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Page Fortin, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * Class-Incremental Learning of Plant and Disease Detection: Growing Branches with Knowledge Distillation
Includes: Page Fortin, M.[Mathieu] Pagé-Fortin, M.[Mathieu]

Page, A. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning in Cardiac Health Monitoring and Decision Support

Page, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Efficient Extraction of Macromolecular Complexes from Electron Tomograms Based on Reduced Representation Templates
* Region-Based Approach to Digital Image Registration with Subpixel Accuracy, A
Includes: Page, C.[Christopher] Page, C.

Page, C.V. Co Author Listing * Augmented Relaxation Labeling and Dynamic Relaxation Labeling

Page, D.[Don] Co Author Listing * Compiling a geospatial database of existing oil sands industrial features for Alberta Environment

Page, D.L.[David L.] Co Author Listing * Automated Scene-Specific Selection of Feature Detectors for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Camera handoff and placement for automated tracking systems with multiple omnidirectional cameras
* Camera handoff with adaptive resource management for multi-camera multi-object tracking
* Camera Handoff with Adaptive Resource Management for Multi-camera Multi-target Surveillance
* Can You See Me Now? Sensor Positioning for Automated and Persistent Surveillance
* Combinational Approach to the Fusion, De-noising and Enhancement of Dual-Energy X-Ray Luggage Images, A
* Gray-Level Grouping (GLG): An Automatic Method for Optimized Image Contrast Enhancement -- Part I: The Basic Method
* Gray-Level Grouping (GLG): An Automatic Method for Optimized Image Contrast Enhancement -- Part II: The Variations
* Heterogeneous Fusion of Omnidirectional and PTZ Cameras for Multiple Object Tracking
* Learning structurally discriminant features in 3D faces
* Linking Feature Lines on 3D Triangle Meshes with Artificial Potential Fields
* Moving Object Tracked by A Mobile Robot with Real-Time Obstacles Avoidance Capacity, A
* MuFeSaC: Learning When to Use Which Feature Detector
* Normal Vector Voting: Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation on Large, Noisy Meshes
* Objective Image Quality Evaluation for JPEG, JPEG 2000, and Vidware VisionTM
* On handling uncertainty in the fundamental matrix for scene and motion adaptive pose recovery
* Outdoor Scene Image Segmentation Based on Background Recognition and Perceptual Organization
* Perception-based 3D triangle mesh segmentation using fast marching watersheds
* Point fingerprint: A new 3-D object representation scheme
* Robust Crease Detection and Curvature Estimation of Piecewise Smooth Surfaces from Triangle Mesh Approximations Using Normal Voting
* Scene image segmentation based on Perceptual Organization
* Sensor planning for automated and persistent object tracking with multiple cameras
* Sensor planning for PTZ cameras using the probability of camera overload
* Shape analysis algorithm based on information theory
* Shape Measure for Identifying Perceptually Informative Parts of 3D Objects
* Simultaneous mesh simplification and noise smoothing of range images
* Towards understanding what makes 3D objects appear simple or complex
* Triangle mesh-based edge detection and its application to surface segmentation and adaptive surface smoothing
* Triangle mesh-based surface modeling using adaptive smoothing and implicit surface texture integration
* Uncertainty minimization in multi-sensor localization systems using model selection theory
Includes: Page, D.L.[David L.] Page, D.L.
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Page, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * COMET's Education and Training for the Worldwide Meteorological Satellite User Community: Meeting Evolving Needs with Innovative Instruction

Page, G.[Graham] Co Author Listing * AFFDEX 2.0: A Real-Time Facial Expression Analysis Toolkit
* Automatic Detection of Sentimentality from Facial Expressions

Page, G.F.M.[Gerald F. M.] Co Author Listing * Using Hyperspectral Imagery to Detect an Invasive Fungal Pathogen and Symptom Severity in Pinus strobiformis Seedlings of Different Genotypes

Page, G.J. Co Author Listing * Check: A Generic and Specific Industrial Inspection Tool
* Statistical Grey-Level Models for Object Location and Identification

Page, H.M. Co Author Listing * Marine Biodiversity Classification Using Dropout Regularization

Page, I. Co Author Listing * fast algorithm for computing optic flow and its implementation on a Transputer array, A

Page, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Graphical user interfaces for computer vision systems
* Learning to Model and Calibrate Optics Via a Differentiable Wave Optics Simulator
* Pointing systems for addressing objects
Includes: Page, J.[Joseph] Page, J.

Page, K.J.[Kenneth John] Co Author Listing * Water Body Detection and Delineation with Landsat TM Data

Page, M.L.[Michel Le] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multispectral Drought Indices in Central Tunisia
* Irrigation Amounts and Timing Retrieval through Data Assimilation of Surface Soil Moisture into the FAO-56 Approach in the South Mediterranean Region
* Irrigation Timing Retrieval at the Plot Scale Using Surface Soil Moisture Derived from Sentinel Time Series in Europe

Page, M.T.[Michael T.] Co Author Listing * Pilot Study to Estimate Forage Mass from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in a Semi-Arid Rangeland, A

Page, R.[Rae] Co Author Listing * Automatic Evaluation of Wheat Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight Using Dual Mask-RCNN Deep Learning Frameworks in Computer Vision
* Digital Image Noise Estimation Using DWT Coefficients
* Identification of Tyre and Plastic Waste from Combined Copernicus Sentinel-1 and -2 Data
* Live Demonstration: Integrating Event Based Hand Tracking Into TouchFree Interactions
Includes: Page, R.[Rae] Page, R. Page, R.[Robert] Page, R.[Ryan]

Page, S.[Susan] Co Author Listing * First Evidence of Peat Domes in the Congo Basin using LiDAR from a Fixed-Wing Drone

Page, S.E.[Susan E.] Co Author Listing * Tiger Habitat Quality Modelling in Malaysia with Sentinel-2 and InVEST

Page, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Detection of objects composed of several regions by a region-configuration-estimation method
* Grouping with bias for distribution-free mixture model estimation
* Matching two clusters of points extracted from satellite images
Includes: Page, V.[Vincent] Page, V.

Page, W. Co Author Listing * Computational model of cortical neuronal receptive fields for self-motion perception

Pagel, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Motion Adjustment for Extrinsic Calibration of Cameras with Non-overlapping Views
* Robust Monocular Egomotion Estimation Based on an IEKF
* Segment and Fusion-Based Stereo Approach, A

Pagel, M. Co Author Listing * Self-Calibration of the Fixation Movement of a Stereo Camera Head

Pagella, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Global Analysis of the Relationship between Reconstructed Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) and Gross Primary Production (GPP)

Pagello, E. Co Author Listing * Cooperation Issues and Distributed Sensing for Multirobot Systems

Pagendam, D.E.[Daniel Edward] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Field Dependencies for Learning on Categorical Data

Pageot, Y.[Yann] Co Author Listing * Detection of Irrigated and Rainfed Crops in Temperate Areas Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series

Pages Zamora, A. Co Author Listing * Diffusion-Based EM Algorithm for Distributed Estimation in Unreliable Sensor Networks, A
* Order Estimation via Matrix Completion for Multi-Switch Antenna Selection
* Unsupervised Ensemble Classification With Correlated Decision Agents
* Unsupervised ensemble learning for genome sequencing
* Unsupervised online clustering and detection algorithms using crowdsourced data for malaria diagnosis
Includes: Pages Zamora, A. Pages-Zamora, A. Pagès-Zamora, A.[Alba] Pagès-Zamora, A.

Pages, C. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of A Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner For 3d Surveying In Confined Subaquatic Environments
Includes: Pages, C. Pagès, C.

Pages, G.[Gael] Co Author Listing * Invariance Approach to Integrity Monitoring Fault Detectors
* Lie Group Modelling for an EKF-Based Monocular SLAM Algorithm
* Robust Filter-Based Visual Navigation Solution with Miscalibrated Bi-Monocular or Stereo Cameras
* Robust TOA-Based UAS Navigation under Model Mismatch in GNSS-Denied Harsh Environments
Includes: Pages, G.[Gael] Pages, G.[Gaël] Pagès, G.[Gaël]

Pages, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * Camera-Projector System for Robot Positioning by Visual Servoing, A
* Implementation of a robust coded structured light technique for dynamic 3D measurements
* new optimised de_Bruijn coding strategy for structured light patterns, A
* Optimised De Bruijn patterns for one-shot shape acquisition
* Pattern codification strategies in structured light systems
* Survey Addressing the Fundamental Matrix Estimation Problem, A
Includes: Pages, J.[Jordi] Pages, J. Pagès, J.[Jordi] Pagés, J.

Pages, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Combining Citizen Science Data and Satellite Descriptors of Ecosystem Functioning to Monitor the Abundance of a Migratory Bird during the Non-Breeding Season
Includes: Pages, M.[Marc] Pagès, M.[Marc]

Pages, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Transfer Learning for Visual Tasks via Continuous Optimization of Prompts

Pages, O. Co Author Listing * Observer-Based Robust Control of Vehicle Dynamics for Rollover Mitigation in Critical Situations

Pages, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * 3D facial merging for virtual human reconstruction
* Affordable content creation for free-viewpoint video and VR/AR applications
* Automatic system for virtual human reconstruction with 3D mesh multi-texturing and facial enhancement
* Autonomous Tracking For Volumetric Video Sequences
* Deep Normal Estimation for Automatic Shading of Hand-Drawn Characters
* Fast feature matching for detailed point cloud generation
* Learnable Empirical Mode Decomposition based on Mathematical Morphology
Includes: Pages, R.[Rafael] Pagés, R. Pagés, R.[Rafael] Pagès, R.
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Paget, A.C. Co Author Listing * RapidScat Diurnal Cycles Over Land

Paget, M.[Matt] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Human-Induced Effects on Sea/Brackish Water Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Ha Long Bay of Vietnam with Google Earth Engine
* Extending alpha-expansion to a larger set of regularization functions
* Stereo ambiguity index for semi-global matching
Includes: Paget, M.[Matt] Paget, M.[Mathias] Paget, M.

Paget, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic) Target Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery Via Terrain Recognition
* Extracting the Cliques from a Neighborhood System
* Nonparametric Markov Random Field Model Analysis of the MeasTex Test Suite
* Open-ended Texture Classification for Terrain Mapping
* Strong Markov Random Field Model
* Texture Synthesis and Unsupervised Recognition with a Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field Model
* Texture Synthesis via a Noncausal Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field
Includes: Paget, R. Paget, R.[Rupert]
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