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Kybic, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * 2-D Locally Regularized Tissue Strain Estimation From Radio-Frequency Ultrasound Images: Theoretical Developments and Results on Experimental Data
* ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Automatic detection of bone marrow infiltration by multiple myeloma detection in low-dose CT
* Benchmarking of Image Registration Methods for Differently Stained Histological Slides
* Binary Pattern Dictionary Learning for Gene Expression Representation in Drosophila Imaginal Discs
* Bootstrap optical flow confidence and uncertainty measure
* Bootstrap Resampling for Image Registration Uncertainty Estimation Without Ground Truth
* Characterization of hematologic malignancies based on discrete orthogonal moments
* common formalism for the Integral formulations of the forward EEG problem, A
* Compensation of Unidirectional Geometric Distortion in EPI using Spline Warping
* Consistent and Elastic Registration of Histological Sections Using Vector-Spline Regularization
* Discrete curvature calculation for fast level set segmentation
* Fast Learning from Label Proportions with Small Bags
* Fast parametric elastic image registration
* Fast registration of segmented images by normal sampling
* Generalized Multiple Instance Learning for Cancer Detection in Digital Histopathology
* Geometric Graph Matching Using Monte Carlo Tree Search
* Geometrical graph matching using Monte Carlo tree search
* High-dimensional mutual information estimation for image registration
* Image Processing, Analysis and and Machine Vision: A MATLAB Companion
* Image Registration Accuracy Estimation Without Ground Truth Using Bootstrap
* Integral Formulations for the EEG Problem
* Langerhans Islet Volume Estimation from 3D Optical Projection Tomography
* Multidimensional Elastic Registration of Images Using Splines
* Non-Rigid Graph Registration Using Active Testing Search
* Path Descriptors for Geometric Graph Matching and Registration
* Quantitative Analysis of Microarray Images
* Reconstructing Evolving Tree Structures in Time Lapse Sequences
* Reconstructing Evolving Tree Structures in Time Lapse Sequences by Enforcing Time-Consistency
* Regional image similarity criteria based on the Kozachenko-Leonenko entropy estimator
* Robust non-rigid registration of 2D and 3D graphs
* Spatio-Temporal Nonrigid Registration for Ultrasound Cardiac Motion Estimation
* Supertexton-based segmentation in early Drosophila oogenesis
* Unwarping of unidirectionally distorted EPI images
Includes: Kybic, J.[Jan] Kybic, J.
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