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Hoyer, H. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Pathfinding in Multirobot Systems Including Obstacle Avoidance

Hoyer, J.L.[Jacob L.] Co Author Listing * Optimal Estimation of Sea Surface Temperature from AMSR-E
Includes: Hoyer, J.L.[Jacob L.] H°yer, J.L.[Jacob L.]

Hoyer, K. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous 3D-flow field and compliant wall measurements in an abdominal aortic aneurysm flow using scanning-PTV

Hoyer, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * DAFormer: Improving Network Architectures and Training Strategies for Domain-Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation with Self-Supervised Depth Estimation
* HRDA: Context-Aware High-Resolution Domain-Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Improving Semi-Supervised and Domain-Adaptive Semantic Segmentation with Self-Supervised Depth Estimation
* Short-Term Prediction and Multi-Camera Fusion on Semantic Grids
* Three Ways to Improve Semantic Segmentation with Self-Supervised Depth Estimation
Includes: Hoyer, L.[Lukas] Hoyer, L.

Hoyer, P.O.[Patrik O.] Co Author Listing * Equivalence of Some Common Linear Feature Extraction Techniques for Appearance-Based Object Recognition Tasks
* Image Feature Extraction and Denoising by Sparse Coding
* Image Feature Extraction by Sparse Coding and Independent Component Analysis
* Natural Image Statistics: A Probabilistic Approach to Early Computational Vision
Includes: Hoyer, P.O.[Patrik O.] Hoyer, P.O.[Patrick O.]

Hoyer, S. Co Author Listing * Survey of the Pagoda Timber Roof in Derneburg Castle

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