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Iyengar, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * Location Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms in Location-Based Services: A Comprehensive Survey

Iyengar, G.[Giri] Co Author Listing * Cascade Image Transform for Speaker Independent Automatic Speech Reading, A
* Distributional Clustering for Efficient Content-based Retrieval of Images and Video
* multi-modal system for the retrieval of semantic video events, A
* Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Content Using Visual, Audio, and Text Cues
* Systolic array architecture for Gabor decomposition
* VideoBook: an experiment in characterization of video
Includes: Iyengar, G.[Giri] Iyengar, G. Iyengar, G.[Giridharan]

Iyengar, P.[Puneeth] Co Author Listing * Toward More Precise Radiotherapy Treatment of Lung Tumors

Iyengar, P.A.[Prasana A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition and Analysis of Human Faces and Facial Expressions: A Survey
* Human Face Detection Using Silhouettes
Includes: Iyengar, P.A.[Prasana A.] Iyengar, P.A.

Iyengar, S Co Author Listing * Toward More Precise Radiotherapy Treatment of Lung Tumors

Iyengar, S.[Sameer] Co Author Listing * Distributed segmentation and classification of human actions using a wearable motion sensor network
* On the Distribution of Photon Counts with Censoring in Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscopy
Includes: Iyengar, S.[Sameer] Iyengar, S.[Satish]

Iyengar, S.S.[S. Sitharama] Co Author Listing * email: Iyengar, S.S.[S. Sitharama]: iyengar AT bit csc lsu edu
* ACSIR: ANOVA Cosine Similarity Image Recommendation in vertical search
* Automatic Correlation and Calibration of Noisy Sensor Readings Using Elite Genetic Algorithms
* Autonomous Intelligent Machines
* Classification of heart rate data using artificial neural network and fuzzy equivalence relation
* Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management
* Distributed Decision Fusion under Unknown Distributions
* Efficient Data Structures for Model-Based 3-D Object Recognition and Localization from Range Images
* Efficient Edge-Detection Algorithm Using Relaxation Labeling Technique, An
* fast expected time algorithm for the 2-D point pattern matching problem, A
* Feature labelling in infrared oceanographic images
* Feature-aligned 4D spatiotemporal image registration
* Image recommendation based on keyword relevance using absorbing Markov chain and image features
* IR_URFS_VF: image recommendation with user relevance feedback session and visual features in vertical image search
* Memory-Based In Situ Learning for Unmanned Vehicles
* Memory-Based Reasoning Approach for Pattern Recognition of Binary Images
* Multimedia Big Data Analytics: A Survey
* New Computational Technique for Complementary Sensor Integration in Detection Localization Systems
* New Data Structure for Efficient Storing of Images, A
* New Generalized Computational Framework for Finding Object Orientation Using Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint, A
* New Probabilistic Relaxation Scheme and Its Application to Edge-Detection, A
* On Computing Mapping of 3D Objects: A Survey
* On Guo and Nixon's Criterion for Feature Subset Selection: Assumptions, Implications, and Alternative Options
* On Precision Bound of Distributed Fault-Tolerant Sensor Fusion Algorithms
* On Terrain Model Acquisition by a Point Robot Amidst Polyhedral Obstacles
* Real-Time Distributed Sensor Fusion for Time Critical Sensor Readings
* Representation of a Region as a Forest of Quad-Trees
* Retraction Method for Learned Navigation in Unknown Terrains for a Circular Robot, A
* Robot Navigation in Unknown Terrain Using Learned Visibility Graphs. Part I: The Disjoint Convex Obstacle Case
* Robust Distributed Computing and Sensing Algorithm
* Shape from Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint
* Space and Time Efficiency of the Forest-of-Quadtrees Representation
* Space and Time Efficient Virtual Quadtrees
* Special Section on Image-Database Systems
* Template Quadtrees for Representing Region and Line Data Present in Binary Images
* TID: A Translation Invariant Data Structure for Storing Images
* Topographic-Based Feature Labeling for Infrared Oceanographic Images
* Virtual Quadtrees
* Wavelet Analysis with Applications to Image Processing
* Wavelet Based Feature Extraction from Oceanographic Images
Includes: Iyengar, S.S.[S. Sitharama] Iyengar, S.S. Iyengar, S.S.[S. Sitarama] Iyengar, S.S.[Sitharama S.]
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