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Celi, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Constrained Surface Evolutions for Prostate and Bladder Segmentation in CT Images
* Novel Image Based Verification Method for Respiratory Motion Management in Radiation Therapy, A

Celidonio, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * On the Correlation between Transmission Quality-of-Service (QoS) Parameters and Image Quality of Digitally Transmitted Video in Radio Terrestrial Broadcasting

Celik, A.A.[A. Avdo] Co Author Listing * Design and Construction of a PET-Compatible Double-Tuned 1H/31P MR Head Coil

Celik, B.[Bilge] Co Author Listing * Adaptation Strategies for Automated Machine Learning on Evolving Data

Celik, C.[Ceyhun] Co Author Listing * Content based image retrieval with sparse representations and local feature descriptors: A comparative study

Celik, H.[Haydar] Co Author Listing * Gaze2Segment: A Pilot Study for Integrating Eye-Tracking Technology into Medical Image Segmentation
* N-Dimensional Tensor Completion for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry
* On the development of an autonomous and self-adaptable moving object detector
* Online training of object detectors from unlabeled surveillance video
* Towards a Robust Solution to People Counting
* Tracking the Position and Rotational Orientation of a Catheter Using a Transmit Array System
* Unsupervised and simultaneous training of multiple object detectors from unlabeled surveillance video
Includes: Celik, H.[Haydar] Celik, H.[Hasan] Celik, H.
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Celik, K.[Koray] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Mountain Drainage Patterns for GPS-Denied UAS Navigation Augmentation

Celik, M.F. Co Author Listing * Deformation Monitoring Of Retrofitted Short Concrete Columns With Laser Sensor
* Soil Moisture Prediction from Remote Sensing Images Coupled with Climate, Soil Texture and Topography via Deep Learning
Includes: Celik, M.F. Celik, M.F.[Mehmet Furkan]

Celik, M.U.[Mehmet U.] Co Author Listing * Camcorder Capture Robust Low-Complexity Watermarking of MPEG-2 Bit-Streams
* Collusion-Resilient Fingerprinting by Random Pre-Warping
* Collusion-resillent fingerprinting using random pre-warping
* Digital watermarking of low bit-rate advanced simple profile MPEG-4 compressed video
* Gray-level-embedded lossless image compression
* Hierarchical Image Authentication Watermark with Improved Localization and Security, A
* Hierarchical watermarking for secure image authentication with localization
* Lossless Generalized-LSB Data Embedding
* Lossless Watermarking for Image Authentication: A New Framework and an Implementation
* Probabilistic Mathematical Formula Recognition Using a 2D Context-Free Graph Grammar
* Reversible data hiding
* Secure Watermark Embedding Through Partial Encryption
* Semifragile Hierarchical Watermarking in a Set Theoretic Framework
Includes: Celik, M.U.[Mehmet U.] Celik, M.U. Celik, M.U.[Mehmet Utku]
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Celik, N. Co Author Listing * Geo-tagged Image Retrieval From Mapillary Street Images for A Target Building
Includes: Celik, N. Çelik, N.

Celik, O.T. Co Author Listing * 3D Applications in Disaster Mitigation and Management: Core Results of Ditac Project

Celik, R.N. Co Author Listing * Design of a Serverless OGC WPS Based Geoprocessing Service Solution
* Serverless Geospatial Data Processing Workflow System Design
Includes: Celik, R.N. Çelik, R.N. Çelik, R.N.[Rahmi Nurhan]

Celik, T.[Turgay] Co Author Listing * Adaptive colour constancy algorithm using discrete wavelet transform
* Automatic fire pixel detection using image processing: a comparative analysis of rule-based and machine learning-based methods
* Automatic Image Equalization and Contrast Enhancement Using Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Automatic Relative Radiometric Normalization of Bi-Temporal Satellite Images Using a Coarse-to-Fine Pseudo-Invariant Features Selection and Fuzzy Integral Fusion Strategies
* Bayesian change detection based on spatial sampling and Gaussian mixture model
* Bayesian texture classification and retrieval based on multiscale feature vector
* Benchmarking of wildland fire colour segmentation algorithms
* Comments on A Robust Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering Algorithm
* Contextual and Variational Contrast Enhancement
* Distortion Robust Relative Radiometric Normalization of Multitemporal and Multisensor Remote Sensing Images Using Image Features
* Enhanced Facial Feature Extraction Using Region-Based Super-Resolution Aided Video Sequences
* Facial action unit intensity estimation using rotation invariant features and regression analysis
* Facial feature extraction using complex dual-tree wavelet transform
* Fire detection using statistical color model in video sequences
* Grey-wavelet: Unifying grey-world and grey-edge colour constancy algorithms
* Image Change Detection Using Gaussian Mixture Model and Genetic Algorithm
* Multiscale texture classification using dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Multispectral Satellite Image Denoising via Adaptive Cuckoo Search-Based Wiener Filter
* Multitemporal Image Change Detection Using Undecimated Discrete Wavelet Transform and Active Contours
* Novel Radiometric Control Set Sample Selection Strategy for Relative Radiometric Normalization of Multitemporal Satellite Images, A
* Pairwise-Distance-Analysis-Driven Dimensionality Reduction Model with Double Mappings for Hyperspectral Image Visualization
* Sparse representation-based hyperspectral image classification
* Spatial Entropy-Based Global and Local Image Contrast Enhancement
* Spatial Mutual Information and PageRank-Based Contrast Enhancement and Quality-Aware Relative Contrast Measure
* Spatio-temporal video contrast enhancement
* Two-dimensional histogram equalization and contrast enhancement
* Unsupervised Change Detection for Satellite Images Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
* Unsupervised colour image segmentation using dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Why is this an anomaly? Explaining anomalies using sequential explanations
* Wits Intelligent Teaching System: Detecting student engagement during lectures using convolutional neural networks, The
Includes: Celik, T.[Turgay] Celik, T.
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Celik, U.[Umit] Co Author Listing * Classification of Manifold Learning Based Flight Fingerprints of UAVs in Air Traffic
Includes: Celik, U.[Umit] Çelik, Ü.[Ümit]

Celik, V.[Vedat] Co Author Listing * Chaotic dynamics of the fractional order nonlinear system with time delay
* new S-box construction method based on the fractional-order chaotic Chen system, A
Includes: Celik, V.[Vedat] Çelik, V.[Vedat]

Celik, Y.[Yusuf] Co Author Listing * Automated invasive ductal carcinoma detection based using deep transfer learning with whole-slide images
* Image processing based traffic sign detection and recognition with fuzzy integral
Includes: Celik, Y.[Yusuf] Çelik, Y.

Celikcan, U.[Ufuk] Co Author Listing * Attention-Aware Disparity Control in interactive environments
* Image reproduction with compensation of luminance adaptation
* Synthetic18K: Learning Better Representations for Person Re-ID and Attribute Recognition from 1.4 Million Synthetic Images
* Using synthetic data for person tracking under adverse weather conditions

Celiker, F.[Fatih] Co Author Listing * Accelerating color space transformations using numerical approximations
* Comments on On approximating Euclidean metrics by weighted t-cost distances in arbitrary dimension
* Cost-effective implementation of order-statistics-based vector filters using minimax approximations
* Fast colour space transformations using minimax approximations
* On Euclidean norm approximations

Celikkale, B.[Bora] Co Author Listing * Generating visual story graphs with application to photo album summarization
* Predicting memorability of images using attention-driven spatial pooling and image semantics
* Visual Attention-Driven Spatial Pooling for Image Memorability

Celikkanat, A.[Abdulkadir] Co Author Listing * Topic-aware latent models for representation learning on networks
Includes: Celikkanat, A.[Abdulkadir] Çelikkanat, A.[Abdulkadir]

Celikoglu, H.B.[Hilmi Berk] Co Author Listing * Combined Control of Freeway Traffic Involving Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Controlled and Human Driven Vehicles Using Feedback Control Through SUMO
* Dynamic Classification of Traffic Flow Patterns Simulated by a Switching Multimode Discrete Cell Transmission Model
* Dynamic Network Loading Model for Traffic Dynamics Modeling, A
* Electric Vehicle Location Routing Problem With Vehicle Motion Dynamics-Based Energy Consumption and Recovery
* Electric Vehicle Routing Problem With Intermediate Nodes for Shuttle Fleets, An
* Environment-Friendly School Bus Routing Problem With Heterogeneous Fleet: A Large-Scale Real Case
* Flow-Based Freeway Travel-Time Estimation: A Comparative Evaluation Within Dynamic Path Loading
* Node-Based Modeling Approach for the Continuous Dynamic Network Loading Problem, A
Includes: Celikoglu, H.B.[Hilmi Berk] Celikoglu, H.B.
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Celiktutan, O.[Oya] Co Author Listing * Audio-Driven Robot Upper-Body Motion Synthesis
* Automatic Prediction of Impressions in Time and across Varying Context: Personality, Attractiveness and Likeability
* Comparative Study of Face Landmarking Techniques, A
* Continuous prediction of perceived traits and social dimensions in space and time
* Evaluation of video activity localizations integrating quality and quantity measurements
* Fast Exact Hyper-graph Matching with Dynamic Programming for Spatio-temporal Data
* GROWL: Group Detection With Link Prediction
* IB-DRR: Incremental Learning with Information-Back Discrete Representation Replay
* Inferring Human Knowledgeability from Eye Gaze in Mobile Learning Environments
* Let me tell you about your personality! -- Real-time personality prediction from nonverbal behavioural cues
* Multi-attribute robust facial feature localization
* Multimodal Human-Human-Robot Interactions (MHHRI) Dataset for Studying Personality and Engagement
* Neural Weight Search for Scalable Task Incremental Learning
Includes: Celiktutan, O.[Oya] Çeliktutan, O.[Oya] Celiktutan, O.
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Celikyilmaz, A. Co Author Listing * Quality and Relevance Metrics for Selection of Multimodal Pretraining Data
* Reinforced Cross-Modal Matching and Self-Supervised Imitation Learning for Vision-Language Navigation
* Validation criteria for enhanced fuzzy clustering
* Vision-Language Navigation Policy Learning and Adaptation
Includes: Celikyilmaz, A. Celikyilmaz, A.[Asli]

Celino, I.[Irene] Co Author Listing * Extracting Urban Land Use from Linked Open Geospatial Data
* Human Computation VGI Provenance: Semantic Web-Based Representation and Publishing
Includes: Celino, I.[Irene] Celino, I.

Celis d'Amicoa, F. Co Author Listing * University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid, Spain), as a Dynamic Example and Laboratory of the Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage, The

Celis, F. Co Author Listing * Documental Studio And 3D Recreation of the San Ildefonso's School Facade, Alcala De Henares
* Tomb of Ipi: 3D Documentation in A Middle Kingdom Theban Necropolis (Egypt, 2000 Bce), The

Celis, J.A.[Jorge A.] Co Author Listing * From Standard Weather Stations to Virtual Micro-Meteorological Towers in Ungauged Sites: Modeling Tool for Surface Energy Fluxes, Evapotranspiration, Soil Temperature, and Soil Moisture Estimations

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