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Kadobayashi, R. Co Author Listing * Design and Evaluation of Gesture Interface of an Immersive Walk-through Application for Exploring Cyberspace

Kadoch, D.[Daoud] Co Author Listing * Towards Robust Deep Neural Networks for Affect and Depression Recognition from Speech

Kadoch, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tracking Algorithm for Multi-Target UAV Based on Deep Learning, A
* Space-Air-Ground Integrated Network Development and Applications in High-Speed Railways: A Survey

Kadoglidou, K.[Kalliopi] Co Author Listing * Estimating Rice Agronomic Traits Using Drone-Collected Multispectral Imagery

Kadoi, H.[Hideki] Co Author Listing * Effective Method for Illumination-Invariant Representation of Color Images, An
* Estimation of Multiple Illuminants Based on Specular Highlight Detection
* Illumination-invariant representation for natural color images and its application

Kadonaga, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Methods for Detecting Corner Points from Digital Curves

Kadone, H.[Hideki] Co Author Listing * Wearable Auditory Biofeedback Device for Blind and Sighted Individuals

Kadono, K. Co Author Listing * Context-Constrained Matching of Hierarchical CAD-Based Models for Outdoor Scene Interpretation

Kadono, S.[Shinya] Co Author Listing * Motion compensation method for moving pictures with binary shape
* Picture coding apparatus and decoding apparatus
* Picture encoding apparatus and picture decoding apparatus
* Rationality of Restricted Re-quantization for Efficient MPEG Transcoding
* Template-Based Video Coding with Opacity Representation
* Tree structured hybrid intra prediction
Includes: Kadono, S.[Shinya] Kadono, S.

Kadota, T.T. Co Author Listing * Piecewise Linear Random Paths on a Plane and a Central Limit Theorem
* Probability Distributions of Randomly Moving Objects on a Plane

Kadoury, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Morphology Prediction of Progressive Spinal Deformities From Probabilistic Modeling of Discriminant Manifolds
* 3D Model-based Reconstruction of the Proximal Femur from Low-dose Biplanar X-Ray Images
* Automatic Segmentation of the Spinal Cord and Spinal Canal Coupled With Vertebral Labeling
* Conditional-Based Transformer Network With Learnable Queries for 4D Deformation Forecasting and Tracking
* Deep Spectral-Based Shape Features for Alzheimer's Disease Classification
* Evaluation of MRI to Ultrasound Registration Methods for Brain Shift Correction: The CuRIOUS2018 Challenge
* Face detection in gray scale images using locally linear embeddings
* Finding Faces in Gray Scale Images Using Locally Linear Embeddings
* Image-Guided Tethering Spine Surgery With Outcome Prediction Using Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Networks
* Intra-Arterial Image Guidance With Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry Shape Sensing
* Nonlinear Discriminant Graph Embeddings for Detecting White Matter Lesions in FLAIR MRI
* Personalized X-Ray 3-D Reconstruction of the Scoliotic Spine From Hybrid Statistical and Image-Based Models
* Spine Segmentation in Medical Images Using Manifold Embeddings and Higher-Order MRFs
Includes: Kadoury, S. Kadoury, S.[Samuel]
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Kadowaki, N. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Repeat-Pass ALOS PALSAR Interferometric Baseline Through Direct Least-Square Ellipse Fitting

Kadowaki, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for connected component labeling based on quadtrees

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