Point Cloud Generation with Self-Attention
* Survey of the Connected Vehicle Landscape: Architectures, Enabling Technologies, Applications, and Development Areas, A
* Water quality analysis: A pattern recognition approach
Includes: Sarma, S.E. Sarma, S.E.[Sanjay E.] Sarma, S.E.[S. Eswara]
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Sarma, S.S.[Sayan Sen] Co Author Listing * Optimal Distribution of Traffic in Manhattan Road Networks for Minimizing Routing-Time

Sarma, S.V. Co Author Listing * Novel Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Probability Density Functions, A

Sarma, T.H.[T. Hitendra] Co Author Listing * Speeding-Up the K-Means Clustering Method: A Prototype Based Approach
* Speeding-up the kernel k-means clustering method: A prototype based hybrid approach

Sarma, T.V.C.[T. V. C.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Doppler Profile Using Multiparameter Cost Function Method
* Spectral Feature-Based Classification of Wind Profiler Power Spectra
* Wind Profile Tracking in MST Radar Using Viterbi Data Association
Includes: Sarma, T.V.C.[T. V. C.] Sarma, T.V.C.[T. V. Chandrasekhar] Sarma, T.V.C.

Sarma, Y.V.B. Co Author Listing * Optical Algorithm to Estimate Downwelling Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient in the Red Sea, An

Sarmad, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * RL-GAN-Net: A Reinforcement Learning Agent Controlled GAN Network for Real-Time Point Cloud Shape Completion
* SIT-SR 3D: Self-supervised slice interpolation via transfer learning for 3D volume super-resolution

Sarmadian, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Distortion Robust Relative Radiometric Normalization of Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Images Using Image Features

Sarmadian, F. Co Author Listing * Digital Soil Mapping Using Geomorphometric Analysis and Case-based Fuzzy Logic Approach
* Digital Soil Mapping With Regression Tree Classification Approaches By Rs and Geomorphometry Covariate in The Qazvin Plain, Iran
* Improving the Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon Content in Two Contrasting Climatic Regions by Stacking Machine Learning Models and Rescanning Covariate Space
* Predicting Sugarcane Yields in Khuzestan Using a Large Time-series Of Remote Sensing Imagery Region
Includes: Sarmadian, F. Sarmadian, F.[Fereydoon]

Sarmah, R.[Rosy] Co Author Listing * CNNC: a common nearest neighbour clustering approach for gene expression data

Sarmah, S.[Sauravjyoti] Co Author Listing * grid-density based technique for finding clusters in satellite image, A
* Identifying floods and flood-affected paddy rice fields in Bangladesh based on Sentinel-1 imagery and Google Earth Engine
Includes: Sarmah, S.[Sauravjyoti] Sarmah, S.[Sangeeta]

Sarmento, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Detection of Longhorned Borer Attack and Assessment in Eucalyptus Plantations Using UAV Imagery

Sarmento, D. Co Author Listing * Interleaved Concatenated Coding for Secrecy in the Finite Blocklength Regime

Sarmento, R.M.[Roger M.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of human tissue densities: A new approach to extract features from medical images
Includes: Sarmento, R.M.[Roger M.] Sarmento, R.M.[Róger M.]

Sarmiento, A.[Auxiliadora] Co Author Listing * Automatic Breast Cancer Grading of Histological Images Based on Colour and Texture Descriptors
* Blind Separation of Dependent Sources with a Bounded Component Analysis Deflationary Algorithm
* Improved Segmentation Method for Non-melanoma Skin Lesions Using Active Contour Model, An
* Integration of IOT Sensors to 3d Indoor Models with IndoorGML
Includes: Sarmiento, A.[Auxiliadora] Sarmiento, A.

Sarmiento, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Modal Pyramid Feature Combination for Human Action Recognition

Sarmiento, N.R.[Natalia Revollo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Delineation of Water Bodies in SAR Images with a Novel Stochastic Distance Approach

Sarmiento, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for an Accurate Detection of Anomalies in Hyperspectral Images With a Low Computational Complexity, An
* Computationally Efficient Algorithm for Fusing Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images, A
* Hardware Implementation of the CCSDS 123.0-B-2 Near-Lossless Compression Standard Following an HLS Design Methodology
* Implementation of the Principal Component Analysis onto High-Performance Computer Facilities for Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction: Results and Comparisons
* Line-by-Line Fast Anomaly Detector for Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* New Algorithm for the On-Board Compression of Hyperspectral Images, A
* New Fast Algorithm for Linearly Unmixing Hyperspectral Images, A
* novel FPGA-based architecture for the estimation of the virtual dimensionality in remotely sensed hyperspectral images, A
* Novel Negative Abundance-Oriented Hyperspectral Unmixing Algorithm, A
* Runtime-Scalable and Hardware-Accelerated Approach to On-Board Linear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images, A
* scalable H.264/AVC deblocking filter architecture, A
* Super-resolution with selective filter based on adaptive window and variable macro-block size
* SystemC modelling of lossless compression IP cores for space applications
* Towards the Concurrent Execution of Multiple Hyperspectral Imaging Applications by Means of Computationally Simple Operations
Includes: Sarmiento, R. Sarmiento, R.[Roberto]
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Sarmiento, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based Hyperspectral Image Analysis of the Lower Mississippian (Osagean) Reeds Spring Formation Rocks in Southwestern Missouri

Sarmiento, W.J.[Wilson J.] Co Author Listing * Narrative Approach to Assess Fear of Heights in Virtual Environments

Sarmis, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * 3d head pose estimation from multiple distant views
* Building a Multi-Touch Display Based on Computer Vision Techniques
* Multicamera human detection and tracking supporting natural interaction with large-scale displays
* Multicamera Vision System Supporting the Development of Wide-Area Exertainment Applications, A
* Platform for Monitoring Aspects of Human Presence in Real-Time, A

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