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Er, E.G.[Ezgi Gulperi] Co Author Listing * Fantastic Style Channels and Where to Find Them: A Submodular Framework for Discovering Diverse Directions in GANs
* LatentCLR: A Contrastive Learning Approach for Unsupervised Discovery of Interpretable Directions
Includes: Er, E.G.[Ezgi Gulperi] Er, E.G.[Ezgi Gülperi]

Er, G.H.[Gui Hua] Co Author Listing * 2D-to-3D Conversion Based on Motion and Color Mergence
* Depth map generation for 2D-to-3D conversion by limited user inputs and depth propagation
* Fast tracking of semantic video object based on motion prediction and subregion extraction
* Hidden annotation for image retrieval with long-term relevance feedback learning
* Histogram mining based on Markov chain and its application to image categorization
* Inequivalent manifold ranking for content-based image retrieval
* Multi-layer semantic representation learning for image retrieval
* Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction with High Dynamic Range Texture
* Novel Method for Semi-automatic 2D to 3D Video Conversion, A
* Objective quality assessment of depth image based rendering in 3DTV system
* Quality assessment of 3D asymmetric view coding using spatial frequency dominance model
* Similarity-Based Online Feature Selection in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Statistical modeling and many-to-many matching for view-based 3D object retrieval
* Visual words assignment on a graph via minimal mutual information loss
* Weighted Subspace Distance and Its Applications to Object Recognition and Retrieval With Image Sets
Includes: Er, G.H.[Gui Hua] Er, G.H.[Gui-Hua] Er, G.H.
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Er, M.[Melahat] Co Author Listing * Integration of an InSAR and ANN for Sinkhole Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study from Kirikkale-Delice (Turkey)

Er, M.H.[Meng Hwa] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Learning of Gesture Recognition and 3d Hand Pose Estimation with Multi-order Feature Analysis
* Robust Vergence with Concurrent Detection of Occlusion and Specular Highlights
* Robust Vergence with Concurrent Identification of Occlusion and Specular Highlights
Includes: Er, M.H.[Meng Hwa] Er, M.H.

Er, M.J.[Meng Joo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Robust Online Constructive Fuzzy Control of a Complex Surface Vehicle System
* Blind Adaptive Structure-Preserving Imaging Enhancement for Low-Light Condition
* Classification for high-dimension low-sample size data
* Illumination Compensation and Normalization for Robust Face Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform in Logarithm Domain
* Illumination compensation and normalization using logarithm and discrete cosine transform
* Intelligent Trajectory Tracking and Formation Control of Underactuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: A Critical Review
* Large Tanker Motion Model Identification Using Generalized Ellipsoidal Basis Function-Based Fuzzy Neural Networks
* Local Line Derivative Pattern for face recognition
* Multiview Convolutional Neural Networks for Multidocument Extractive Summarization
* New non-negative sparse feature learning approach for content-based image retrieval
* Novel Approach for Vehicle Detection Using an AND-OR-Graph-Based Multiscale Model, A
* novel efficient local illumination compensation method based on DCT in logarithm domain, A
* Novel Extreme Learning Control Framework of Unmanned Surface Vehicles, A
* Novel Face Recognition Approach under Illumination Variations Based on Local Binary Pattern, A
* PCA and LDA in DCT domain
* Receding Horizon Cache and Extreme Learning Machine based Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Er, M.J.[Meng Joo] Er, M.J.
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Er, U.[Uygar] Co Author Listing * Traffic accident risk analysis based on relation of Common Route Models

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