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Plamondon, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning of Terrain Appearance for Automated Coral Reef Exploration

Plamondon, R.[Rejean] Co Author Listing * email: Plamondon, R.[Rejean]: rejean AT visi polymtl ca
* Automatic Signature Verification and Writer Identification: The State of the Art
* Automatic Signature Verification: The State of the Art
* Characteristics of bi-directional unimanual and bimanual drawing movements: The application of the Delta-Lognormal models and Sigma-Lognormal model
* Comparative Analysis of Regional Correlation, Dynamic Time Warping, and Skeletal Tree Matching for Signature Verification, A
* Comparing Symbolic and Connectionist Algorithms for Correlating the Age of Healthy Children with Sigma-Lognormal Neuromuscular Parameters
* Design of an On-Line Signature Verification System: From Theory to Practice, The
* Development of a Sigma-Lognormal representation for on-line signatures
* Dynamic Signature Verification System Based on One Real Signature
* Extending the kinematic theory of rapid movements with new primitives
* Extraction of Items from Checks
* Extraction of Signatures from Check Background Based on a Filiformity Criterion
* Forgetting of unused classes in missing data environment using automatically generated data: Application to on-line handwritten gesture command recognition
* Fuzzy-Syntactic Approach to Allograph Modeling for Cursive Script Recognition, A
* Generation of Oriental Characters: New Perspectives for Automatic Handwriting Processing, The
* Graphonomics for the e-citizens: e-health, e-society and e-education
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Drawing and Handwriting Processing for User-Centered Systems
* handwriting model for syntactic recognition of cursive script, A
* Handwriting processing and recognition
* Handwritten sentence recognition: from signal to syntax
* Handwritten Signature Verification: New Advancements and Open Issues
* Hausdorff Heuristic for Efficient Computation of Graph Edit Distance, A
* Histogram Classifier for Characterization of Handwritten Signature Dynamic
* Human Identification of Letters in Mixed-Script Handwriting: An Upper Bound on Recognition Rates
* Human or Machine? It Is Not What You Write, But How You Write It
* iDeLog: Iterative Dual Spatial and Kinematic Extraction of Sigma-Lognormal Parameters
* Improving sigma-lognormal parameter extraction
* Integration of Lexical and Syntactic Knowledge in a Handwriting-Recognition System
* interactive system for the automatic generation of huge handwriting databases from a few specimens, An
* interactive trajectory synthesizer to study outlier patterns in handwriting recognition and signature verification, An
* Invited Lecture I: Strokes against Stroke - Stroke For Strides
* Kinematical Analysis of Synthetic Dynamic Signatures Using the Sigma-Lognormal Model
* Learning handwriting with pen-based systems: computational issues
* Lognometer: A New Normalized and Computerized Device for Assessing the Neurodevelopment of Fine Motor Control in Children, The
* Looking for the brain stroke signature
* Machine vs humans in a cursive script reading experiment without linguistic knowledge
* Methodologies for Evaluating Thinning Algorithms for Character Recognition
* Model-Based On-Line Handwritten Digit Recognition
* model-based segmentation framework for computer processing of handwriting, A
* Neuromuscular Studies of Handwriting Generation and Representation
* New Algorithm and System for the Characterization of Handwriting Strokes with Delta-Lognormal Parameters, A
* Normalizing and Restoring On-Line Handwriting
* Off-line Identification with Handwritten Signature Images: Survey and Perspectives
* On-Line and Off-Line Handwriting Recognition: A Comprehensive Survey
* On-Line Recognition of Handprint Schematic Pseudocode for Automatic Fortran Code Generation
* On-Line Recognition of Handprinted Characters: Survey and Beta Tests
* Online character recognition system using string comparison processor
* Pattern Recognition: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications
* Personal digital bodyguards for e-security, e-learning and e-health: A prospective survey
* Perspective Analysis of Handwritten Signature Technology, A
* Preprocessing of Handwritten Signatures from Image Gradient Analysis
* Prototype-Based Methodology for the Statistical Analysis of Local Features in Stereotypical Handwriting Tasks
* Quality Analysis of Dynamic Signature Based on the Sigma-Lognormal Model
* Recent developments in the study of rapid human movements with the kinematic theory: Applications to handwriting and signature synthesis
* Renaissance for Handwriting, A
* Robust score normalization for DTW-based on-line signature verification
* Segmentation and Feature Extraction of Handwritten Signature Patterns
* Segmentation and Reconstruction of Online Handwritten Scripts
* Segmentation of Cursive Handwriting: An Approach Based on Off-Line Recovery of the Motor-Temporal Information, The
* Segmentation of Handwritten Signature Images Using the Statistics of Directional Data
* Segmenting Handwritten Signatures at Their Perceptually Important Points
* sigma-lognormal model for character level CAPTCHA generation, A
* Sigma-Lognormal Model for Handwritten Text CAPTCHA Generation, A
* sigma-lognormal model-based approach to generating large synthetic online handwriting sample databases, A
* Signature Verification Based on the Kinematic Theory of Rapid Human Movements
* Signature Verification from Position, Velocity and Acceleration Signals: A Comparative Study
* Special Issue on Automatic Signature Verification
* Special Issue: Handwriting Processing and Applications
* Stability of Dynamic Signatures: From the Representation to the Generation Domain
* Strokes against stroke: strokes for strides
* Synthetic on-line signature generation. Part I: Methodology and algorithms
* Synthetic on-line signature generation. Part II: Experimental validation
* Towards an automatic on-line signature verifier using only one reference per signer
* Training Hidden Markov Models with Multiple Observations: A Combinatorial Method
* UNIPEN project of on-line data exchange and recognizer benchmarks
* Validation of Preprocessing Algorithms: A Methodology and Its Application to the Design of a Thinning Algorithm for Handwritten Characters
* Why Handwriting Segmentation Can Be Misleading
Includes: Plamondon, R.[Rejean] Plamondon, R.[Réjean] Plamondon, R.
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Plamondon, W. Co Author Listing * comparative study of two velocity profile models for rapid stroke analysis, A

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