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Qureshi, F.[Faisal] Co Author Listing * Editorial introduction to the special issue on 'Image Understanding for Real-World Distributed Video Networks': Computer Vision and Image Understanding Journal

Qureshi, F.Z.[Faisal Z.] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Cost Volume Filtering Using Salient Subvolumes and Robust Occlusion Handling
* Activity aware video collection to minimize resource usage in smart camera nodes
* Automatic video editing for sensor-rich videos
* Constructing image mosaics using focus based depth analysis
* Fast Estimation of Large Displacement Optical Flow Using Dominant Motion Patterns Sub-Volume PatchMatch Filtering
* I Remember Seeing This Video: Image Driven Search in Video Collections
* Index Structure for Fast Range Search in Hamming Space, An
* Integrating Consumer Smart Cameras into Camera Networks: Opportunities and Obstacles
* Intelligent perception and control for space robotics Autonomous Satellite Rendezvous and Docking
* Multi-camera Control through Constraint Satisfaction for Persistent Surveillance
* Multi-tasking smart cameras for intelligent video surveillance systems
* Object-Video Streams for Preserving Privacy in Video Surveillance
* Road Boundary Detection in Challenging Scenarios
* Smart Camera Networks in Virtual Reality
* Stereo Reconstruction of Droplet Flight Trajectories
* Stream Algebra for Computer Vision Pipelines, A
* Surveillance camera scheduling: a virtual vision approach
* Surveillance in Virtual Reality: System Design and Multi-Camera Control
* Topic Models for Image Localization
* Towards Efficient Feedback Control in Streaming Computer Vision Pipelines
* Towards intelligent camera networks: a virtual vision approach
* Virtual Vision Simulator for Camera Networks Research, A
Includes: Qureshi, F.Z.[Faisal Z.] Qureshi, F.Z.
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Qureshi, H.[Haroon] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Coded Aperture Photography

Qureshi, H.S. Co Author Listing * Quantitative quality assessment of stitched panoramic images

Qureshi, I.M.[Ijaz M.] Co Author Listing * modified POCS-based reconstruction method for compressively sampled MR imaging, A
* New image matching technique based on hyper-vectorisation of grey level sliced binary image
* Rotation and gray-scale-invariant texture analysis using radon and differential radon transforms based hidden Markov models
* Unmixing functional magnetic resonance imaging data using matrix factorization
* Visual Aerial Navigation through Adaptive Prediction and Hyper-Space Image Matching
Includes: Qureshi, I.M.[Ijaz M.] Qureshi, I.M.[Ijaz Mansoor] Qureshi, I.M.

Qureshi, M.A.[Muhammad Ali] Co Author Listing * Bibliography of digital image anti-forensics and anti-anti-forensics techniques
* bibliography of pixel-based blind image forgery detection techniques, A
* Towards the design of a consistent image contrast enhancement evaluation measure

Qureshi, R.[Rizwan] Co Author Listing * Clustering based one-to-one hypergraph matching with a large number of feature points
* Hyperspectral document image processing: Applications, challenges and future prospects
* Scope of Video Magnification in Human Pulse Rate Estimation
Includes: Qureshi, R.[Rizwan] Qureshi, R.

Qureshi, R.J.[Rashid Jalal] Co Author Listing * Combining algorithms for automatic detection of optic disc and macula in fundus images
* Graph Based Shapes Representation and Recognition

Qureshi, S.[Salman] Co Author Listing * Automated Built-Up Extraction Index: A New Technique for Mapping Surface Built-Up Areas Using LANDSAT 8 OLI Imagery

Qureshi, S.A.[Shahzad Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Determination of optimal number of projections and parametric sensitivity analysis of operators for parallel-ray transmission tomography using hybrid continuous genetic algorithm
* Hybrid Diversification Operator-Based Evolutionary Approach Towards Tomographic Image Reconstruction
* system for real-time XMR guided cardiovascular intervention, A
Includes: Qureshi, S.A.[Shahzad Ahmad] Qureshi, S.A.

Qureshi, S.S. Co Author Listing * Optimal Polarization Diversity Gain in Dual-Polarized Antennas Using Quaternions

Qureshi, T.[Tabassum] Co Author Listing * implementation and performance evaluation of a space variant OT-MACH filter for a security detection application using FLIR sensor, An

Qureshi, T.A.[Touseef Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for the Local Configuration of Retinal Junctions, A
* Probabilistic Model for the Optimal Configuration of Retinal Junctions Using Theoretically Proven Features, A

Qureshi, W.S.[Waqar Shahid] Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape Recovery from Image Focus Using Rank Transform
* Volumetric 3D Reconstruction and Parametric Shape Modeling from RGB-D Sequences
Includes: Qureshi, W.S.[Waqar Shahid] Qureshi, W.S.[Waqar S.]

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