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Khadaria, M. Co Author Listing * Real-time, multiple hot-target tracking and multi-spectral fusion

Khaddaj Mallat, N. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Chaotic UWB-MIMO Detect-Avoid Radar for Autonomous UAV Navigation

Khaddour, B.[Bassem] Co Author Listing * Exploiting curvature to compute the medial axis with Constrained Centroidal Voronoi Diagram on discrete data

Khadem, B.[Behrooz] Co Author Listing * self-synchronized chaotic image encryption scheme, A

Khadem, B.S.[Behrouz Saghafi] Co Author Listing * Embedding Visual Words into Concept Space for Action and Scene Recognition

Khadem, R. Co Author Listing * Implementation, calibration and accuracy testing of an image-enhanced endoscopy system

Khadem, S.E.[Siamak Esmaeilzadeh] Co Author Listing * Improving one class support vector machine novelty detection scheme using nonlinear features

Khademi, A.[April] Co Author Listing * Effect of image standardization on FLAIR MRI for brain extraction
* Image Enhancement and Noise Suppression for FLAIR MRIs With White Matter Lesions
* Region, Lesion and Border-Based Multiresolution Analysis of Mammogram Lesions
* Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities and Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge
Includes: Khademi, A.[April] Khademi, A.

Khademi, G. Co Author Listing * multi-objective component-substitution-based pansharpening, A

Khademi, M.[Maryam] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Detection in Egocentric RGB-D Images
* adaptive scheme for compressed video steganography using temporal and spatial features of the video signal, An
* Dynamic Gated Graph Neural Networks for Scene Graph Generation
* Image Caption Generation with Hierarchical Contextual Visual Spatial Attention
* Relative facial action unit detection
* Tree Fusion Method for Semantic Concept Detection in Images
Includes: Khademi, M.[Maryam] Khademi, M.[Morteza] Khademi, M.[Mahmoud] Khademi, M.

Khademi, N.[Navid] Co Author Listing * Short-Range Prediction of the Zone of Moving Vehicles in Arterial Networks

Khademi, S. Co Author Listing * Attention-Aware Age-Agnostic Visual Place Recognition
* Constant Modulus Algorithm for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction in MIMO OFDM/A
* Cross Domain Image Matching in Presence of Outliers
* Sustainable Land Use Evaluation Based On Preservative Approach
Includes: Khademi, S. Khademi, S.[Seyran]

Khader, A.T.[Ahamad Tajudin] Co Author Listing * Person identification using EEG channel selection with hybrid flower pollination algorithm
* Psychophysically Inspired Bayesian Occlusion Model to Recognize Occluded Faces
* Recognizing occluded faces by exploiting psychophysically inspired similarity maps

Khader, D.[Dalia] Co Author Listing * SPN2: Single-sided privacy preserving nearest neighbor and its application to face recognition

Khader, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Entropy-Based Technique for Nonrigid Medical Image Alignment, An
* Multimodality Image Alignment Using Information-Theoretic Approach

Khader, S.S.[Sheeja Shaik] Co Author Listing * Fast adaptive and selective mean filter for the removal of high-density salt and pepper noise

Khadhraoui, T.[Taher] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with Single Training Sample per Subject
* Features Selection Based on Modified PSO Algorithm for 2D Face Recognition

Khadidos, A.[Alaa] Co Author Listing * Active contours based on weighted gradient vector flow and balloon forces for medical image segmentation
* Weighted Level Set Evolution Based on Local Edge Features for Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Khadidos, A.[Alaa] Khadidos, A.

Khadilkar, H. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Communication Protocols and Control Algorithms for NextGen Aircraft Arrivals
* Scalable Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Scheduling Railway Lines, A

Khadilkar, S.P.[Samrat P.] Co Author Listing * Face Identification Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks

Khadim, R. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Location-Based Services for Wireless Sensor Networks

Khadir, M.T.[Med Tarek] Co Author Listing * Localisation of topological features using 3D object representations

Khadka, N.[Nitesh] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of GPM-Era Satellite Precipitation Products on the Southern Slopes of the Central Himalayas Against Rain Gauge Data
* Glacial Lakes in the Nepal Himalaya: Inventory and Decadal Dynamics (1977-2017)

Khadka, P.[Prakash] Co Author Listing * Integrated Participatory and Collaborative Risk Mapping for Enhancing Disaster Resilience

Khadka, R.[Rajiv] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Collaborative Actions to Inform Design of a Remote Interactive Collaboration Framework for Immersive Data Visualizations
* KnobCollector: Custom Device Controller for Dynamic Real-Time Subjective Data Collection in Virtual Reality
* Physically-Based Bimanual Volumetric Selection for Immersive Visualizations

Khadraoui, A.[Abdelnour] Co Author Listing * Curve normalization for shape retrieval

Khadraoui, D. Co Author Listing * Solving new urban freight distribution problems involving modular electric vehicles
* Visual Servoing in Robotics Scheme Using a Camera/Laser-Stripe Sensor

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