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Argyle, E. Co Author Listing * Comments on Techniques for Edge Detection
* Techniques for Edge Detection

Argyraki, A.[Aikaterini] Co Author Listing * Does correlated color temperature affect the ability of humans to identify veins?

Argyraki, K. Co Author Listing * Automated facial video-based recognition of depression and anxiety symptom severity: cross-corpus validation

Argyriou, A.[Antonios] Co Author Listing * 360-Attack: Distortion-Aware Perturbations from Perspective-Views
* 3DQoE-Oriented and Energy-Efficient 2D plus Depth Based 3D Video Streaming Over Centrally Controlled Networks
* Binocular-Combination-Oriented Perceptual Rate-Distortion Optimization for Stereoscopic Video Coding
* cooperative protocol for video streaming in dense small cell wireless relay networks, A
* Cross-layer optimized authentication and error control for wireless 3D medical video streaming over LTE
* Data memory power optimization and performance exploration of embedded systems for implementing motion estimation algorithms
* Evaluation of Satellite-Derived Bathymetry from High and Medium-Resolution Sensors Using Empirical Methods
* Joint EPC and RAN Caching of Tiled VR Videos for Mobile Networks
* Joint Source Coding and Network-Supported Distributed Error Control for Video Streaming in Wireless Multihop Networks
* Joint Time-Domain Resource Partitioning, Rate Allocation, and Video Quality Adaptation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
* MEC-Assisted Panoramic VR Video Streaming Over Millimeter Wave Mobile Networks
* Perspectively Equivariant Keypoint Learning for Omnidirectional Images
* Power, Performance and Area Exploration of Block Matching Algorithms Mapped on Programmable Processors
* Real-time and rate-distortion optimized video streaming with TCP
* Scalable 3D video streaming over P2P networks with playback length changeable chunk segmentation
* SSIM-Based Error-Resilient Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Video Streaming
* Tile caching for scalable VR video streaming over 5G mobile networks
Includes: Argyriou, A.[Antonios] Argyriou, A.[Athanasios] Argyriou, A.
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Argyriou, A.V.[Athanasios V.] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Drone-Based RGB and Multi-Spectral Imagery for Shallow Water Bathymetry Inversion

Argyriou, E.N. Co Author Listing * Detecting Periodicity in Serial Data through Visualization

Argyriou, L.[Lemonia] Co Author Listing * REVERIE: Natural human interaction in virtual immersive environments

Argyriou, V.[Vasileios] Co Author Listing * 2.5D Elastic Graph Matching algorithms
* 3D Interaction Environment for Free View Point TV and Games Using Multiple Tablet Computers
* Action spotting exploiting the frequency domain
* AMNet: Memorability Estimation with Attention
* Automated Risk Assessment for Scene Understanding and Domestic Robots Using RGB-D Data and 2.5D CNNs at a Patch Level
* Cast shadows estimation and synthesis using the Walsh transform
* Clustered Spatio-temporal Manifolds for Online Action Recognition
* Cognitive Behaviour Analysis Based on Facial Information Using Depth Sensors
* Deep Residual Network with Subclass Discriminant Analysis for Crowd Behavior Recognition
* Dense photometric stereo reconstruction on many core GPUs
* Emotion Understanding Using Multimodal Information Based on Autobiographical Memories for Alzheimer's Patients
* Frequency Domain Approach to Roto-translation Estimation using Gradient Cross-Correlation, A
* Frequency domain subpixel registration using HOG phase correlation
* G3D: A gaming action dataset and real time action recognition evaluation framework
* G3Di: A Gaming Interaction Dataset with a Real Time Detection and Evaluation Framework
* Gaze estimation using EEG signals for HCI in augmented and virtual reality headsets
* Generalisation of Photometric Stereo technique to Q-illuminants
* Gradient-Adaptive Normalized Convolution
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Modern Control for Computer Games
* Hierarchical transfer learning for online recognition of compound actions
* Homage to Professor Maria Petrou
* Immersive and perceptual human-computer interaction using computer vision techniques
* Improving Dataset Volumes and Model Accuracy With Semi-Supervised Iterative Self-Learning
* Integrated Precision Farming Application Based on 5G, UAV and Deep Learning Technologies, An
* Large Pose 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image via Direct Volumetric CNN Regression
* Linear latent low dimensional space for online early action recognition and prediction
* Motion Estimation Using Quad-Tree Phase Correlation
* Multi-scale Feature Fused Single Shot Detector for Small Object Detection in UAV Images
* Optimal illumination directions for faces and rough surfaces for single and multiple light imaging using class-specific prior knowledge
* Performance study of gradient correlation for sub-pixel motion estimation in the frequency domain
* Phase Amplified Correlation for Improved Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation
* Photoface database, The
* Photometric stereo with an arbitrary number of illuminants
* Quad-Tree Motion Estimation in the Frequency Domain Using Gradient Correlation
* Recursive photometric stereo when multiple shadows and highlights are present
* Robust FFT-Based Scale-Invariant Image Registration with Image Gradients
* Smart Monitoring of Crops Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* study of sub-pixel motion estimation using phase correlation, A
* StyleMask: Disentangling the Style Space of StyleGAN2 for Neural Face Reenactment
* Sub-Hexagonal Phase Correlation for Motion Estimation
* Subpixel Registration With Gradient Correlation
* Superframes, A Temporal Video Segmentation
Includes: Argyriou, V.[Vasileios] Argyriou, V.
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Argyropoulos, S. Co Author Listing * Gait authentication using distributed source coding
* IP-Based Mobile and Fixed Network Audiovisual Media Services
* Robust Transmission of Multi-View Video Streams using Flexible Macroblock Ordering and Systematic LT Codes
* Scene change detection in encrypted video bit streams

Argyros, A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Hand Keypoint Localization on Mobile Devices
* Action Prediction During Human-Object Interaction Based on DTW and Early Fusion of Human and Object Representations
* Back to RGB: 3D Tracking of Hands and Hand-Object Interactions Based on Short-Baseline Stereo
* Depth-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation: From Current Achievements to Future Goals
* Extracting Action Hierarchies from Action Labels and their Use in Deep Action Recognition
* Hybrid Method for 3D Pose Estimation of Personalized Human Body Models, A
* Localizing Periodicity in Time Series and Videos
* Novel Hyper-Spectral Imaging System: Application on in-vivo Detection and Grading of Cervical Precancers and of Pigmented Skin Lesions, A
* Occlusion-tolerant and personalized 3D human pose estimation in RGB images
* Parameter-free modelling of 2D shapes with ellipses
* Region-based Fitting of Overlapping Ellipses and its application to cells segmentation
* Robust 3D Human Pose Estimation Guided by Filtered Subsets of Body Keypoints
* Unsupervised learning of background modeling parameters in multicamera systems
* Using a Single RGB Frame for Real Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation in the Wild
Includes: Argyros, A. Argyros, A.[Antonis]
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Argyros, A.A.[Antonis A.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Argyros, A.A.[Antonis A.]: argyros AT ics forth gr
* 3d Hand Tracking by Employing Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis to Model Action Priors
* 3d head pose estimation from multiple distant views
* 3D Tracking of Human Hands in Interaction with Unknown Objects
* Beat Synchronous Dance Animation Based on Visual Analysis of Human Motion and Audio Analysis of Music Tempo
* Binding Computer Vision to Physics Based Simulation: The Case Study of a Bouncing Ball
* Binocular Hand Tracking and Reconstruction Based on 2D Shape Matching
* Boosting the Performance of Model-based 3D Tracking by Employing Low Level Motion Cues
* Building a Multi-Touch Display Based on Computer Vision Techniques
* Camera Matchmoving in Unprepared, Unknown Environments
* Cell Segmentation Via Region-Based Ellipse Fitting
* Chaining Planar Homographies for Fast and Reliable 3D Plane Tracking
* Combining Central and Peripheral Vision for Reactive Robot Navigation
* Deformable 2D Shape Matching Based on Shape Contexts and Dynamic Programming
* Design and Implementation of a Generic Sparse Bundle Adjustment Software Package Based on the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm, The
* Detecting Planes In An Uncalibrated Image Pair
* Efficient model-based 3D tracking of hand articulations using Kinect
* Efficient Scale and Rotation Invariant Object Detection Based on HOGs and Evolutionary Optimization Techniques
* Efficient, causal camera tracking in unprepared environments
* Evolutionary Quasi-Random Search for Hand Articulations Tracking
* Feature transfer and matching in disparate stereo views through the use of plane homographies
* Foreground Detection with a Moving RGBD Camera
* Framework for Online Segmentation and Classification of Modeled Actions Performed in the Context of Unmodeled Ones, A
* Full DOF tracking of a hand interacting with an object by modeling occlusions and physical constraints
* Fusion of laser and visual data for robot motion planning and collision avoidance
* Fusion of range and visual data for the extraction of scene structure information
* Gesture Recognition Supporting the Interaction of Humans with Socially Assistive Robots
* graph-based approach for detecting common actions in motion capture data and videos, A
* graph-based approach to corner matching using mutual information as a local similarity measure, A
* Hand-Object Contact Force Estimation from Markerless Visual Tracking
* HANDS18: Methods, Techniques and Applications for Hand Observation
* Head pose estimation on depth data based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* Hierarchical particle filtering for 3D hand tracking
* Horizon matching for localizing unordered panoramic images
* Hybrid One-Shot 3D Hand Pose Estimation by Exploiting Uncertainties
* Independent 3D Motion Detection Based on Depth Elimination in Normal Flow Fields
* Independent 3D Motion Detection through Robust Regression in Depth Layers
* Independent 3D Motion Detection Using Residual Parallax Normal Flow Fields
* Integrated vision system for the semantic interpretation of activities where a person handles objects
* Integrating tracking with fine object segmentation
* Is Levenberg-Marquardt the Most Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Implementing Bundle Adjustment?
* Joint 3D Tracking of a Deformable Object in Interaction with a Hand
* Learning temporal structure for task based control
* Localizing Unordered Panoramic Images Using the Levenshtein Distance
* Markerless and Efficient 26-DOF Hand Pose Recovery
* Model-based 3D Hand Tracking with on-line Shape Adaptation
* Multicamera human detection and tracking supporting natural interaction with large-scale displays
* Multicamera Vision System Supporting the Development of Wide-Area Exertainment Applications, A
* Multiple objects tracking in the presence of long-term occlusions
* Object Tracking and Segmentation in a Closed Loop
* Patch-Based Reconstruction of a Textureless Deformable 3D Surface from a Single RGB Image
* Physically Plausible 3D Scene Tracking: The Single Actor Hypothesis
* Platform for Monitoring Aspects of Human Presence in Real-Time, A
* Propagation of Pixel Hypotheses for Multiple Objects Tracking
* Quantifying the Effect of a Colored Glove in the 3D Tracking of a Human Hand
* Real-Time Tracking of Multiple Skin-Colored Objects with a Possibly Moving Camera
* Review on Deep Learning Techniques for Video Prediction, A
* Robot Homing Based on Corner Tracking in a Sequence of Panoramic Images
* Robust Regression for the Detection of Independent 3D Motion by a Binocular Observer
* Scalable 3D Tracking of Multiple Interacting Objects
* Scale invariant and deformation tolerant partial shape matching
* Segmentation and classification of modeled actions in the context of unmodeled ones
* Shading models for illumination and reflectance invariant shape detectors
* Shape from interaction
* Temporal Action Co-Segmentation in 3D Motion Capture Data and Videos
* Temporal Segmentation and Seamless Stitching of Motion Patterns for Synthesizing Novel Animations of Periodic Dances
* Towards a visual Sign Language dataset for home care services
* Towards force sensing from vision: Observing hand-object interactions to infer manipulation forces
* Tracking Deformable Surfaces That Undergo Topological Changes Using an RGB-D Camera
* Tracking Multiple Colored Blobs with a Moving Camera
* Tracking of Human Hands and Faces through Probabilistic Fusion of Multiple Visual Cues
* Tracking the articulated motion of the human body with two RGBD cameras
* Tracking the articulated motion of two strongly interacting hands
* Two-stage Approach for Commonality-based Temporal Localization of Periodic Motions, A
* Unsupervised Detection of Periodic Segments in Videos
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification with Few and Unlabeled Target Data
* Using Geometric Constraints for Matching Disparate Stereo Views of 3d Scenes Containing Planes
* Vision-Based Interpretation of Hand Gestures for Remote Control of a Computer Mouse
* Vision-Based SLAM and Moving Objects Tracking for the Perceptual Support of a Smart Walker Platform
Includes: Argyros, A.A.[Antonis A.] Argyros, A.A.
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Argyros, I.K. Co Author Listing * Local convergence of Cauchy-type methods under hypotheses on the first derivative

Argyrou, A.[Argyro] Co Author Listing * Review of Artificial Intelligence and Remote Sensing for Archaeological Research, A

Argyrou, C.[Chrystalla] Co Author Listing * Documentation and Evaluation of the Positive Contribution of Natural Ventilation in the Rural Vernacular Architecture of Cyprus

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