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Guntel, A. Co Author Listing * Producing and Visualizating 3d Building Geodatabase As a Part of 3d Cadastre Project

Gunter, B.C. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Elevation Change Detection Methods From ICESat Altimetry Over the Greenland Ice Sheet

Gunter, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Are Commercially Implemented Adaptive Cruise Control Systems String Stable?

Gunter, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Creation of classifier ensembles for handwritten word recognition using feature selection algorithms
* Ensembles of classifiers for handwritten word recognition
* Ensembles of Classifiers for Handwritten Word Recognition Specialized on Individual Handwriting Style
* evaluation of ensemble methods in handwritten word recognition based on feature selection, An
* Fast Feature Selection in an HMM-Based Multiple Classifier System for Handwriting Recognition
* Feature selection algorithms for the generation of multiple classifier systems and their application to handwritten word recognition
* HMM-based handwritten word recognition: on the optimization of the number of states, training iterations and Gaussian components
* new combination scheme for HMM-based classifiers and its application to handwriting recognition, A
* Optimization of Weights in a Multiple Classifier Handwritten Word Recognition System Using a Genetic Algorithm
* Optimizing the number of states, training iterations and Gaussians in an HMM-based handwritten word recognizer
* Self-organizing map for clustering in the graph domain
* Validation indices for graph clustering
Includes: Gunter, S.[Simon] Günter, S.[Simon] (Maybe also Guenter, S.)Gunter, S.
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Gunter, S.A.[Stacey A.] Co Author Listing * Dormant Season Vegetation Phenology and Eddy Fluxes in Native Tallgrass Prairies of the U.S. Southern Plains

Gunter, W.[Willem] Co Author Listing * Use of remote sensing to validate electro-optic prediction models

Gunther, A.[Allison] Co Author Listing * Detecting Short-Term Surface Melt on an Arctic Glacier Using UAV Surveys
* Flexible Shape Matching with Finite Element Based LDDMM
Includes: Gunther, A.[Allison] Günther, A.[Andreas] (Maybe also Guenther, A.)

Gunther, B. Co Author Listing * Data Processing for the Space-based DESIS Hyperspectral Sensor
* DESIS - DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer
* Dynamic In Vivo Chest X-ray Dark-Field Imaging in Mice
* New Hyperspectral Sensor Desis On The Multi-payload Platform Muses Installed on the ISS, The
* On the Compatibility of Granulometry with Wavelet Analysis
* On the Continuity of Granulometry
Includes: Gunther, B. Günther, B. (Maybe also Guenther, B.)Günther, B.[Burghardt] (Maybe also Guenther, B.)Günther, B.[Bernd] (Maybe also Guenther, B.)

Gunther, C. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Networks for Audio and Video: Using IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging
* Spatial Uncertainty Model of a Three-View RGB-D Camera System
Includes: Gunther, C. Günther, C.[Christoph] (Maybe also Guenther, C.)

Gunther, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Correspondences of Persistent Feature Points on Near-Isometric Surfaces
* Efficient computation of 3D Morse-Smale complexes and persistent homology using discrete Morse theory
* Improving SWE Estimation by Fusion of Snow Models with Topographic and Remotely Sensed Data
Includes: Gunther, D.[David] Günther, D.[David] (Maybe also Guenther, D.)Günther, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Guenther, D.)

Gunther, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * Style Adaptive Semantic Image Editing with Transformers
Includes: Gunther, E.[Edward] Günther, E.[Edward] (Maybe also Guenther, E.)

Gunther, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Geomorphological and Climatic Drivers of Thermokarst Lake Area Increase Trend (1999-2018) in the Kolyma Lowland Yedoma Region, North-Eastern Siberia
* Sentinel-1 InSAR Measurements of Elevation Changes over Yedoma Uplands on Sobo-Sise Island, Lena Delta
* Sentinel-1 SAR Interferometry for Surface Deformation Monitoring in Low-Land Permafrost Areas
* Training Researchers with the MOVING Platform
Includes: Gunther, F.[Frank] Günther, F.[Frank] (Maybe also Guenther, F.)Günther, F.[Franziska] (Maybe also Guenther, F.)

Gunther, J.[Jake] Co Author Listing * Model-based (passive) heart rate estimation using remote video recording of moving human subjects illuminated by ambient light
* robust motion-estimation algorithm for multiple-target tracking at close proximity based on hexagonal partitioning, A
* Using Physically-Modeled Synthetic Data to Assess Hyperspectral Unmixing Approaches
Includes: Gunther, J.[Jake] Gunther, J.

Gunther, J.H. Co Author Listing * Contravariant Adaptation on the Manifold of Causal, FIR, Invertible Multivariable Matrix Systems
* Contravariant Adaptation on the Manifold of Invertible Matrix Transfer Functions
* Iterative Least Square Approach to Elastic-Lidar Retrievals for Well-Characterized Aerosols, An
* People Matching for Transportation Planning Using Texel Camera Data for Sequential Estimation
* Transform-Based Computation of the Distribution of a Linear Combination of Random Variables Over Arbitrary Finite Fields

Gunther, K.L.[Karen L.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive optics retinal imaging reveals S-cone dystrophy in tritan color-vision deficiency
* Non-cardinal color mechanism strength differs across color planes but not across subjects
* Non-cardinal color perception across the retina: Easy for orange, hard for burgundy and sky blue
* tritan Waldo would be easier to detect in the periphery than a red/green one: evidence from visual search, A

Gunther, K.P.[Kurt P.] Co Author Listing * Global Gap-Free MERIS LAI Time Series (2002-2012)
Includes: Gunther, K.P.[Kurt P.] Günther, K.P.[Kurt P.] (Maybe also Guenther, K.P.)

Gunther, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Diversity and Hard Positive Generation
* Are facial attributes adversarially robust?
* Bi-modal biometric authentication on mobile phones in challenging conditions
* ECLIPSE: Ensembles of Centroids Leveraging Iteratively Processed Spatial Eclipse Clustering
* Evaluating a Convolutional Neural Network on Short-Wave Infra-Red Images
* Facial attributes: Accuracy and adversarial robustness
* Gender Classification by LUT Based Boosting of Overlapping Block Patterns
* Impact of eye detection error on face recognition performance
* Large-Scale Open-Set Classification Protocols for ImageNet
* Model-based furniture recognition for building semantic object maps
* MOON: A Mixed Objective Optimization Network for the Recognition of Facial Attributes
* Open Source Framework for Standardized Comparisons of Face Recognition Algorithms, An
* Overlooked Elephant of Object Detection: Open Set, The
* PARAPH: Presentation Attack Rejection by Analyzing Polarization Hypotheses
* Range comfort zone of electric vehicle users- concept and assessment
* Score calibration in face recognition
* Toward Open-Set Face Recognition
* Towards Robust Deep Neural Networks with BANG
* Variable Step-Size Discrete Dynamic Programming for Vehicle Speed Trajectory Optimization
Includes: Gunther, M.[Manuel] Günther, M.[Manuel] (Maybe also Guenther, M.)Günther, M. (Maybe also Guenther, M.)Gunther, M. Günther, M.[Martin] (Maybe also Guenther, M.)Günther, M.[Marco] (Maybe also Guenther, M.)
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Gunther, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Arc Tree: An Approximation Scheme to Represent Arbitrary Curved Shapes, The
Includes: Gunther, O.[Oliver] Günther, O.[Oliver] (Maybe also Guenther, O.)

Gunther, Q.[Quentin] Co Author Listing * Fast Unsupervised Multi-Scale Characterization of Urban Landscapes Based on Earth Observation Data

Gunther, R.W. Co Author Listing * perspective on needle artifacts in MRI: an electromagnetic model for experimentally separating susceptibility effects, A

Gunther, T. Co Author Listing * Aughanded Virtuality: The hands in the virtual environment
* Smart Prototyping: Improving the Evaluation of Design Concepts Using Virtual Reality
* Structural brain changes in early-onset and late-onset depression: An update of volumetric MRI findings
Includes: Gunther, T. Günther, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Guenther, T.)Günther, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Guenther, T.)

Gunthert, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Change Detection Analysis for Assessing the Vulnerability and Protective Effect of Beach Forests in Case of the Tsunami 2004 in Thailand
* Multitemporale und kantenbasierte Analyseverfahren zur Detektion agrarischer Landnutzungsdynamiken auf Teneriffa
Includes: Gunthert, S.[Sebastian] Günthert, S.[Sebastian] (Maybe also Guenthert, S.)

Gunthner, W.A.[Willibald A.] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Design of Material Handling Systems Using Distributed Virtual Reality Environments
* Pick-by-vision: augmented reality supported order picking
Includes: Gunthner, W.A.[Willibald A.] Günthner, W.A.[Willibald A.] (Maybe also Guenthner, W.A.)

Gunti, N.[Nikhil] Co Author Listing * Knowledge guided learning: Open world egocentric action recognition with zero supervision

Guntner, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Droughts and Floods in the La Plata Basin in Soil Moisture Data and GRACE
* Water Budget Analysis within the Surrounding of Prominent Lakes and Reservoirs from Multi-Sensor Earth Observation Data and Hydrological Models: Case Studies of the Aral Sea and Lake Mead
Includes: Guntner, A.[Andreas] Güntner, A.[Andreas] (Maybe also Guentner, A.)

Guntuku, S.C.[Sharath Chandra] Co Author Listing * Deep Representations to Model User Likes
* Do Personality and Culture Influence Perceived Video Quality and Enjoyment?
* Maximum a Posterior and Perceptually Motivated Reconstruction Algorithm: A Generic Framework
* Perceptually Unimportant Information Reduction and Cosine Similarity-Based Quality Assessment of 3D-Synthesized Images
* Personality Modeling Based Image Recommendation
* Stretching Artifacts Identification for Quality Assessment of 3D-Synthesized Views
* Understanding Deep Representations Learned in Modeling Users Likes
* Who Likes What and, Why? Insights into Modeling Users' Personality Based on Image Likes
Includes: Guntuku, S.C.[Sharath Chandra] Guntuku, S.C.
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Guntur, S.R.[Sitaramanjaneya Reddy] Co Author Listing * End to end system for hazy image classification and reconstruction based on mean channel prior using deep learning network

Gunturi, V.M.V.[Venkata M. V.] Co Author Listing * Discovering non-compliant window co-occurrence patterns
* Spatiotemporal Data Mining: A Computational Perspective

Gunturk, B. Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval using Canonical Cyclic String Representation of Polygons
* Joint photometric registration and optical flow estimation
Includes: Gunturk, B. Gunturk, B.[Bahadir]

Gunturk, B.K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Resolution-enhancement Framework for Transform-coded Video
* Color plane interpolation using alternating projections
* Deconvolution Based Light Field Extraction from a Single Image Capture
* Deep learning-based blind image super-resolution with iterative kernel reconstruction and noise estimation
* Eigenface-based super-resolution for face recognition
* Eigenface-domain super-resolution for face recognition
* Extracting sub-exposure images from a single capture through Fourier-based optical modulation
* Fast Bilateral Filter With Arbitrary Range and Domain Kernels
* High-Resolution Image Reconstruction From Multiple Differently Exposed Images
* Hybrid light field imaging for improved spatial resolution and depth range
* Illumination robust interest point detection
* Image Acquisition Modeling for Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* Iterative Kernel Reconstruction for Deep Learning-Based Blind Image Super-Resolution
* Light field extraction from a conventional camera
* Light field super resolution through controlled micro-shifts of light field sensor
* Multi-frame information fusion for gray-scale and spatial enhancement of images
* Multiframe blocking-artifact reduction for transform-coded video
* Multiframe resolution-enhancement methods for compressed video
* Multiresolution Bilateral Filtering for Image Denoising
* Predicting Path Loss Distributions of a Wireless Communication System for Multiple Base Station Altitudes from Satellite Images
* Reliable interest point detection under large illumination variations
* Space-variant blur kernel estimation and image deblurring through kernel clustering
* Spatial and Angular Resolution Enhancement of Light Fields Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Compressed Video Using Transform-Domain Statistics
Includes: Gunturk, B.K. Gunturk, B.K.[Bahadir K.]
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Gunturk, S. Co Author Listing * VQ-Adaptive Block Transform Coding of Images

Gunturkun, U. Co Author Listing * Bivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition for Cognitive Radar Scene Analysis

Guntzel, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Rate-constrained successive elimination of Hadamard-based SATDs
Includes: Guntzel, J.L.[Jose Luis] Güntzel, J.L.[José Luís] (Maybe also Guentzel, J.L.)

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