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Khouaja, I. Co Author Listing * Enhancing EEG Surface Resolution by Using a Combination of Kalman Filter and Interpolation Method

Khouakhi, A.[Abdou] Co Author Listing * Detection of Flood Damage in Urban Residential Areas Using Object-Oriented UAV Image Analysis Coupled with Tree-Based Classifiers

Khoualed, S.[Samir] Co Author Listing * augmented representation of activity in video using semantic-context information, An

Khoualed, S.K. Co Author Listing * Pools of AAMs: Towards Automatically Fitting any Face Image
* Semantic Shape Context for the Registration of Multiple Partial 3d Views
* Semantic-Context-Based Augmented Descriptor for Image Feature Matching
Includes: Khoualed, S.K. Khoualed, S.K.[Samir K.]

Khoubrouy, S.A.[Soudeh A.] Co Author Listing * Error assessment of the estimated coefficients obtained in system identification technique
* Microphone Array Processing Strategies for Distant-Based Automatic Speech Recognition
Includes: Khoubrouy, S.A.[Soudeh A.] Khoubrouy, S.A.

Khoubyari, S. Co Author Listing * Font and Function Word Identification in Document Recognition
* Word Image Matching as a Technique for Degraded Text Recognition

Khoudeir, M Co Author Listing * Human activities discrimination with motion approximation in polynomial bases

Khoudeir, M.[Majdi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of movement parameters of 3D textured surfaces using the autocorrelation function
* Evidence theory for high dynamic range reconstruction with linear digital cameras
* Gabor Filter-Based Texture Features to Archaeological Ceramic Materials Characterization
* Grassland Species Characterization for Plant Family Discrimination by Image Processing
* High-speed optical 3D measurement device for quality control of aircraft rivet
* Histogram Characterization of Colored textures Using One-Dimensional Moments and Chromaticity Diagram
* Invariant feature extraction for 3D texture analysis using the autocorrelation function
* Local blur formulation for depth from defocus
* Photometric reconstruction of a dynamic textured surface from just one color image acquisition
* Specularity and shadow detection for the multisource photometric reconstruction of a textured surface
Includes: Khoudeir, M.[Majdi] Khoudeir, M.
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Khoudour, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Objects Localization Using Fuzzy Approach and Hierarchical Belief Propagation: Application at Level Crossings
* Adaptive Model for Object Detection in Noisy and Fast-Varying Environment
* Background subtraction and 3D localization of moving and stationary obstacles at level crossings
* BSCGAN: Deep Background Subtraction with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Deep Learning Approach for Real-Time 3D Human Action Recognition from Skeletal Data, A
* Exploiting deep residual networks for human action recognition from skeletal data
* Full motion detection system with post-processing
* Gaussian Propagation Model Based Dense Optical Flow for Objects Tracking
* Learning to recognise 3D human action from a new skeleton-based representation using deep convolutional neural networks
* Morphological hierarchical segmentation and color spaces
* new fast algorithm using an adaptative structuring element applied to a counting device, A
* People Counting System Based on Dense and Close Stereovision, A
* People Detection and Re-Identification in Complex Environments
* People re-identification by classification of silhouettes based on sparse representation
* People Re-Identification by Means of a Camera Network Using a Graph-Based Approach
* People Reacquisition across Multiple Cameras with Disjoint Views
* Real-Time Pedestrian Counting by Active Linear Cameras
* Skeletal Movement to Color Map: A Novel Representation for 3D Action Recognition with Inception Residual Networks
* Video Sequences Association for People Re-identification across Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras
* Video-Analysis-Based Railway-Road Safety System for Detecting Hazard Situations at Level Crossings, A
Includes: Khoudour, L. Khoudour, L.[Louahdi]
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Khoukhi, L.[Lyes] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Enabled Federated Learning for Enhanced Collaborative Intrusion Detection in Vehicular Edge Computing
* Performance Analysis and Enhancement of WAVE for V2V Non-Safety Applications
* SCRP: Stable CDS-Based Routing Protocol for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Unified Framework of Clustering Approach in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, A
Includes: Khoukhi, L.[Lyes] Khoukhi, L.

Khoulji, S. Co Author Listing * intelligent system solution for improving the distance collaborative work, An

Khoumri, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised deconvolution of satellite images

Khouri Saba, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Deep Zoom tool for advanced interactivity with high-resolution images
Includes: Khouri Saba, P.[Paul] Khouri-Saba, P.[Paul]

Khoury, C.K.[Colin K.] Co Author Listing * Improved Remote Sensing Methods to Detect Northern Wild Rice (Zizania palustris L.)

Khoury, E.[Elie] Co Author Listing * Bi-modal biometric authentication on mobile phones in challenging conditions

Khoury, I.[Ihab] Co Author Listing * Arabic Printed Word Recognition Using Windowed Bernoulli HMMs
* Handwriting word recognition using windowed Bernoulli HMMs
* Window repositioning for printed Arabic recognition
* Windowed Bernoulli Mixture HMMs for Arabic Handwritten Word Recognition

Khoury, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Random Access Light Field Video Compression Utilizing Diagonal Inter-View Prediction, An

Khoury, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Learning Compact Geometric Features

Khoury, R. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Positioning Algorithm for a Self-Referencing Hand-Held 3D Sensor, An

Khoury, S. Co Author Listing * Language Identification of On-Line Documents Using Word Shapes
* UAV-Based LiDAR for High-Throughput Determination of Plant Height and Above-Ground Biomass of the Bioenergy Grass Arundo donax
Includes: Khoury, S. Khoury, S.[Sacha]

Khouyaoui, Y. Co Author Listing * Numerical Simulation of Tsunami Hazards in South Atlantic Coast: Case Of the City of Agadir - Morocco: Preliminary Result

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