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Arnold Bos, A. Co Author Listing * Bistatic Radar Imaging of the Marine Environment: Part I: Theoretical Background
* Bistatic Radar Imaging of the Marine Environment: Part II: Simulation and Results Analysis
* Evaluation for uncertain image classification and segmentation
Includes: Arnold Bos, A. Arnold-Bos, A. Arnold-Bos, A.[Andreas]

Arnold, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Performance of GPS Positioning in the Presence of Irregularities in the Auroral and Polar Ionospheres during EISCAT UHF/ESR Measurements

Arnold, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * 3D Vertebrae Segmentation in CT Images with Random Noises
* 3D vertebrae segmentation using graph cuts with shape prior constraints
* 3D Vertebral Body Segmentation Using Shape Based Graph Cuts
* new shape based segmentation framework using statistical and variational methods, A
* Novel 3D Segmentation of Vertebral Bones from Volumetric CT Images Using Graph Cuts, A
* novel probabilistic simultaneous segmentation and registration using level set, A
* Segmentation of trabecular bones from Vertebral bodies in volumetric CT spine images
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Arnold, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Predicting Soil Properties from Hyperspectral Satellite Images
* Semi-supervised learning using adversarial training with good and bad samples
Includes: Arnold, C.[Caroline] Arnold, C.[Corey]

Arnold, C.W.[Corey W.] Co Author Listing * Classifying Breast Histopathology Images with a Ductal Instance-Oriented Pipeline
* Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Ischemic Stroke Onset Time From Imaging, A
* Path R-CNN for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Gleason Grading of Histological Images
* PathAL: An Active Learning Framework for Histopathology Image Analysis
* Pathology-Based Ischemic Stroke Etiology Classification via Clot Composition Guided Multiple Instance Learning
* temporal deep learning approach for MR perfusion parameter estimation in stroke, A
Includes: Arnold, C.W.[Corey W.] Arnold, C.W. Arnold, C.W.[Corey W]

Arnold, D.[Douglas] Co Author Listing * Bayesian MS Lesion Classification Modeling Regional and Local Spatial Information
* clique potential of Markov random field in a random experiment for estimation of noise levels in 2D brain MRI, The
* Determination of Global Geodetic Parameters Using Satellite Laser Ranging Measurements to Sentinel-3 Satellites
* Dual joints for 3D-structures
* Four-neighborhood clique kernel: A general framework for Bayesian and variational techniques of noise reduction in magnetic resonance images of the brain
* Generating Alternative Proposals For The Louvre Using Procedural Modeling
* No-reference quality measure in brain MRI images using binary operations, texture and set analysis
* SLR, GRACE and Swarm Gravity Field Determination and Combination
* Validation of the EGSIEM-REPRO GNSS Orbits and Satellite Clock Corrections
Includes: Arnold, D.[Douglas] Arnold, D.[Daniel] Arnold, D.[David] Arnold, D.
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Arnold, D.C.M.[Daiana Cristina Metz] Co Author Listing * Critical Analysis of Red Ceramic Blocks Roughness Estimation by 2D and 3D Methods, A

Arnold, D.G.[D. Gregory] Co Author Listing * Complexity Analysis of ATR Algorithms Based on Invariants
* Dominant-Subspace Invariants
* Invariants of the LWIR Thermophysical Model
* Lie Group Analysis in Object Recognition
* Quasi-Invariants of the Thermophysical Model
* Robust Thermophysics-Based Interpretation of Radiometrically Uncalibrated IR Images for ATR and Site Change Detection
Includes: Arnold, D.G.[D. Gregory] Arnold, D.G.

Arnold, D.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Gadolinium-Enhancing Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI Using Conditional Random Fields
* Propagating Uncertainty Across Cascaded Medical Imaging Tasks for Improved Deep Learning Inference
* Temporal Hierarchical Adaptive Texture CRF for Automatic Detection of Gadolinium-Enhancing Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI
* Temporally Consistent Probabilistic Detection of New Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI
* Trimmed-Likelihood Estimation for Focal Lesions and Tissue Segmentation in Multisequence MRI for Multiple Sclerosis
Includes: Arnold, D.L. Arnold, D.L.[Douglas L.]

Arnold, D.V.[Dirk V.] Co Author Listing * Projected Barzilai-Borwein Method with Infeasible Iterates for Nonnegative Least-Squares Image Deblurring

Arnold, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Perception for 3D Object Detection in Driving Scenarios Using Infrastructure Sensors
* Map-Free Visual Relocalization: Metric Pose Relative to a Single Image
* Survey on 3D Object Detection Methods for Autonomous Driving Applications, A
Includes: Arnold, E.[Eduardo] Arnold, E.

Arnold, E.J. Co Author Listing * Advanced Multifrequency Radar Instrumentation for Polar Research
* High-Altitude Radar Measurements of Ice Thickness Over the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets as a Part of Operation IceBridge

Arnold, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * PILS: Exploring high-order neighborhoods by pattern mining and injection

Arnold, F.E.[Franz Eugen] Co Author Listing * Multi Sensor Approach to Forest Type Mapping for Advancing Monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Myanmar, A
Includes: Arnold, F.E.[Franz Eugen] Arnold, F.E.[Franz-Eugen]

Arnold, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * Shape and Motion Estimation from Near-Field Echo-Based Sensor Data
* Shape and Motion Reconstruction from 3D-to-1D Orthographically Projected Data via Object-Image Relations

Arnold, G.T. Co Author Listing * MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Products: Collection 6 Updates and Examples From Terra and Aqua, The
* Vicarious Calibration of eMAS, AirMSPI, and AVIRIS Sensors During FIREX-AQ
Includes: Arnold, G.T. Arnold, G.T.[G. Thomas]

Arnold, H.[Haley] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Approach to Understanding Patterns of Secondary Succession in Tropical Forest, A

Arnold, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Joint spatio-temporal registration and microvasculature segmentation of retinal angiogram sequences
* Microvasculature Segmentation of Co-Registered Retinal Angiogram Sequences
* On the Accuracy of Optical Flow Computation Using Global Optimization
Includes: Arnold, J.[John] Arnold, J.

Arnold, J.E. Co Author Listing * Spatial temporal concealment of lost blocks in coded video

Arnold, J.F. Co Author Listing * adaptive block matching algorithm for efficient motion estimation, An
* Adaptive quadtree coding of motion-compensated image sequences for use on the broadband ISDN
* Adaptive Search Length Algorithm for Block Matching Motion Estimation, An
* Cell-Loss Concealment Technique for MPEG-2 Coded Video, A
* Coding of 12-bit video from thermal imaging systems
* Compressing Video for Networks: Optimized Coding in Resilient Framework
* Diversity-Based Scheme for Reducing Error Propagation in Video, A
* effect of a loop filter on circulating noise in interframe video coders, The
* Efficient layered video coding using data partitioning
* Efficient Mode Selection Prior to the Actual Encoding for H.264/AVC Encoder, An
* Efficient Multi-Image Registration with Illumination and Lens Distortion Correction
* Enhanced Motion Compensation Using Elastic Image Registration
* Error concealment for arbitrarily shaped video objects
* Error concealment in video coding of arbitrarily shaped objects
* Error resilience in the MPEG-2 video coding standard for cell based networks: A review
* H.264-based stream morphing with scalable motion coding
* Image segmentation from scale and rotation invariant texture features from the double dyadic dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Impact of Audio on Subjective Assessment of Video Quality
* Impact of Audio on Subjective Assessment of Video Quality in Videoconferencing Applications
* Improved Resilience for Video Over Packet Loss Networks With MDC and Optimized Packetization
* Improving videophone subjective quality using audio information
* Lossless Compression of AVIRIS Images by Vector Quantization, The
* Lossy Compression of Hyperspectral Data Using Vector Quantization
* Low Precision Global Motion Estimation for Video Compression: A Generalized Framework
* Motion compensation using geometry and an elastic motion model
* motion confidence measure from phase information, A
* MPEG 2 video error resilience experiments: The importance considering the impact of the systems layer
* Multiple Description Video Coding With 3D-SPIHT Employing a New Tree Structure
* Multiple Description Wavelet Video Coding Employing a New Tree Structure
* Network traffic demand patterns for video over relative differentiated services networks
* New Method for Boundary Artifact Reduction in JPEG 2000, A
* new statistical model for traffic generated by VBR coders for television on the broadband ISDN, A
* No-reference quality assessment of 3D videos based on human visual perception
* Optimal Pruning Quad-Tree Block-Based Binary Shape Coding
* perceptually efficient VBR rate control algorithm, A
* Quad-Tree Block-Based Binary Shape Coding
* Query by example using invariant features from the double dyadic dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Rate control for MPEG-2 SNR scalability and stream morphing using codeword estimation and overhead modelling
* Resilient transmission of motion data in multiple description coding of video
* Robust Approach to Super-Resolution Sprite Generation, A
* Robust Codec for Transmission of Very Low Bit-Rate Video over Channels with Bursty Errors, A
* Robustness of Multiplexing Protocols for Audio-Visual Services Over Wireless Networks
* Scalable video coding by stream morphing
* Scale and rotation invariant texture features from the dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Simultaneous tracking and registration in a multisensor surveillance system
* Stream morphing approaches to temporal scalable video coding
* Subjective evaluation and statistical analysis for improved frame-loss error concealment of 3D videos
* Testing VBR Video Traffic for Stationarity
* Tile-boundary artifact reduction using odd tile size and the low-pass first convention
* VBR rate control algorithm for MPEG-2 video coders with perceptually adaptive quantisation and traffic shaping, A
* Video Coding Using Elastic Motion Model and Larger Blocks
* Video coding using fast geometry-adaptive partitioning and an elastic motion model
Includes: Arnold, J.F. Arnold, J.F.[John F.]
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Arnold, J.H. Co Author Listing * Unified Approach for EIT Imaging of Regional Overdistension and Atelectasis in Acute Lung Injury, A

Arnold, J.L.[Jack L.] Co Author Listing * Method of producing a high quality, high resolution image from a sequence of low quality, low resolution images that are undersampled and subject to jitter

Arnold, J.S. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Image Sequnces of Overlapping Homogeneous Transparent Radiating Objects

Arnold, L. Co Author Listing * Spatial Data Supply Chains

Arnold, M.[Mirko] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation and Inpainting of Specular Highlights for Endoscopic Imaging
* BTF image space utmost compression and modelling method
* Indistinct Frame Detection in Colonoscopy Videos
* Look, Radiate, and Learn: Self-Supervised Localisation via Radio-Visual Correspondence
Includes: Arnold, M.[Mirko] Arnold, M. Arnold, M.[Maximilian]

Arnold, N.S.[Neil S.] Co Author Listing * Remote Detection of Surge-Related Glacier Terminus Change across High Mountain Asia

Arnold, P.[Patrik] Co Author Listing * Robust tumour tracking from 2D imaging using a population-based statistical motion model

Arnold, R.[Rahel] Co Author Listing * Free-Form Multi-Modal Multimedia Retrieval (4MR)
* Multi-modal Interactive Video Retrieval with Temporal Queries

Arnold, R.D. Co Author Listing * Automated Stereo Perception
* Geometric Constraints in Stereo Vision
* Local Context in Matching Edges for Stereo Vision
* Spatial Understanding

Arnold, S. Co Author Listing * Digital Landscape Model DLM-DE: Deriving land cover information by integration of topographic reference data with remote sensing data
* Integration of remote sensing data in national and European spatial data infrastructures derivation of CORINE Land Cover data from the DLM-DE
Includes: Arnold, S. Arnold, S.[Stephan]

Arnold, S.R.[Stephen R.] Co Author Listing * Forest and Land Fires Are Mainly Associated with Deforestation in Riau Province, Indonesia

Arnold, T. Co Author Listing * Interactive Image Repair with Assisted Structure and Texture Completion
* Multi-spectral video endoscopy system for the detection of cancerous tissue
Includes: Arnold, T. Arnold, T.[Thomas]

Arnoldi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Aedes albopictus Abundance at a Local Scale in Italy

Arnon, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Suitability for the Reintroduced Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx, Pallas 1777) of Two Desert Environments by NIRS-Aided Fecal Chemistry
* NIRS-Aided Methodology to Elucidate the Nutrition of the Endangered Mountain Gazelle (Gazella gazella) Using Samples of Rumen Contents from Roadkills, A

Arnon, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Piecewise Planar and Non-Planar Segmentation of Large Complex 3D Urban Models

Arnon, D.S.[Dennis S.] Co Author Listing * Geometric reasoning with logic and algebra

Arnon, M. Co Author Listing * Recommendations Supporting Situation Awareness in Partially Automated Driver Assistance Systems

Arnone, E.[Elisa] Co Author Listing * Integration of fuzzy logic and image analysis for the detection of gullies in the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory using airborne LiDAR data
* Joint LINET and ISS-LIS View of Lightning Distribution over the Mt. Cimone Area within the GAMMA-FLASH Program, A
* Study on TGF Detectability at 2165 m Altitude: Estimates for the Mountain-Based Gamma-Flash Experiment, A
Includes: Arnone, E.[Elisa] Arnone, E.[Enrico]

Arnone, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Satellite Ocean Color Match-Up Protocols Using the Satellite Validation Navy Tool (SAVANT) at MOBY and Two AERONET-OC Sites
* Assessing the Application of Cloud-Shadow Atmospheric Correction Algorithm on HICO
* Combined Effect of Reduced Band Number and Increased Bandwidth on Shallow Water Remote Sensing: The Case of WorldView 2
* Optical Algorithm for Cloud Shadow Detection Over Water
Includes: Arnone, R.[Robert] Arnone, R.

Arnoso, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Insights into the Magmatic Feeding System of the 2021 Eruption at Cumbre Vieja (La Palma, Canary Islands) Inferred from Gravity Data Modeling
* Strain Pattern and Kinematics of the Canary Islands from GNSS Time Series Analysis
Includes: Arnoso, J.[Jose] Arnoso, J.[Josť]

Arnott, B.[Bill] Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning Combined with Photogrammetry for Digital Outcrop Modeling

Arnott, W.P.[William Patrick] Co Author Listing * Theoretical Uncertainty Analysis of Satellite Retrieved Aerosol Optical Depth Associated with Surface Albedo and Aerosol Optical Properties

Arnoud, S.[Sacha] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Interpretation of the French Street Name Signs Dataset
* Ontological supervision for fine grained classification of Street View storefronts

Arnould, E. Co Author Listing * Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation and Performance, The

Arnoult, M.D. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Study of Shape and Pattern Perception, The

Arnout, H. Co Author Listing * Towards A Rigorous Evaluation Of XAI Methods On Time Series

Arnoux, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Personalization of AI Models Based on Federated Learning for Driver Stress Monitoring
* Personalization of AI Models Based on Federated Learning for Driver Stress Monitoring

Arnow, T.L.[Thomas L.] Co Author Listing * Foveated Object Recognition Using Corners
* Foveated Visual Search for Corners

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