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Derian, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Comments on Wind Gust Detection and Impact Prediction for Wind Turbines
* Divergence-Free Wavelets and High Order Regularization
* Location Uncertainty Principle: Toward the Definition of Parameter-Free Motion Estimators
* Wavelet-Based Fluid Motion Estimation
* Wavelet-Based Optical Flow Estimation of Instant Surface Currents From Shore-Based and UAV Videos
Includes: Derian, P.[Pierre] Dérian, P.[Pierre] Dérian, P.

Deriche, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * 3D registration using a new implementation of the ICP algorithm based on a comprehensive lookup matrix: Application to medical imaging
* bibliography of pixel-based blind image forgery detection techniques, A
* comprehensive ICP (CICP) algorithm and its application to the multidmoal registration of 3D surfaces of the heart, The
* Distributed Principal Component Analysis Compression for Smart Seismic Acquisition Networks, A
* Efficient Quantization Technique for Wavelet Coefficients of Fingerprint Images, An
* Eigenstructure Approach to Edge Detection, An
* fast Geodesic Active Contour model for medical images segmentation using prior analysis, A
* Feature selection using a mutual information based measure
* Fingerprint Compression Using Wavelet Packet Transform and Pyramid Lattice Vector Quantization
* hybrid approach for salt dome detection in 2D and 3D seismic data, A
* hybrid system for distortion classification and image quality evaluation, A
* Image distortion analysis and classification scheme using a neural approach
* Image-Based and Sensor-Based Approaches to Arabic Sign Language Recognition
* Mammographic Image Segmentation Using a Tissue-mixture Model and Markov Random Fields
* Multiple Events Detection In Seismic Structures Using A Novel U-Net Variant
* Multitone Model-Based Seismic Data Compression, A
* New Approach to Face Localization in the HSV Space Using the Gaussian Model, A
* new scheme for no reference image quality assessment, A
* Novel Fingerprint Image Compression Technique Using The Wavelet Transform And Piecewise Uniform Pyramid Lattice Vector Quantization, A
* novel fingerprint image compression technique using wavelets packets and pyramid lattice vector quantization, A
* Preference-based smart parking system in a university campus
* Recognition of Arabic License Plates using NN
* Scale-Space Properties of the Multiscale Morphological Dilation Erosion
* Self-Supervised Annotation of Seismic Images Using Latent Space Factorization
* Space curve recognition based on the wavelet transform and string-matching techniques
* Statistical Modeling of Image Degradation Based on Quality Metrics
* Subsurface Structure Analysis Using Computational Interpretation and Learning: A Visual Signal Processing Perspective
* Towards the design of a consistent image contrast enhancement evaluation measure
* Trends and Challenges in Mono and Multi Biometrics
* universal Full Reference image Quality Metric based on a neural fusion approach, A
Includes: Deriche, M.[Mohamed] Deriche, M. Deriche, M.[Mohammed]
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Deriche, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic fault tracking across seismic volumes via tracking vectors
* real-time license plate recognition system for Saudi Arabia using LabVIEW, A
Includes: Deriche, M.A.[Mohamed A.] Deriche, M.A.

Deriche, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Deriche, R.[Rachid]: Rachid Deriche AT sophia inria fr
* 2-D Curve Matching Using High Curvature Points: Application to Stereo Vision
* 3D Edge Detection by Separable Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing
* 3D Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering: Application to Scanner Images
* Accurate Corner Detection: An Analytical Study
* Active Unsupervised Texture Segmentation on a Diffusion Based Feature Space
* Apparent Diffusion Coefficients from High Angular Resolution Diffusion Images: Estimation and Applications
* Beltrami flow over implicit manifolds, The
* Binocular Dense Depth Reconstruction Using Isotropy Constraint
* Biologically Motivated and Computationally Tractable Model of Low and Mid-Level Vision Tasks, A
* Brain Connectivity Mapping Using Riemannian Geometry, Control Theory, and PDEs
* Camera Self-Calibration Using the Kruppa Equations and the SVD of the Fundamental Matrix: The Case of Varying Intrinsic Parameters
* Camera Self-Calibration Using the Singular Value Decomposition of the Fundamental Matrix
* Camera Self-Calibration Using the Singular Value Decomposition of the Fundamental Matrix: From Point Correspondences to 3D Measurements
* Colour, texture, and motion in level set based segmentation and tracking
* Computational Approach for Corner and Vertex Detection, A
* Constrained and Unconstrained PDEs for Vector Image Restoration
* Constrained Flows of Matrix-Valued Functions: Application to Diffusion Tensor Regularization
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Methods for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Control Theory and Fast Marching Techniques for Brain Connectivity Mapping
* Coupled Geodesic Active Regions for Image Segmentation: A Level Set Approach
* Crest Lines Extraction in Volume 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Dense Depth Map Reconstruction: A Minimization and Regularization Approach which Preserves Discontinuities
* Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approach
* Depth And Motion Analysis Machine, The
* Design of 2D Recursive Filters Using Singular Value Decomposition Techniques
* Detecting Multiple Moving Targets Using Deformable Contours
* Deterministic and Probabilistic Tractography Based on Complex Fibre Orientation Distributions
* Differential Invariants for Color Images
* Diffusion Maps Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Q-Ball Imaging
* Diffusion Tensor Regularization with Constraints Preservation
* DTI Segmentation by Statistical Surface Evolution
* Effective Technique for Calibrating a Binocular Stereo Through Projective Reconstruction Using Both a Calibration Object and the Environment, An
* efficient method to build early image description, An
* Explainable 3D-CNN for Multiple Sclerosis Patients Stratification
* Extraction of the Zero-Crossings of the Curvature Derivative in Volumetric 3D Medical Images: A Multi-Scale Approach
* Fast Algorithms for Low-Level Vision
* Features extraction using parametric snakes
* framework for constrained multi-scale range image segmentation, A
* Front Propagation and Level-Set Approach for Geodesic Active Stereovision
* Geodesic Active Contours and Level Sets for the Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects
* Geodesic Active Contours for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic active regions and level set methods for motion estimation and tracking
* Geodesic Active Regions and Level Set Methods for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic Active Regions for Motion Estimation and Tracking
* Geodesic Active Regions for Supervised Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic Active Regions for Texture Segmentation
* Geodesic Active Regions: A New Framework to Deal with Frame Partition Problems in Computer Vision
* High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI Segmentation Using Region-Based Statistical Surface Evolution
* Image Coupling, Restoration and Enhancement via PDE's
* Image Sequence Analysis via Partial Differential Equations
* Image Sequence Restoration: A PDE-Based Coupled Method for Image Restoration and Motion Segmentation
* Inferring White Matter Geometry from Diffusion Tensor MRI: Application to Connectivity Mapping
* integrated multiscale approach for terrain referenced underwater navigation, An
* Inverse EEG and MEG Problems: The Adjoint State Approach I: The Continuous Case, The
* level set framework using a new incremental, robust Active Shape Model for object segmentation and tracking, A
* Matching color uncalibrated images using differential invariants
* model based method for characterization and location of curved image features, A
* Multiphase Level Set Based Segmentation Framework with Pose Invariant Shape Priors, A
* Multiregion Level Set Tracking with Transformation Invariant Shape Priors
* New Three Dimensional Boundary Detection, A
* Non-Linear Filtering for Chaincoded Contours
* Nonlinear Operators in Image Restoration
* On Corner and Vertex Detection
* On Determining the Fundamental Matrix: Analysis of Different Methods and Experimental Results
* Optical Flow Estimation While Preserving its Discontinuities: A Variational Approach
* Optimal Edge Detection Using Recursive Filtering
* Orthonormal Vector Sets Regularization with PDE's and Applications
* PDE-Based Level-Set Approach for Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects, A
* Quantitative Comparison of Reconstruction Methods for Intra-Voxel Fiber Recovery From Diffusion MRI
* Reconstruction of 3D Linear Primitives From Multiple Views for Urban Areas Modelisation
* Recovering 3D Motion and Structure from Stereo and 2D Token Tracking Cooperation
* Recovering and Characterizing Image Features Using an Efficient Model Based Approach
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Closing: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursive Filtering and Edge Tracking: Two Primary Tools for 3D Edge Detection
* Recursivity and PDE's in Image Processing
* Region Tracking Through Image Sequences
* Regularization of ortho-normal vector sets using coupled PDE's
* Regularization, Scale-Space, and Edge-Detection Filters
* Regularizing Flows for Constrained Matrix-Valued Images
* Review of Statistical Approaches to Level Set Segmentation: Integrating Color, Texture, Motion and Shape, A
* Robust Recovery of the Epipolar Geometry for an Uncalibrated Stereo Rig
* Robust Technique for Matching Two Uncalibrated Images Through the Recovery of the Unknown Epipolar Geometry, A
* Second Order Multi-Stencil Fast Marching Method With a Non-Constant Local Cost Model, A
* Statistics on Multivariate Normal Distributions: A Geometric Approach and its Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Statistics on the Manifold of Multivariate Normal Distributions: Theory and Application to Diffusion Tensor MRI Processing
* Stereo Matching, Reconstruction and Refinement of 3D Curves Using Deformable Contours
* Structure and Motion from a Sparse Set of Views
* Symmetrical Dense Optical Flow Estimation with Occlusions Detection
* Tensor Processing for Texture and Colour Segmentation
* Toward Segmentation of 3D Probability Density Fields by Surface Evolution: Application to Diffusion MRI
* Tracking Complex Primitives in an Image Sequence
* Tracking Line Segments
* Unifying Boundary and Region-based Information for Geodesic Active Tracking
* Unsupervised Segmentation Incorporating Colour, Texture, and Motion
* use of super-resolution techniques to reduce slice thickness in functional MRI, The
* Using Canny's Criteria to Derive a Recursively Implemented Optimal Edge Detector
* Using Geometric Corners to Build a 2D Mosaic from a Set of Images
* Variational Beltrami flows over manifolds
* variational framework for active and adaptative segmentation of vector valued images, A
* Variational frameworks for DT-MRI estimation, regularization and visualization
* Vector-Valued Image Regularization with PDEs: A Common Framework for Different Applications
Includes: Deriche, R.[Rachid] Deriche, R.
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Derichs, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Aspects of Optimal Viewpoint Selection and Viewpoint Fusion
* Handling Camera Movement Constraints in Reinforcement Learning Based Active Object Recognition
* Integrated Viewpoint Fusion and Viewpoint Selection for Optimal Object Recognition

Dericquebourg, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Generative-Model-Based Data Labeling for Deep Network Regression: Application to Seed Maturity Estimation from UAV Multispectral Images
* Transformer Neural Network for Weed and Crop Classification of High Resolution UAV Images

deRijk, W.G. Co Author Listing * system for digital reconstruction of gypsum dental casts, A

Derimian, Y.[Yevgeny] Co Author Listing * GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere
* Laboratory Experiment for the Statistical Evaluation of Aerosol Retrieval (STEAR) Algorithms, A
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Aerosol Components, Their Optical and Microphysical Properties over North China during Winter Haze in 2012, as Derived from POLDER/PARASOL Satellite Observations

Derin, H. Co Author Listing * 3D adaptive wavelet packet for video compression
* Adaptive feature selection and constrained weak-membrane optimization for boundary detection
* Adaptive Segmentation of Speckled Images Using a Hierarchical Random Field Model
* Bayes Smoothing Algorithms for Segmentation of Binary Images Modeled by Markov Random Fields
* Conditional Event Algebra Techniques for Iterated Image Estimation
* Estimating Components of Univariate Gaussian Mixtures Using Prony's Method
* Modelling and Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images Using Gibbs Random Fields
* Multiresolution Multiresource Progressive Image Transmission
* Parallel Image Segmentation Algorithm Using Relaxation with Varying Neighborhoods and Its Mapping to Array Processors, A
* Segmentation of Textured Images Using Gibbs Random Fields
* Simultaneous Parameter Estimation and Segmentation of Gibbs Random Fields Using Simulated Annealing
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images Using Markov Random Fields
* Video Data Compression for Multimedia Computing Statistically Based and Biologically Inspired Techniques
Includes: Derin, H. Derin, H.[Haluk]
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Derin, Y.[Yagmur] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of GPM-era Global Satellite Precipitation Products over Multiple Complex Terrain Regions
* Modeling Level 2 Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval Error Over Complex Terrain Using a Nonparametric Statistical Technique
* Passive Microwave Rainfall Error Analysis Using High-Resolution X-Band Dual-Polarization Radar Observations in Complex Terrain
Includes: Derin, Y.[Yagmur] Derin, Y.

Deris, A. Co Author Listing * Depth Cameras On UAVS: A First Approach

Deris, M.M.[Mustafa Mat] Co Author Listing * Efficient Multi Join Query Optimization for Relational Database Management System Using Two Phase Artificial Bess Colony Algorithm, An
* SMARViz: Soft Maximal Association Rules Visualization
* Visualization of JPEG Metadata

Deris, S.[Safaai] Co Author Listing * Automated path testing using the negative selection algorithm

Deriso, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Emotion Mirror: A Novel Intervention for Autism Based on Real-Time Expression Recognition

Deriso, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Facial Expression Perception-Production Link Using Real-Time Automated Facial Expression Recognition

Derivaux, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Approach for Ontology Driven Image Interpretation, An
* Supervised image segmentation using watershed transform, fuzzy classification and evolutionary computation
Includes: Derivaux, S.[Sebastien] Derivaux, S.[Sébastien]

Deriviere, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Discrete Dynamical System Framework for Construction of Connections between Critical Regions in Lattice Height Data
Includes: Deriviere, S.[Sara] Derivière, S.[Sara]

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