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Ban, H.[Hideyuki] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary viewpoint three-dimensional imaging method using compressed voxel data constructed by a directed search of voxel data representing an image of an object and an arbitrary viewpoint
* Input and Display of Hand Drawn Pattern Onto Planar Board of Arbitrary Position and Pose Utilizing a Projector and Two Cameras
Includes: Ban, H.[Hideyuki] Ban, H.[Hitoshi]

Ban, H.J.[Hyun Ju] Co Author Listing * Flood Monitoring Using Satellite-Based RGB Composite Imagery and Refractive Index Retrieval in Visible and Near-Infrared Bands
Includes: Ban, H.J.[Hyun Ju] Ban, H.J.[Hyun-Ju]

Ban, H.Y.[Ho Young] Co Author Listing * Using MODIS Data to Predict Regional Corn Yields
Includes: Ban, H.Y.[Ho Young] Ban, H.Y.[Ho-Young]

Ban, K.[Kaichiro] Co Author Listing * Video transmission for multi-hop networks using IEEE 802.11 FHSS

Ban, S.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Regularization Parameter for Pseudo Affine Projection Algorithm

Ban, S.M. Co Author Listing * Weight-Space Viterbi Decoding Based Spectral Subtraction for Reverberant Speech Recognition

Ban, W. Co Author Listing * GEO-Satellite-Based Reflectometry for Soil Moisture Estimation: Signal Modeling and Algorithm Development
* Snow Depth Estimation Based on Multipath Phase Combination of GPS Triple-Frequency Signals

Ban, X.[Xuan] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Thermal Pollution in Rivers Downstream of Dams with Landsat ETM+ Thermal Infrared Images

Ban, X.G.[Xue Gang] Co Author Listing * Signal Timing Estimation Using Sample Intersection Travel Times
Includes: Ban, X.G.[Xue Gang] Ban, X.G.[Xue-Gang]

Ban, X.J. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Method of Traffic Signal Optimization and Speed Control of Connected Vehicles at Isolated Intersections
* Decay-weighted extreme learning machine for balance and optimization learning
Includes: Ban, X.J. Ban, X.J.[Xiao-Juan]

Ban, Y.[Yifang] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis on Topological Structures of Urban Street Networks
* Exploiting the Complementarity of Audio and Visual Data in Multi-speaker Tracking
* Exploring Interactions Specific to Mixed Reality 3D Modeling Systems
* Face detection based on skin color likelihood
* Fingertip detection based on protuberant saliency from depth image
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Multitemporal RADARSAT-2 SAR Data Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Algebraic Multigrid Method
* Improving Urban Change Detection From Multitemporal SAR Images Using PCA-NLM
* Object-Based Fusion of Multitemporal Multiangle ENVISAT ASAR and HJ-1B Multispectral Data for Urban Land-Cover Mapping
* optimal spatial-temporal smoothness approach for tile-based 360-degree video streaming, An
* Superpixel-Based Segmentation of Polarimetric SAR Images through Two-Stage Merging
* Tracking Multiple Audio Sources With the von Mises Distribution and Variational EM
* Unsupervised Difference Representation Learning for Detecting Multiple Types of Changes in Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images
* WorldView-2 Data for Hierarchical Object-Based Urban Land Cover Classification in Kigali: Integrating Rule-Based Approach with Urban Density and Greenness Indices
Includes: Ban, Y.[Yifang] Ban, Y. Ban, Y.[Yoshihiro] Ban, Y.[Yuseok]
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Ban, Y.F.[Yi Fang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Superpixel Generation for Polarimetric SAR Images With Local Iterative Clustering and SIRV Model
* framework for generalization of city models based on CityGML and X3D, A
* Generalization of 3D building texture using image compression and multiple representation data structure
* Global land cover mapping using Earth observation satellite data: Recent progresses and challenges
* multiple representation data structure for dynamic visualisation of generalised 3D city models, A
* Multitemporal Spaceborn SAR Data For Change Detection In Urban Areas:a Case Study In Shanghai
* Spaceborne SAR data for global urban mapping at 30M resolution using a robust urban extractor
* Unsupervised Polarimetric SAR Urban Area Classification Based on Model-Based Decomposition with Cross Scattering
Includes: Ban, Y.F.[Yi Fang] Ban, Y.F.[Yi-Fang]
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Ban, Y.T.[Yu Tong] Co Author Listing * Tracking Multiple Persons Based on a Variational Bayesian Model
Includes: Ban, Y.T.[Yu Tong] Ban, Y.T.[Yu-Tong]

Ban, Z. Co Author Listing * Superpixel Segmentation Using Gaussian Mixture Model

Ban, Z.H.[Zhi Hua] Co Author Listing * GLSC: LSC superpixels at over 130 FPS
Includes: Ban, Z.H.[Zhi Hua] Ban, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua]

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