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Boyken, J.D.[Jeffery D.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for generating virtual views of sporting events

Boykin, K.G.[Kenneth G.] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Evaluation of the National Land Cover Database to Support New Mexico's Food-Energy-Water Systems, A
* Geographic Layers as Landscape Drivers for the Marco Polo Argali Habitat in the Southeastern Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan
* Multispectral and Texture Feature Application in Image-Object Analysis of Summer Vegetation in Eastern Tajikistan Pamirs

Boykin, S.[Stanley] Co Author Listing * Machine learning of event segmentation for news on demand

Boykov, Y.Y.[Yuri Y.] Co Author Listing * Active Graph Cuts
* Adaptive and Move Making Auxiliary Cuts for Binary Pairwise Energies
* Adaptive Bayesian Recognition in Tracking Rigid Objects
* Applications of parametric maxflow in computer vision
* Auxiliary Cuts for General Classes of Higher Order Functionals
* Beyond Gradient Descent for Regularized Segmentation Losses
* Capacity Scaling for Graph Cuts in Vision
* Computing geodesics and minimal surfaces via graph cuts
* Confluent Vessel Trees with Accurate Bifurcations
* Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Minimal Partitions with Label Cost Prior, A
* Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Potts Model, A
* Convex Max-Flow Approach to Distribution-Based Figure-Ground Separation, A
* Convexity Shape Prior for Binary Segmentation
* Convexity Shape Prior for Segmentation
* Curvature-based regularization for surface approximation
* Demonstration of Segmentation with Interactive Graph Cuts
* Disparity Component Matching for Visual Correspondence
* Divergence Prior and Vessel-Tree Reconstruction
* Efficient Optimization for Hierarchically-Structured Interacting Segments (HINTS)
* Efficient Segmentation: Learning Downsampling Near Semantic Boundaries
* Efficient Shape Matching Via Graph Cuts
* Efficient Squared Curvature
* Energy Based Multi-model Fitting & Matching for 3D Reconstruction
* Energy-Based Geometric Multi-model Fitting
* Experimental Comparison of Min-Cut/Max-Flow Algorithms for Energy Minimization in Vision, An
* Fast Approximate Energy Minimization via Graph Cuts
* Fast Approximate Energy Minimization with Label Costs
* Fast Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Non-convex Multi-labeling Problems, A
* Fast Fusion Moves for Multi-Model Estimation
* Fast Trust Region for Segmentation
* From Photohulls to Photoflux Optimization
* Global Optimization for Shape Fitting
* Globally optimal segmentation of multi-region objects
* GrabCut in One Cut
* Graph Cuts and Efficient N-D Image Segmentation
* Graph cuts in vision and graphics: Theories and applications
* Guest Editorial: Energy Optimization Methods
* Hausdorff Distance Constraint for Multi-surface Segmentation
* Hedgehog Shape Priors for Multi-Object Segmentation
* Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning: A Survey
* In Defense of 3D-Label Stereo
* Integral Solution to Surface Evolution PDEs Via Geo-cuts, An
* Interactive Graph Cuts for Optimal Boundary and Region Segmentation of Objects in N-D Images
* Interactive Segmentation with Super-Labels
* Intrinsic Mean for Semi-metrical Shape Retrieval Via Graph Cuts
* Joint Optimization of Segmentation and Color Clustering
* K-convexity Shape Priors for Segmentation
* Kernel Clustering: Density Biases and Solutions
* Kernel Cuts: Kernel and Spectral Clustering Meet Regularization
* Local Submodularization for Binary Pairwise Energies
* Markov Random Fields with Efficient Approximations
* Minimizing Energies with Hierarchical Costs
* New Bayesian Framework for Object Recognition, A
* Normalized Cut Loss for Weakly-Supervised CNN Segmentation
* Normalized Cut Meets MRF
* On Regularized Losses for Weakly-supervised CNN Segmentation
* Oriented Visibility for Multiview Reconstruction
* Partial Enumeration and Curvature Regularization
* Pseudo-bound Optimization for Binary Energies
* Recursive MDL via graph cuts: Application to segmentation
* Robust Trust Region for Weakly Supervised Segmentation
* Scalable graph-cut algorithm for N-D grids, A
* Secrets of GrabCut and Kernel K-Means
* Segmentation with Non-linear Regional Constraints via Line-Search Cuts
* Semiautomatic Segmentation with Compact Shape Prior
* Sparse Non-local CRF
* Study on Convex Optimization Approaches to Image Fusion, A
* Submodularization for Binary Pairwise Energies
* Superpixels and Supervoxels in an Energy Optimization Framework
* Thin Structure Estimation with Curvature Regularization
* TV-based Multi-label Image Segmentation with Label Cost Prior
* Variable Neighborhood Approach to Early Vision, A
* Variable Window Approach to Early Vision, A
* Volumetric Bias in Segmentation and Reconstruction: Secrets and Solutions
* What Metrics Can Be Approximated by Geo-Cuts, Or Global Optimization of Length/Area and Flux
Includes: Boykov, Y.Y.[Yuri Y.] Boykov, Y.Y.
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