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Byun, B.[Byungki] Co Author Listing * Explicit Performance Metric Optimization for Fusion-Based Video Retrieval

Byun, B.K.[Byung Ki] Co Author Listing * experimental study on discriminative concept classifier combination for TRECVID high-level feature extraction, An
* incremental learning framework combining sample confidence and discrimination with an application to automatic image annotation, An
Includes: Byun, B.K.[Byung Ki] Byun, B.K.[Byung-Ki]

Byun, H. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Web Images for Video Highlight Detection With Triplet Deep Ranking
* Learning Texture Invariant Representation for Domain Adaptation of Semantic Segmentation

Byun, H.R.[Hye Ran] Co Author Listing * Accurate Foreground Extraction Using Graph Cut with Trimap Estimation
* Adaptive Color Curve Models for Image Matting
* Automatic generation of structured hyperdocuments from document images
* Blending video with synthetic images created from matched viewing environments
* Coarse-to-Fine Particle Filter by Implicit Motion Estimation for 3D Head Tracking on Mobile Devices
* collaborative face recognition framework on a social network platform, A
* Combination of Generative and Discriminative Approaches to Object Detection, A
* Combining SVM Classifiers for Multiclass Problem: Its Application to Face Recognition
* Contrastive Attention Maps for Self-supervised Co-localization
* Curve fitting algorithm using iterative error minimization for sketch beautification
* Discovering overlooked objects: Context-based boosting of object detection in indoor scenes
* Discriminative deep attributes for generalized zero-shot learning
* Domain-Aware Universal Style Transfer
* Dynamic curve color model for image matting
* efficient and accurate hierarchical ICIA fitting method for 3D Morphable Models, An
* Efficient Colorization of Large-Scale Point Cloud Using Multi-pass Z-Ordering
* Efficient Eye Tracking Using POMDP for Robust Human Computer Interaction, An
* Efficient Measurement of Eye Blinking under Various Illumination Conditions for Drowsiness Detection Systems
* Efficient Multiview Stereo by Random-Search and Propagation
* Empirical remarks on output coding methods for face recognition
* Exploiting shape cues for weakly supervised semantic segmentation
* Exploiting Transferable Knowledge for Fairness-aware Image Classification
* Face Alignment Using Segmentation and a Combined AAM in a PTZ Camera
* Face Recognition Using Support Vector Machines with the Feature Set Extracted by Genetic Algorithms
* Fair Contrastive Learning for Facial Attribute Classification
* Fast gradient-based mesh generation method for the stereo image representation
* fast image retrieval system using index lookup table on mobile device, A
* Feature extraction method based on cascade noise elimination for sketch recognition
* Generating panorama image by synthesizing multiple homography
* Human Silhouette Extraction Method Using Region Based Background Subtraction
* Illumination Compensation Algorithm Using Eigenspaces Transformation for Facial Images
* Improved N-division output coding for multiclass learning problems
* In-sample Contrastive Learning and Consistent Attention for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Incremental face recognition for large-scale social network services
* Integrated region-based image retrieval using region's spatial relationships
* Interactive Multi-View Video Adaptation for 3DTV
* Interactive Multi-View Video and View-Dependent Audio Under MPEG-21 DIA (Digital Item Adaptation)
* Learning Action Completeness from Points for Weakly-supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Moving-object segmentation using a foreground history map
* Multi Subspaces Active Appearance Models
* Multi-class Support Vector Machines with Case-Based Combination for Face Recognition
* Multi-resolution 3D morphable models and its matching method
* Multi-View Video and Multi-Channel Audio Broadcasting System
* Multiple Regions and Their Spatial Relationship-Based Image Retrieval
* N-division output coding method applied to face recognition
* Object-Wise Multilayer Background Ordering for Public Area Surveillance
* Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms on the Asian Face Database, KFDB
* Probabilistic neural networks supporting multi-class relevance feedback in region-based image retrieval
* Random Network Ensemble for Face Recognition, A
* Realtime training on mobile devices for face recognition applications
* Recognizing human-human interaction activities using visual and textual information
* Region-based Image Retrieval System Using Efficient Feature Description
* Region-based Image Retrieval Using Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning
* Robust Object Segmentation Using Graph Cut with Object and Background Seed Estimation
* Scene Text Extraction in Complex Images
* Scene text extraction in natural scene images using hierarchical feature combining and verification
* Shape Representation Robust to the Sketching Order Using Distance Map and Direction Histogram
* Space-Time Graph Optimization Approach Based on Maximum Cliques for Action Detection, A
* SVM-based salient region(s) extraction method for image retrieval
* Text Extraction in Digital News Video Using Morphology
* Text region extraction and text segmentation on camera-captured document style images
* unified approach to background adaptation and initialization in public scenes, A
Includes: Byun, H.R.[Hye Ran] Byun, H.R.[Hye-Ran] Byun, H.R.
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Byun, H.W.[Hae Won] Co Author Listing * Multimedia Authoring Tool for Real-Time Facial Animation
* Realistic Facial Modeling and Animation Based on High Resolution Capture

Byun, I.[Ilmu] Co Author Listing * High-Speed Train Positioning Using Deep Kalman Filter With 5G NR Signals

Byun, J.[Junyoung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Warping Network for Transferable Adversarial Attacks
* Adversarial Training with Channel Attention Regularization
* Evaluation and benchmark for biological image segmentation
* Exploiting Doubly Adversarial Examples for Improving Adversarial Robustness
* FBI-Denoiser: Fast Blind Image Denoiser for Poisson-Gaussian Noise
* Fine-Grained Multi-Class Object Counting
* Geometrically Adaptive Dictionary Attack on Face Recognition
* GRIT-VLP: Grouped Mini-batch Sampling for Efficient Vision and Language Pre-training
* Hidden Conditional Adversarial Attacks
* Improving the Transferability of Targeted Adversarial Examples through Object-Based Diverse Input
* Learning Blind Pixelwise Affine Image Denoiser With Single Noisy Images
* Multi-Step Quantization Of A Multi-Scale Network For Crowd Counting
* On the Effectiveness of Small Input Noise for Defending Against Query-based Black-Box Attacks
* Rethinking Training Schedules for Verifiably Robust Networks
* ROI/xROI Based Rate Control Algorithm in H.264/AVC for Video Telephony Applications, An
* Understanding VQA for Negative Answers Through Visual and Linguistic Inference
* Variational Approach to Exploit Prior Information in Object-Background Segregation: Application to Retinal Images, A
* Variational cycle-consistent imputation adversarial networks for general missing patterns
Includes: Byun, J.[Junyoung] Byun, J.[Jiyun] Byun, J.[Jaeseok] Byun, J. Byun, J.[Jaewoan]
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Byun, J.E.[Jong Eun] Co Author Listing * Active Visual Sensing of the 3-D Pose of a Flexible Object
* Determining the 3-D Pose of a Flexible Object by Stereo Matching of Curvature Representations
* Determining the 3-D Pose of a Flexible Object by Stereo Matching of Curvature Representations
Includes: Byun, J.E.[Jong Eun] Byun, J.E.[Jong-Eun] Byun, J.E.

Byun, J.H.[Jung Hyun] Co Author Listing * Axis bound registration of pan-tilt RGB-D scans for fast and accurate reconstruction
Includes: Byun, J.H.[Jung Hyun] Byun, J.H.[Jung-Hyun]

Byun, J.M.[Jeong Moon] Co Author Listing * recursive approach for de-interlacing using improved ELA and motion compensation based on bi-directional BMA, A
Includes: Byun, J.M.[Jeong Moon] Byun, J.M.[Jeong-Moon]

Byun, J.Y.[Jun Young] Co Author Listing * BitNet: Learning-Based Bit-Depth Expansion
* Real-Time Vehicle Detection Using an Effective Region Proposal-Based Depth and 3-Channel Pattern
Includes: Byun, J.Y.[Jun Young] Byun, J.Y.[Jun-Young] Byun, J.Y.

Byun, K.M.[Kyung Min] Co Author Listing * Spanning Tree-Based Human Activity Prediction System Using Life Logs from Depth Silhouette-Based Human Activity Recognition, A

Byun, M.[Min] Co Author Listing * Edi-Based Deinterlacing Using Edge Patterns

Byun, M.S.[Min Soo] Co Author Listing * impact of genetic variation in COMT and BDNF on resting-state functional connectivity, The

Byun, S.[Siwoo] Co Author Listing * Interactive System for Efficient Video Cartooning
* recursive approach for de-interlacing using improved ELA and motion compensation based on bi-directional BMA, A
* Road Traffic Monitoring from UAV Images Using Deep Learning Networks
Includes: Byun, S.[Siwoo] Byun, S.[Seangehan] Byun, S.[Sungwoo]

Byun, S.C.[Sung Cheal] Co Author Listing * Fast full search motion estimation algorithm using various matching scans in video coding
* SVD-Based Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Authentication, A
Includes: Byun, S.C.[Sung Cheal] Byun, S.C.[Sung-Cheal]

Byun, S.Y.[Seok Yong] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised soft-to-hard hashing with contrastive learning
Includes: Byun, S.Y.[Seok Yong] Byun, S.Y.[Seok-Yong]

Byun, T.[Taehyun] Co Author Listing * Conditional motion in-betweening

Byun, Y.G.[Young Gi] Co Author Listing * Image Fusion-Based Change Detection for Flood Extent Extraction Using Bi-Temporal Very High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Parameter Optimization for the Extraction of Matching Points Between High-Resolution Multisensor Images in Urban Areas
Includes: Byun, Y.G.[Young Gi] Byun, Y.G.[Young-Gi]

Byun, Y.H.[Young Hwa] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Regional Simulation of Biospheric CO2 Flux from the Updated Version of CarbonTracker Asia with FLUXCOM and Other Inversions over Asia
* Towards Robust Calculation of Interannual CO2 Growth Signal from TCCON (Total Carbon Column Observing Network)
Includes: Byun, Y.H.[Young Hwa] Byun, Y.H.[Young-Hwa]

Byun, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Approach to Robot Exploration and Map-Learning, A

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