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Papp, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Hyperspectral Images and Spectral Signal Classification of People and Vehicles in Areas of Dense Vegetation with Deep Learning
* Train Detection and Tracking in Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) Signals

Papp, D.[David] Co Author Listing * MMKK++ algorithm for clustering heterogeneous images into an unknown number of clusters
Includes: Papp, D.[David] Papp, D.[Dávid]

Papp, T. Co Author Listing * interdependence of spatial and angular resolution in the quality of experience of light field visualization, The

Papp, V. Co Author Listing * Indoor Building Survey Assessment

Papp, Z. Co Author Listing * Traffic control and intelligent vehicle highway systems: a survey

Pappa, A.[Aikaterini] Co Author Listing * Implementation of a Nowcasting Hydrometeorological System for Studying Flash Flood Events: The Case of Mandra, Greece

Pappa, G.[Giouli] Co Author Listing * Preparing Student Mobility Through a VR Application for Cultural Education

Pappa, G.L.[Gisele L.] Co Author Listing * Strategies for combining Twitter users geo-location methods

Pappa, T.[Theodora] Co Author Listing * Centralised versus decentralised signal control of large-scale urban road networks in real time: a simulation study

Pappaccogli, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Analysis of NO2 and O3 Total Columns from DOAS Zenith-Sky Measurements in South Italy

Pappafico, G.F.[Giulio F.] Co Author Listing * Field Data Acquisition Method and Tools for Hazard Evaluation of Earthquake-Induced Landslides with Open Source Mobile GIS, A
* Workflow of Digital Field Mapping and Drone-Aided Survey for the Identification and Characterization of Capable Faults: The Case of a Normal Fault System in the Monte Nerone Area (Northern Apennines, Italy)

Pappalardo, A. Co Author Listing * robust approach for on-line and off-line threat detection based on event tree similarity analysis, A

Pappalardo, F. Co Author Listing * Fractional-order simulation tool for the brainstem vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR)

Pappalardo, G.[Giovanna] Co Author Listing * Digital Rock Mass Analysis for the Evaluation of Rockfall Magnitude at Poorly Accessible Cliffs
* New Framework for Studying Tubes Rearrangement Strategies in Surveillance Video Synopsis, A
* Overview of the New Version 3 NASA Micro-Pulse Lidar Network (MPLNET) Automatic Precipitation Detection Algorithm
* UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Infrared Thermography Applied to Rock Mass Survey for Geomechanical Purposes
* Validation of Ash/Dust Detections from SEVIRI Data Using ACTRIS/EARLINET Ground-Based LIDAR Measurements
Includes: Pappalardo, G.[Giovanna] Pappalardo, G.[Gelsomina]

Pappalardo, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Mechanistic Data-Driven Approach to Synthesize Human Mobility Considering the Spatial, Temporal, and Social Dimensions Together, A
* Modeling Adversarial Behavior Against Mobility Data Privacy

Pappalardo, M. Co Author Listing * Frequency decomposition and compounding of ultrasound medical images with wavelet packets
* Post-Disaster Image Processing for Damage Analysis Using GENESI-DR, WPS and Grid Computing
* Reply to the comments on Frequency Decomposition and Compounding of Ultrasound Medical Images with Wavelet Packets

Pappalardo, S.E.[Salvatore Eugenio] Co Author Listing * Can Commercial Low-Cost Drones and Open-Source GIS Technologies Be Suitable for Semi-Automatic Weed Mapping for Smart Farming? A Case Study in NE Italy
* Climate Justice in the City: Mapping Heat-Related Risk for Climate Change Mitigation of the Urban and Peri-Urban Area of Padua (Italy)
* Mapping and Monitoring Urban Environment through Sentinel-1 SAR Data: A Case Study in the Veneto Region (Italy)
* Whose Urban Green? Mapping and Classifying Public and Private Green Spaces in Padua for Spatial Planning Policies

Pappas, A. Co Author Listing * Legibility of perceptually-tuned grayscale fonts

Pappas, D. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration Via Fast Computing of the Moore-Penrose Inverse Matrix

Pappas, G.[George] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation of rodent brains using deformable models and variational methods

Pappas, G.J.[George J.] Co Author Listing * Active Deformable Part Models Inference

Pappas, M.[Michalis] Co Author Listing * email: Pappas, M.[Michalis]: mpap AT eng auth gr
* Digital Color Restoration of Old Paintings
Includes: Pappas, M.[Michalis] Pappas, M.

Pappas, M.R.[Matthew R.] Co Author Listing * Video Database of Moving Faces and People, A

Pappas, N.[Nikolaos] Co Author Listing * email: Pappas, N.[Nikolaos]: npappas AT idiap ch
* Multilingual visual sentiment concept clustering and analysis

Pappas, O.[Odysseas] Co Author Listing * Curvelet domain image fusion of OCT and fundus imagery using convolution of Meridian distributions
* Sparse Regularization with a Non-Convex Penalty for SAR Imaging and Autofocusing

Pappas, O.A.[Odysseas A.] Co Author Listing * Curvelet fusion of panchromatic and SAR satellite imagery using fractional lower order moments
* River Planform Extraction From High-Resolution SAR Images via Generalized Gamma Distribution Superpixel Classification
* Superpixel-based statistical anomaly detection for sense and avoid

Pappas, T. Co Author Listing * Robust and Efficient Algorithm for Bilevel Document Block Classification, A

Pappas, T.N.[Thrasyvoulos N.] Co Author Listing * 3D surface registration using Z-SIFT
* Adaptive Clustering Algorithm for Image Segmentation, An
* adaptive clustering and chrominance-based merging approach for image segmentation and abstraction, An
* Adaptive image segmentation based on color and texture
* Adaptive perceptual color-texture image segmentation
* Advances in Efficient Resource Allocation for Packet-Based Real-Time Video Transmission
* Channel modeling and its effect on the end-to-end distortion in wireless video communications
* Cutset sampling and reconstruction of images
* Digital Half-Toning: A Model-Based Perspective
* Effective and efficient subjective testing of texture similarity metrics
* efficient rate-distortion optimal shape coding approach utilizing a skeleton-based decomposition, An
* Energy efficient wireless video communications for the digital set-top box
* Hierarchical bilevel image compression based on cutset sampling
* Hierarchical Lossy Bilevel Image Compression Based on Cutset Sampling
* Human Skin Gloss Perception Based on Texture Statistics
* Hybrid light coding for fast and high-accuracy shape acquisition
* hybrid Markov random field model for bilevel cutset reconstruction, A
* Image Analysis: Focus on Texture Similarity
* Image reconstruction from a Manhattan grid via piecewise plane fitting and Gaussian Markov random fields
* Image segmentation by spatially adaptive color and texture features
* Integrated Joint Source-Channel Coding Framework for Video Transmission over Packet Lossy Networks, An
* Joint source coding and transmission power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
* Joint source-channel coding and power adaptation for energy efficient wireless video communications
* Least-Squares Model-Based Halftoning
* Lossy Compression of Bilevel Images Based on Markov Random Fields
* Lossy Cutset Coding of Bilevel Images Based on Markov Random Fields
* Matched-texture coding for structurally lossless compression
* Minimizing Transmission Energy in Wireless Video Communications
* Model-Based Half-Toning of Color Images
* Model-based techniques for digital halftoning
* novel cost-distortion optimization framework for video streaming over differentiated services networks, A
* Optimal sensor selection for video-based target tracking in a wireless sensor network
* Optimal source coding and transmission power management using a min-max expected distortion approach
* Pattern-based k-level cutset reconstruction
* Pattern-Based Reconstruction of K-Level Images From Cutsets
* Perceiving Graphical and Pictorial Information via Hearing and Touch
* Perceptual coding of images for halftone display
* Perceptual Feature Selection for Semantic Image Classification
* Perceptually-tuned multiscale color-texture segmentation
* Printer models and error diffusion
* Rate-distortion Optimal Skeleton-based Shape Coding
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Hybrid Error Control for Real-Time Packetized Video Transmission
* Resource Allocation for Downlink Multiuser Video Transmission Over Wireless Lossy Networks
* Structural similarity metrics for texture analysis and retrieval
* Structural Similarity Quality Metrics in a Coding Context: Exploring the Space of Realistic Distortions
* Structural Texture Similarity for Material Recognition
* Structural texture similarity metric based on intra-class variances
* Structural Texture Similarity Metrics for Image Analysis and Retrieval
* Structural texture similarity metrics for retrieval applications
* Subjective Evaluation of Spatial Resolution and Quantization Noise Tradeoffs
* Subjective Image Quality Tradeoffs Between Spatial Resolution and Quantization Noise
* Supra-threshold Perceptual Image Coding
* VAPOR: Variance-Aware Per-Pixel Optimal Resource Allocation
* Variance-aware distortion estimation for wireless video communications
* Visual Signal Analysis: Focus on Texture Similarity
Includes: Pappas, T.N.[Thrasyvoulos N.] Pappas, T.N.
55 for Pappas, T.N.

Pappas, V.[Vasilis] Co Author Listing * Geoinformation Technologies in Support of Environmental Hazards Monitoring under Climate Change: An Extensive Review

Pappenberger, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Flood Hazard Mapping Combining Hydrodynamic Modeling and Multi Annual Remote Sensing data
* High-Resolution 3-D Flood Information From Radar Imagery for Flood Hazard Management
* On the Use of Global Flood Forecasts and Satellite-Derived Inundation Maps for Flood Monitoring in Data-Sparse Regions
* Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review
Includes: Pappenberger, F.[Florian] Pappenberger, F.

Pappi, I.[Iliana] Co Author Listing * Category Specific Post Popularity Prediction

Pappone, G.[Gerardo] Co Author Listing * Environment Object Detection for Marine Argo Drone by Deep Learning

Pappou, T.[Theodora] Co Author Listing * Estia: Disaster Management Platform for Cultural Heritage Sites

Pappu, C.S.[Chandra S.] Co Author Listing * Chaos Based Frequency Modulation for Joint Monostatic and Bistatic Radar-Communication Systems

Pappu, G.P.[Geetha Pavani] Co Author Listing * Classification of neovascularization on retinal images using extreme learning machine
* deeply supervised maximum response texton based SegNet for simultaneous multi retinal lesion segmentation, A
* EANet: Multiscale autoencoder based edge attention network for fluid segmentation from SD-OCT images

Pappu, R. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Approach to Classifying Gaze Direction, A

Pappua, S.[Suguna] Co Author Listing * New Algorithms for 2D and 3D Point Matching: Pose Estimation and Correspondence

Pappula, S. Co Author Listing * Investigating the Performance of Random Forest and Support Vector Regression for Estimation of Cloud-free Ndvi Using Sentinel-1 Sar Data

Pappusetti, D.[Deepti] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Signal Processing Methods for Attention Assessment in Visual Content Interaction

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