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Dvora, R. Co Author Listing * Facial biometrics for situational awareness systems

Dvorak, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Innovative HMI and Control Concept for Efficient Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

Dvorak, F.[Frantisek] Co Author Listing * Displacements Monitoring over Czechia by IT4S1 System for Automatised Interferometric Measurements Using Sentinel-1 Data
Includes: Dvorak, F.[Frantisek] Dvorák, F.[František]

Dvorak, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Creating a Field-Wide Forage Canopy Model Using UAVs and Photogrammetry Processing
* Langerhans Islet Volume Estimation from 3D Optical Projection Tomography
Includes: Dvorak, J.[Joseph] Dvorák, J.[Jirí]

Dvorak, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * On the fly biometric identification system using hand-geometry
Includes: Dvorak, M.[Michal] Dvorák, M.[Michal]

Dvorak, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Does The Data Resolution/origin Matter? Satellite, Airborne And UAV Imagery To Tackle Plant Invasions
* Fully Automatic 3D Glioma Extraction in Multi-contrast MRI
* Local Structure Prediction with Convolutional Neural Networks for Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Multi-focus thermal image fusion
* Object State Recognition for Automatic AR-Based Maintenance Guidance
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Alien Plant Species Detection and Monitoring
Includes: Dvorak, P.[Petr] Dvorák, P.[Petr] Dvorak, P.[Pavel] Dvorák, P.[Pavel] Dvorak, P. Dvorák, P.

Dvorak, R. Co Author Listing * 3D face recognition utilizing a low-cost depth sensor

Dvorak, V. Co Author Listing * Fast Point-Based 3-D Alignment of Live Cells

Dvorakova, K.[Klara] Co Author Listing * Detection of Soil Erosion Hotspots in the Croplands of a Typical Black Soil Region in Northeast China: Insights from Sentinel-2 Multispectral Remote Sensing
* Sentinel-2 Exposed Soil Composite for Soil Organic Carbon Prediction
* Soil Organic Carbon Mapping from Remote Sensing: The Effect of Crop Residues
* UAV Remote Sensing for Detecting within-Field Spatial Variation of Winter Wheat Growth and Links to Soil Properties and Historical Management Practices. A Case Study on Belgian Loamy Soil

Dvorkind, T.G. Co Author Listing * Robust and Consistent Sampling

Dvorkis, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Laser scanning system and scanning method for reading 1-D and 2-D barcode symbols

Dvornek, N.[Nicha] Co Author Listing * Automatic Inter-Frame Patient Motion Correction for Dynamic Cardiac PET Using Deep Learning
* FedNI: Federated Graph Learning With Network Inpainting for Population-Based Disease Prediction
* Layer Embedding Analysis in Convolutional Neural Networks for Improved Probability Calibration and Classification
* ShelfNet for Fast Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Dvornek, N.[Nicha] Dvornek, N.

Dvornek, N.C. Co Author Listing * Decision explanation and feature importance for invertible networks
* Domain-Agnostic Learning With Anatomy-Consistent Embedding for Cross-Modality Liver Segmentation

Dvornik, N.[Nikita] Co Author Listing * BlitzNet: A Real-Time Deep Network for Scene Understanding
* Diversity With Cooperation: Ensemble Methods for Few-Shot Classification
* Flow Graph to Video Grounding for Weakly-Supervised Multi-step Localization
* Modeling Visual Context Is Key to Augmenting Object Detection Datasets
* On the Importance of Visual Context for Data Augmentation in Scene Understanding
* P3IV: Probabilistic Procedure Planning from Instructional Videos with Weak Supervision
* Selecting Relevant Features from a Multi-domain Representation for Few-shot Classification
Includes: Dvornik, N.[Nikita] Dvornik, N.
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Dvornikov, Y.[Yury] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Gas Emission Crater Geomorphodynamics on Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas (Russia), Based on Repeat Very-High-Resolution Stereopairs
* Gas Emission Craters and Mound-Predecessors in the North of West Siberia, Similarities and Differences
* Microrelief Associated with Gas Emission Craters: Remote-Sensing and Field-Based Study
* Terrestrial CDOM in Lakes of Yamal Peninsula: Connection to Lake and Lake Catchment Properties
* Wildfire Dynamics along a North-Central Siberian Latitudinal Transect Assessed Using Landsat Imagery

Dvorny, E.[Eduard] Co Author Listing * High Resolution Airborne Laser Scanning And Hyperspectral Imaging With A Small UAV Platform
Includes: Dvorny, E.[Eduard] Dvorný, E.[Eduard]

Dvornychenko, V.N. Co Author Listing * Bounds on (Deterministic) Correlation Functions with Applications to Registration
* Mission Parameters Derived from Optical Flow
* Successful design of biometric tests in a constrained environment

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