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Lipo, C.P.[Carl P.] Co Author Listing * Thermal Imaging Shows Submarine Groundwater Discharge Plumes Associated with Ancient Settlements on Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile)

Lipor, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Clustering quality metrics for subspace clustering

Lipori, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Boosted Tracking in Video
* Face and Facial Feature Localization
* face recognition system dealing with expression variant faces, A
* Precise eye localization through a general-to-specific model definition
* Real-Time Probabilistic Tracking of Faces in Video
Includes: Lipori, G.[Giuseppe] Lipori, G.

Liposcak, Z.[Zdravko] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition from Profiles Using Morphological Operations
* Scale-Space Approach to Face Recognition from Profiles, A

Lipovetsky, S.[Stan] Co Author Listing * PCA and SVD with nonnegative loadings
* Singular value decomposition in additive, multiplicative, and logistic forms

Lipovits, A.[Agnes] Co Author Listing * Lightweight mobile object recognition

Lipowezky, U. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of the regularised dynamic programming stereo
* Grayscale aerial and space image colorization using texture classification
* Groves decipherment from space photos using prototype matching
* Indoor-outdoor detector for mobile phone cameras using gentle boosting
* Selection of the optimal prototype subset for 1-NN classification
Includes: Lipowezky, U. Lipowezky, U.[Uri]

Lipowski, J.K.[Jaroslaw Konrad] Co Author Listing * Multi-layered Framebuffer Condensation: The l-buffer Concept

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