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Rusiecki, A. Co Author Listing * Road traffic predictions across major city intersections using multilayer perceptrons and data from multiple intersections located in various places

Rusina, A.G. Co Author Listing * Using Systems of Parallel and Distributed Data Processing to Build Hydrological Models Based on Remote Sensing Data

Rusinek, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * automated three-dimensional plus time registration framework for dynamic MR renography, An

Rusiniak, M. Co Author Listing * Meta-Sim: Learning to Generate Synthetic Datasets

Rusinkiewicz, S.[Szymon] Co Author Listing * Dense 3D reconstruction from specularity consistency
* Depth from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
* Efficient variants of the ICP algorithm
* Estimating curvatures and their derivatives on triangle meshes
* Geometrically stable sampling for the ICP algorithm
* Improved Sub-pixel Stereo Correspondences through Symmetric Refinement
* Learning Local Descriptors With a CDF-Based Dynamic Soft Margin
* Learning to Detect Features in Texture Images
* Learning to Infer Semantic Parameters for 3D Shape Editing
* Merge2-3D: Combining Multiple Normal Maps with 3D Surfaces
* Multi-view hair capture using orientation fields
* Multiscale shape and detail enhancement from multi-light image collections
* Non-Rigid Range-Scan Alignment Using Thin-Plate Splines
* PlaneMatch: Patch Coplanarity Prediction for Robust RGB-D Reconstruction
* Principles of Appearance Acquisition and Representation
* Self-supervised Neural Articulated Shape and Appearance Models
* Shape Estimation from Shading, Defocus, and Correspondence Using Light-Field Angular Coherence
* Spacetime Stereo: A Unifying Framework for Depth from Triangulation
* Stripe Boundary Codes for Real-Time Structured-Light Range Scanning of Moving Objects
* Suggestive Contours for Conveying Shape
* Technical Perspective: The Intricate Dance of Fabric and Light
* Viewpoint-Coded Structured Light
* Where Do People Draw Lines?
* Wide-Baseline Hair Capture Using Strand-Based Refinement
Includes: Rusinkiewicz, S.[Szymon] Rusinkiewicz, S.
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Rusinkiewicz, S.M.[Szymon M.] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Past Online: Interactive Visualisation of Uncertainty and Phasing

Rusinol, M.[Marcal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Verification of Properly Signed Multi-page Document Images
* Bag-of-Features HMMs for Segmentation-Free Word Spotting in Handwritten Documents
* Boosting the handwritten word spotting experience by including the user in the loop
* Boundary Shape Recognition Using Accumulated Length and Angle Information
* Browsing Heterogeneous Document Collections by a Segmentation-Free Word Spotting Method
* Camera-Based Graphical Symbol Detection
* Candidate fusion: Integrating language modelling into a sequence-to-sequence handwritten word recognition architecture
* comparative study of local detectors and descriptors for mobile document classification, A
* Content and Style Aware Generation of Text-Line Images for Handwriting Recognition
* Convolve, Attend and Spell: An Attention-based Sequence-to-Sequence Model for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Cross-Modal Deep Networks For Document Image Classification
* Document Classification and Page Stream Segmentation for Digital Mailroom Applications
* Dynamic Lexicon Generation for Natural Scene Images
* Efficient segmentation-free keyword spotting in historical document collections
* Embedding Document Structure to Bag-of-Words through Pair-wise Stable Key-Regions
* Fast Kernel Generalized Discriminative Common Vectors for Feature Extraction
* Feature Extraction by Using Dual-Generalized Discriminative Common Vectors
* Field Extraction from Administrative Documents by Incremental Structural Templates
* Ganwriting: Content-conditioned Generation of Styled Handwritten Word Images
* Good News, Everyone! Context Driven Entity-Aware Captioning for News Images
* ICDAR2015 competition on smartphone document capture and OCR (SmartDoc)
* Improving document matching performance by local descriptor filtering
* Integrating Visual and Textual Cues for Query-by-String Word Spotting
* Key-Region Detection for Document Images: Application to Administrative Document Retrieval
* Logo Spotting by a Bag-of-words Approach for Document Categorization
* Multimodal grid features and cell pointers for scene text visual question answering
* Multimodal page classification in administrative document image streams
* Multipage document retrieval by textual and visual representations
* Novel line verification for multiple instance focused retrieval in document collections
* Pay attention to what you read: Non-recurrent handwritten text-Line recognition
* Perceptual Image Retrieval by Adding Color Information to the Shape Context Descriptor
* performance evaluation protocol for symbol spotting systems in terms of recognition and location indices, A
* Real-time Lexicon-free Scene Text Retrieval
* Relational indexing of vectorial primitives for symbol spotting in line-drawing images
* Role of the Users in Handwritten Word Spotting Applications: Query Fusion and Relevance Feedback, The
* Scene Text Visual Question Answering
* Segmentation robust to the vignette effect for machine vision systems
* Self-Supervised Learning of Visual Features through Embedding Images into Text Topic Spaces
* semi-automatic groundtruthing tool for mobile-captured document segmentation, A
* Single Shot Scene Text Retrieval
* study of Bag-of-Visual-Words representations for handwritten keyword spotting, A
* Symbol Spotting in Digital Libraries: Focused Retrieval over Graphic-rich Document Collections
* Towards query-by-speech handwritten keyword spotting
* Unsupervised Adaptation for Synthetic-to-Real Handwritten Word Recognition
* Visual and Textual Deep Feature Fusion for Document Image Classification
* VLCDoC: Vision-Language contrastive pre-training model for cross-Modal document classification
Includes: Rusinol, M.[Marcal] Rusi˝ol, M.[Maršal] Rusinol, M. Rusinol, M.[Maral] Rusi˝ol, M.
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