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Reznakova, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of techniques for signature classification from accelerometer and gyroscope data
* Forgetting of unused classes in missing data environment using automatically generated data: Application to on-line handwritten gesture command recognition
* Incremental Similarity for real-time on-line incremental learning systems
Includes: Reznakova, M.[Marta] Režnáková, M.[Marta]

Reznicek, J. Co Author Listing * Influence Of Raw Image Preprocessing And Other Selected Processes On Accuracy Of Close-range Photogrammetric Systems According To Vdi 2634
* Method for Measuring Lens Distortion by Using Pinhole Lens
* New Low-Cost 3D Scanning Techniques for Cultural Heritage Documentation

Reznichenko, Y.[Yevgeniy] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Adaptive Particle Filter with Multiple Models for Visual Tracking
* Deep Convolutional Particle Filter with Adaptive Correlation Maps for Visual Tracking

Reznik, A.M.[Alexandre M.] Co Author Listing * Static and dynamic attractors of autoassociative neural networks

Reznik, S.[Sergiy] Co Author Listing * Building Facade Interpretation from Image Sequences
* Building facade interpretation from uncalibrated wide-baseline image sequences
* HRSC on Mars Express: Photogrammetric and Cartographic Research
* Implicit Shape Models, Model Selection, and Plane Sweeping for 3D Facade Interpretation
* MCMC Linked With Implicit Shape Models and Plane Sweeping for 3D Building Facade Interpretation in Image Sequences
Includes: Reznik, S.[Sergiy] Reznik, S.

Reznik, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Web Visualization of Environmental Information: Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources When Providing Navigation and Interaction
* Comparison of Monoscopic and Stereoscopic 3D Visualizations: Effect on Spatial Planning in Digital Twins, A
* Constructing the CityGML ADE for the Multi-Source Data Integration of Urban Flooding
* Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture through Geospatial (Big) Data Processing
* Evaluation of User Performance in Interactive and Static 3D Maps
* Machine Learning-Based Processing Proof-of-Concept Pipeline for Semi-Automatic Sentinel-2 Imagery Download, Cloudiness Filtering, Classifications, and Updates of Open Land Use/Land Cover Datasets
* Mapping Soil Properties with Fixed Rank Kriging of Proximally Sensed Soil Data Fused with Sentinel-2 Biophysical Parameter
* Monitoring Of In-field Variability For Site Specific Crop Management Through Open Geospatial Information
* Prediction of Yield Productivity Zones from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2A/B and Their Evaluation Using Farm Machinery Measurements
* User Evaluation of Map-Based Visual Analytic Tools
Includes: Reznik, T. Rezník, T. Rezník, T.[Tomáš] Reznik, T.[Tomas] Rezník, T.[Tomas]
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Reznik, Y.[Yuriy] Co Author Listing * Analysis of video codec buffer and delay under time-varying channel
* Comparison of local feature descriptors for mobile visual search
* Compressed Histogram of Gradients: A Low-Bitrate Descriptor
* Compressing Feature Sets with Digital Search Trees
* Error resilient video coding for systems with delayed feedback
* Hybrid Video Coder Based on Extended Macroblock Sizes, Improved Interpolation, and Flexible Motion Representation, A
* Mobile Visual Search
* Quantization schemes for low bitrate Compressed Histogram of Gradients descriptors
* Special issue on visual search and augmented reality
* User-adaptive mobile video streaming
Includes: Reznik, Y.[Yuriy] Reznik, Y.
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Reznik, Y.A. Co Author Listing * Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Bi-Directional Optical Flows With Dual Regularization
* Improved precision of fixed-point algorithms by means of common factors
* Low-Drift Fixed-Point 8X8 IDCT Approximationwith 8-Bit Transform Factors
* Mobile Visual Search: Architectures, Technologies, and the Emerging MPEG Standard
* Perceptual pre-processing filter for adaptive video on demand content delivery
* User adaptive transcoding for video teleconferencing
* Video coding for streaming media delivery on the internet
Includes: Reznik, Y.A. Reznik, Y.A.[Yuriy A.]
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Reznikov, A.E. Co Author Listing * Methods and Algorithms of Subsurface Holographic Sounding

Reznikova, H.[Helena] Co Author Listing * Disaster Risk Reduction in Agriculture through Geospatial (Big) Data Processing
Includes: Reznikova, H.[Helena] Rezníková, H.[Helena]

Reznikova, I.V.[Irina V.] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Adaptive Switching Median Filter for the Restoration of Impulse Noise Corrupted Images

Reznitskii, M. Co Author Listing * Priors for Stereo Vision under Adverse Weather Conditions

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